2014 Lincoln Navigator L Kodiak Brown 4×2

Walk around of a 2014 Lincoln Navigator

This is the 2014 navigator pretty big let me back it up this is a kodiak brown it looks black but when the light hits it you can really see a brown metallic sparkle to it automatic tailgate plenty of room here in the back you have power deployed third row seating you can see air vents in the ceiling here for a rear ac it’s a console in the second row beautiful

Vehicle it’s pretty bright today pretty hot we’re on that let’s come around more time to close up on a wheel you also have i guess i locked it there you go power deployed can’t see him in the sun there there you go interior let’s go climb in on the other side ketta century memory seats i can get the key in oh those are my keys that’s why it’s not working

Automatic this vehicle flow on guys who see the low fuel there yeah adjustable steering well lights pull out for fog lights automatic parking my automatic powerful mirrors they control 1-touch up/down bato the front seat locked back here door locks cruise control this controls volume retracts always controlled stuff here very very cool your pylons want to

Sync up wirelessly impaired to the system this way you know view of that o’clock up top in your touch screen basically climate control bofur display over here there said traction control off tailgate once again you know the chromatic automatic dimming rearview mirror you also have the sun-earth one touch open you can go back a little bit further leave the

Shade open have a tilt feature you have the vent but just for the back windows it’s kinda hard to do at this angle for me you just do the wood paneling mr. journey will and the doors cup holders the storage as the shed doesn’t have a thx sound system in here which is very very cool with us we got in this awesome car you’ve got a usb port on the line in a

Little cargo net plenty of space in here little storage in here kleenex is stuff like that you do see the perforated leather here this is for your ac seats then heated seats very nice excuse me very very nice the backseat console storage in the bottom storage on top oh i’m gonna climb back here to show you the rest of that sure don’t lock myself out of the car

There we go harder to see it’s online you have three racy you should go to the beach you go camping wife likes margaritas you can plug a blender in right there i don’t recommend drinking and driving of course you have a rear audio system back here you do have an ac in the rear they have heated seats down here that would be the parental leather storage is pretty

Big in here get more stories there a little storage in here cupholders huge huge backseat third row back there i can do this with one hand pull the headrest down with that it’s hard to do with one hand here to see there we go the seat folds up make it in and out easy kitchens gotta have that third row back there so let’s come back around there’s a button here

You have more power here put your button for the tailgate there fold these up all weather floor mats here you can see the third row and the space that’s in here what cupholders – here one there those headrests do flip up very comfortable very nice vehicle lock it in can also pull this and it folds flat so with the other seat folded flat you can kind of be able

To store wood in here you know two-by-fours things of that nature come up and there you go right back to normal and they do recline make a little bit more plenty of room storage very very nice paper we exit the wood grain back here more storage down below here you have a rear-view camera i’m gonna drive sound system is great huh let’s turn it up sister the

Music volume down your rpm gates in the dash some of the speedometer everything else very high up very smooth let me turn ac off road noise he would hear i’m not wearing my seatbelt of course don’t hate me for that very quiet very very quiet first of our lincoln’s here not sir this is a 2014 lincoln navigator talk to you soon

Transcribed from video
2014 Lincoln Navigator L Kodiak Brown 4×2 By Thomas McClelland