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2014 Mazda 3 1.6

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The only thing that was missing when lindsay fetched me this morning from the airport was krista berg’s lady in red i mean ever look it was a red car a red dress and i’m not sure about this ridiculous red hair okay i wasn’t wearing that you picked that up from the backseat just because you didn’t want to feel left out good for my bald spot but anybody would swear

That you are really looking forward to christmas i’m looking forward to christmas i mean everybody needs things to look forward to okay so what else you look forward to at the end of a day a hot bottle bath at the end of a long day yeah that is good but for me it’s a cracker surf session and then opening up that ice-cold beer there is just there’s nothing better

Well obviously in motoring world there’s things we look forward to too and it’s not always what you think yeah i mean we’re not talking supercars yeah a car that i have been dying to get my hands on since i saw the gems as a new mazda3 absolutely and when it arrived at the office i was super excited until i saw that it was the sedan because to me mazda 3 is a

Hatch but damn the sedan is hot the brainchild of masters design chief akua maeda the three sports the same long nose and rearward cabin proportions as one of his earlier creations the rx-8 from the chrome accents which clearly linked the grill with the headlamps to the athletic creases that run down the flanks there really is very little not to like the fact

That mayor and his team have designed a car that is both contemporary and fresh yet readily identifiable as a mazda 3 is equally commendable if we had to quibble our only criticism would be that this particular version of the three looks slightly under tired something which unfortunately plagues many japanese cars well they’ve spoken about coda design for a long

Time and they’ve got a spot on in this car beautiful to look at absolutely and what’s on the outside completely carries through to the interior i just love the simplicity of being inside this car it’s real and japanese so well laid out it’s very very you don’t know like as well like the carbon-fiber detailing isn’t like oh my word what are they trying to do it’s

Subtle it’s classy yeah and does it end the piano black finish as well you’ve got that it’s just small little elements that make it feel quite plush at the same time being support given the instrumentation it’s quite small i mean people might complain about that but it’s beautiful that that they have up there is called the human machine interface so they come up

With all these explanations but basically it’s supposed to improve your posture when you’re driving because you’re looking in the right place yeah drive more safely while handling large amounts of information which actually there isn’t a lot on that dial well like i think that’s silly because if i wanted to try and read it i would need to leave for text you have

A good probably crashing the guy in front of me but you so enjoying your driving calmly this rotation i do like the 7-inch infotainment system the screen they’ve put up yeah amazing tick it is and actually i mean it reminds you of the more room luxurious german brands in terms of the rotary dial in the middle of it that you can use to navigate through things

And you’ve got everything on there that you need there is an em available we obviously don’t have it on ours with it needs to be loaded but it’s a very simple intuitive system which is fantastic this for me is what is impressive is that that is standard on every single model except the original lacey feel to them so they’ve really thrown a lot of kids into this

And the space i think that’s what’s gonna freak people out is like an old generation dude who thinks bears the three won’t believe how our luxurious and spacious it is lots of leg room in the back it’s a longer wheelbase it’s actually longer but the actual car is shorter well that’s it code of design and that’s what gives it that sports you look with a shorter

Overhangs but you’re making all the space aside in a grand boot seats that flip down and laughs and so it’s quite practical as well great inside it’s really beautiful so they can then you start the engine look we everyone talk sky active technology and luck i was one of those guys thought they may change and the sky active incorporates the chassis the body the

Transmission basically what’s going to meet efficiencies for me what i love about italy talk about the rigidity a lot of cars we drive are just too firmly spray yeah this is really really firm but absolutely compliant it really handles the bumps well cuz the dampers are really good yeah it’s a fantastic car to drive it’s 30% more rigid than the old model but it’s

Quite substantial actually it’s not a sporty car in terms of its handling or anything but it’s it feels like it could be dynamic if you wanted to drive it with a bit of spirit yeah they’ve got a really good base to work from when they bring out mbe yes and those something’s later although it’s only 77 kilowatts 140 144 it does lack a little bit on the engine side

You do yeah bet you talk about you have to earn but what a great gearbox i mean the 5-speed box there’s a four-speed or toner i wouldn’t bother them or turn the 1.6 cuz if anything the grams more as well speed is the extra weight that comes with but i must admit you don’t mind going through the gears because the change is so yeah that really is good it’s a lovely

Gearbox i mean we’re ready looking about this girl it really is it’s also it’s very nice that would be nice driver cheerleader because i’d like to see what their 6-speed auto box is gonna work like as they’re saying it’s really amazing tanita cuz it’s all you we are we’re driving all danger and brush to 3200 starting yeah heading all the way up to on 320 yeah which

Is literally every box that you can imagine ticking you get a chicken that’s in thatis tina version of their tuning is quite cool that they’ve called it the s tina it’s like a lot of people over ice tina very nice to rap i think is what is the warranties everyone always puts kilometers to 3-year unlimited kilometers in warranty and service and roadside assistance

Which is also it’s good considering that people are maybe a little bit hesitant on so quiet for sale i found a fox right cap hole design a stupid place because but there’s low armrest about something there to drink i wouldn’t be able to change gears we use the one in the door so you’ve been waiting for it for practically a year was it worth the wait well let me be

Honest the hat certainly isn’t the keeper but i think the master three certain years fantastic cars just so well packaged refreshing interior great drive yeah be nice to drive a 2-liter active but the 1.6 is certainly good enough yeah absolutely it’s a fantastic car it’s only only downfall is where it’s sitting in market because there really is just so much to choose

From in sedans let’s face it are getting better and better looking so it doesn’t even boil down to me more great position for consumers have been a lot to choose from really more importantly what a great way for mayors did is say yeah we are in south africa as a standalone with exciting product like this absolutely and we look forward to what else is coming out from this in future you

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