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2014 Chevrolet Express Passenger RWD 2500 135 LS 20K MILES 6.0L V8, FL VEHICLE, 12 PASSENGER SIRIUS

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What’s going on everybody my name is spencer and welcome back ladies and gentlemen to another midtown video today my friends you are in for a very special treat you are looking at a 2014 chevy express 12 passenger van with the widex deer with the 6.0 liter v8 engine with only 20 000 original miles yes you heard me correctly my friends i said 20 000 miles this

Vehicle is a one-owner clean carfax has been fully serviced past all inspections needs absolutely nothing take a look down the by-line no density in skyscraper blemishes no curving and scratching on the rims tires are knee-deep in tread we come around this beautiful mint van come around to the back and open it up like so whoops that one fell okay let’s open this

All the way there we go plenty of room in the back uh you can store wall bags body bags suitcases whatever you want doors open up very very wide very nice ahead and shut this like so take a look down the other by line again no density scratches or blemishes you’re gonna hop right into the front you got your power windows power locks take a look at the seats no

Rips tears stains or odors twenty a thousand miles like i said before you got it start this up real quick heating air controls radio and stereo controls you got an aux plug-in so you can bring your own cord plug it in and jam out to your own tunes three cup holders uh you got some storage space down there very very clean that is your owner’s manual it’s got

Rear heating and cooling it’s got uh cruise control automatic lights different controls up there super super clean take a look at this seat again no rips tear stains or odors i’m gonna shut this bad boy off hop on out we’re gonna go ahead and come all the way around to the back seats like this open up both super super clean like i said before this is a 12

Passenger van super clean all the seats are in immaculate condition nothing wrong with them whatsoever super clean plenty of leg room in each row super nice got leather floor mats installed all throughout the van very very clean very nice i’m going to shut this now we’re going to come all the way back around we’re going to pop the hood did it pop i gotta pull

It harder there we go take a look at the hood no rock chips dings dick sorry about that dents nothing like that super super clean underneath the hood as it should be there’s your hood prop right there very clean very well taken care of absolutely nothing wrong with it mechanically whatsoever uh a very great a great van to carry 12 passengers because it is a 12

Passenger van if you got any questions for us you can call us at 513 420 all zeros or go to our website at mtac and you can check out all the pictures of this vehicle um you can fill out an application get pre-approved for this vehicle or any other vehicle listed on our website once again 513-420 all zeros thank you so much watching have a blessed day

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2014 Chevrolet Express Passenger RWD 2500 135" LS 20K MILES 6.0L V8, FL VEHICLE, 12 PASSENGER SIRIUS By Mid-Towne Auto Center