2014 Ford F-150 XLT Extended Cab – For Sale Review at Ravenel Ford – March 2017

In this video we look at the 2014 Ford F-150 XLT. This Truck is for sale at Ravenel Ford March 2017. If your interested in buying this truck visit them online at

What’s up everybody ravenel ford carbine made easy just stay tuned because this next video is for you what’s up everybody welcome to ravenel for today we’re gonna be looking at yeah that’s right the f-150 good-looking truck this one’s blue in color like a navy blue it’s a 2 2014 and it’s an xlt extended cab right there so you can kind of see that the stock number

Is 7650 but i’m stay tuned for the next few minutes as we walk around do a condition report you know so if you’re looking to buy this truck right here this is a good video to watch so let’s go ahead and get started if we see any major dents dings or scratches will point them out to you so far looking really nice got your fog lights down on the bottom chrome grill

Headlights are in great shape again in 2014 and we just filmed another 2014 a few minutes ago a red one and it was in beautiful shape so i can only imagine this one looks good too and it sure does so far does have alloy wheels michelin tires as you can see lots of little rocks in those tires you know you got tread and then you got a looks like chrome yeah chrome

7 spoke wheel which is nice so good looking rims and tires you got your running boards there on the sides like i said it’s an xlt the price is 29 80 80 the mileage is eleven thousand nine thirty eight this one though has the v8 5.0 liter the red ones sitting right down there is also a 2014 it’s a thousand dollars cheaper but it’s got the v6 so this one’s got the v8

And it’s four-wheel-drive that one was two-wheel drive so an extra thousand bucks basically and you get a v8 engine and four-wheel drive i think that might be the one i’d go for today if i were to buy one beautiful though i’m loving the blue i mean that is the palmetto state color right there that you see on the palmetto flag it’s that nice-looking navy blue got a

Chrome pipe going out the back for the exhaust you also have your tow package back there this one has a bed liner right here which looks good this trucks in great shape as you can see no major dents dings or scratches on her she’s very clean let’s go ahead and hop in there’s the key unlock you do have power windows power door locks power mirrors and that door opens

Up nice and wide for you gray cloth interior seats as you can see no rips or tears on them not that we can see very clean center seat dubs over as a center console you have cruise control and audio functions right there on the steering wheel nice little display screen back there another display screen here for your radio and all cd player does have microsoft sync

Usb auxiliary port built-in for technology you have two sunglass holders right up top right there so very clean truck and great satan still got that new-car smell to it on the inside so it smells good it is extended cab just grab right here opens that up and as you can see look how clean the back is always when you’re looking at buying a truck you pop up the back

Seats look around a little bit see what kind of you know how clean she is and as you can tell this one is nice and clean that’s for sure you just kind of do that drops that back down but look at that seat i mean a little indention there from that but that’ll go away don’t go away this summer when it gets hot outside but this trucks in beautiful shape very nice good

Solid truck you know ford has been the top-selling truck for over 37 years so today it’s it’s march 2017 and you’re looking at a 2014 right there it’s in beautiful shape come on down to see him at ravenel ford make sure you like subscribe and comment on youtube let us know what you think if you own an f-150 what’s your thoughts of it if you own a chevy or a dodge what

Do you think their your truck does the compared to the ford let us know we do look forward to everyone subscribing liking and also buying a truck from wrap know ford we’ll see you then and don’t forget to visit us online at ravenel ford.com carbon really is made easy at ravenel ford and don’t forget this video is brought to you by charleston car videos real video real cars real people

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