2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Review- Ride, Handling, Features, Performance,Space, Comfort, Mileage And More

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Polaroid’s i’m ruth khurana host onkar blog india and we are back with another test drive review for you in this video will give you a comprehensive test drive review of the new hyundai santa fe we take this car off the road we take this car on road we show you the interiors exteriors talk about the handling drive comfort and features that the new center fay has to

Offer let’s get started let us start with the exteriors first then we’ll take you inside the car and then we will talk about the driving dynamics etc outside the car the hewn descent of a is simply a looker it follows the design language the fluidic design language of hyundai which we see on other cars like elantra etc it has a large chrome finished hexagonal grille

At front some air dams the front has been finished very nicely the headlamp cluster gets high-intensity discharge or hid projector headlamps which comes with washer the fog lamps here are worth mentioning they come with coordinating functions so when you are steering to left or right in on a dark road it will turn the light in the same direction under the body you

Can see the skid guards these silver colored skate guards are meant to protect the car from hitting the stones moving to the side profile of the car you get pronounced wheel arches and there is a side body cladding running all around the car this black cladding runs at the bottom and there are two body lines running on the side there are outside rear view mirrors

With turn indicators these mirrors are internally adjustable electrically as well as electrically foldable there is chrome lining around the windows on the side which makes it look premium moving slightly towards the rear you get tail lamps sweeping to the side taking you towards the rear of the car the car does not look any less attractive from here the tail lamp

Design is simply beautiful and car looks good with a spoiler with high mounted led stock lamps there is a body-hugging proof rail running on each side of the car and gives it the much required sporty look on the bumper you notice another skid guard you also get washers wipers and defogger on the rear windshield all in all the exteriors are very active as well as

Very aggressive in looks and give good road presence when you drive a hindi santafe let me take you inside the car the front driver side door gets control for the power windows outside rear view mirror controls and there is a button to open or close the outside rear view mirrors which are electrically foldable moving inside the car you get some beam controls on the

Steering wheel you get multiple kind of controls so you can control your audio system using the set of buttons provided on the left hand side on right hand side you get some additional infotainment controls you get phone controls and there is also a driver information control with which is within the instrument cluster there is one very interesting button on the

Steering wheel which is the flex steering control what flex steering means is that you can press this button and change the steering behavior when you put it in comfort mode it becomes very light for city driving when you put it in normal mode it becomes moderate and when you put it in sports mode it becomes really heavy you want your steering to feel heavy and

Give you more road feedback you can put it in sport mode for enthusiastic driving the dashboard design is fairly attractive with high quality of materials used dual tone colors the central infotainment system gets a touchscreen capability there is dual zone automatic climate control system there are large ac vents on both sides and there are ac vents on the middle

As well as rear seat yes it gets three rows of seats the front row of seats get electrically adjustable seats which can be adjusted in twelve ways so you can adjust the height the under thigh support recline lumbar support etc taking you to the middle row it feels really comfortable to sit in the middle row with the front seat to its back at maximum there is still

Plenty of room in the middle seat there is a foldable armrest with retractable cup holders there are seat pockets behind the front seats for the middle row and there is a power socket at the rear seat there are air conditioning vents provided on the b-pillar for the comfort of passengers sitting in the middle row the middle row of seat gets three split mechanism

So it is 40/20/40 split you can recline the seats depending on your luggage needs to make some more space the third row of seat is flat folding and you pulled them if you are not carrying more than five passengers in the car and it will free up a lot of luggage space where you can put at least five to six big bags for your airport commute or out of city commute

Even the third row of seats gets its own air-conditioning vents as well as power outlet for charging laptops accessories etc talking a bit more about interiors and features there is perforated leather for superior comfort for all the occupants in the car the air conditioning is very effective there are manually controlled curtains on the middle row of seats so if

You are out on a hot summer day you can use these curtains and stay away from the sunlight you can use the cooled glove box which is provided at the front to cool your beverages while you are on the go it comes loaded with features and it has doodles of space on the inside also one of the very major features of this car is the safety it provides it comes with

Electronic stability control anti-lock braking system six airbags so it is loaded with safety active and passive safety systems is made up with high-strength steel so it offers you a safe commuting when you are using the scent of a 2014 new model now let’s talk about engine performance fuel economy and handling of this car talking about the engine it gets a 2.2

Litre crdi unit and comes with a peak power of around 200 ps 197 ps to be precise and the dot is something which is mind-boggling the torque on the manual transmission version is around 420 newton meters and on the automatic version it is around 445 newton meters it is a lot of torque for a car of this size and it reflects in the performance when you press hard on

The throttle it gives you a very good punch and the gearshift is also very smooth and very well it pulls the car like anything it is a six-speed manual transmission or a 6-speed automatic transmission option that you can get on the hyun descent of a the top-end automatic version comes with a four wheel drive system which is an intelligent electronically controlled

Four-wheel drive which senses the traction on the and uses the four-wheel system on need basis if you want to go on off-roading there is a switch provided which can make it permanently four-wheel drive but that will compromise a bit on the mileage part even though he claims that the automatic variant gets a mileage of around 13 kilometers per liter as tested by

A rai and in our test we drove the car pretty hard and we did some enthusiastic runs on the car we still managed to get a mileage of around 10 kilometers per liter on the automatic variant which is not less than impressive talking about ride comfort and handling of the car the car is fairly comfortable on tarmac roads but when you go on bad roads you feel some

Jogs inside the cabin and this is because the suspension has been not very soft and it gives a very good control as well as handling precision to the swindle santafe this flex steering system which lets you decide your steering weight is also very handy when you want to drive it enthusiastically you can take it on rough terrains bad roads then take it through some

Shallow water rocks etcetera and it goes seamlessly without any troubles so in terms of ride and handling we give it a thumbs up because it is a well balanced suspension which is not too soft and not too hard summarizing our review if you are looking for a spacious and powerful suv in the price segment of 30 to 40 lakh rupees you must consider the 2014 hyundai

Santa fe do take a test drive and check it for yourself this brings us to the end of the exciting drive we had with a hindi santafe we hope you liked this video don’t forget to give us a thumbs up by pressing the like button below for more such videos stay subscribe by pressing the subscribe button this is your host joy khurana signing off thanks for watching

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