We are delighted to offer this beautiful 2014 (64) Mini Cooper S Convertible finished in Midnight Black metallic. It has arrived with us in part exchange from Helen, who purchased it from her local dealer in 2018 and it comes with a fully documented service history. The specification includes Chili Pack Black Lounge Leather Upholstery 17” Cone Spoke Alloy Wheels Chrome Line Exterior Pack Wind Deflector Xenon Headlamps Heated Door Mirrors and Drivers Door Lock and Rear Parking Sensors. The appeal of the Mini is pretty universal and the key to its success has been maintaining certain key traits across the whole range. The Convertible carries over the key characteristics that make the hatchback so satisfying to own. It is distinctive and good to look at while adding the extra enjoyment of open top wind in your hair motoring. 12 months road tax is £155. Ours is now looking for a new home so if you’re ready to start your Mini adventure call us on 01254 789740

Welcome to driveways cars my name is steven and this is our beautiful 2014 mini convertible cooper s finished in midnight black metallic the mileage on this one is 24 305 it’s had two owners from you the last owner was helen who purchased it from her local dealer and it comes with a fully documented service history the specification on this one includes a chili pack

Chromeline exterior trim pack it’s also got some rather beautiful black lounge leather interior as well and to finish it off it’s got some gorgeous 17-inch conical spoke alloy wheels so without further ado let’s start having a look around so i could draw your attention first of all to the front radiator grille and the two air intakes just underneath the front number

Plate you can see those are nice and shiny and bright that’s part of the chromeline exterior trim pack and as we make our way now down the near side or passenger side and just take a moment and pause at those beautiful alley wheels and there’s another piece of the chromeline exterior trim pack just there the side indicator now because this one has the chilli

Pack it also comes with rear parking sensors so there’s no excuses for rolling into anything or anybody and they just sit underneath the bumper as we can see there we look at the rear number plate the handle just above that that’s also part of the chromeline exterior trim pack you come now down to the offside or driver’s side there we are absolutely beautiful

It does look rather nice with those black wheels as well so we’ll slowly make our way down to the front where we started from there we are so that’s the outside let’s have a look on the inside shall we start off on the driver’s side just pop the door open i always like to inspect the door cards because if they’re in good order it’s a rule from the rest of the

Cars as well and yep it is absolutely beautiful and on the interior trim i’ve got some carbon fiber trim there and look at the interior i’ve got some rather sumptuous lounge leather three sport multi-function leather steering wheel which is standard on the chilli pack so i’ll pop myself inside we’ll see what’s going on so on the left hand side of the steering

Wheel we’ve got buttons there to change the radio station and adjust the volume and once you’ve paired your phone to the bluetooth system and you receive an incoming call just press the telephone icon and on the right hand side we have cruise control sitting just above the steering wheel is the rev counter and in that we also have a speedo just there as we can

See the mileage 24 305 coming over to the center of the display we’ve got the speedometer just there underneath that the radio with preset buttons so you can store your favorite tunes a cd player just located under there and then we’ve got the heating gun ventilation controls with the fan speed on the left temperature on the right and a digital display allowing

You to choose exactly the temperature that you want and then a row switches underneath that for the front and rear electric windows and front and rear fog lumps too there’s also an auxiliary button for it and a usb port twin cup holders and a 6-speed manual transmission and the interior smells absolutely beautiful it’s a shame we’ve not got smelly vision it’s

Nothing yourselves so if you want to gain access to the rear for the passengers just lift the lever on the back there the seat shoots forward and we can see underneath that we’ve got some immaculately prepared rear seats i don’t think they’ve been setting and also this one i’ve left this in to show you but we have um a wind deflector now this folds down like

That and you just pull these little levers in both sides and then there’s two at the back to take it out but they’re quite useful because they do what uh it says on the tin they are a wind deflector and you’ve also got some additional storage space just lift that up so you can put things there sunglasses handbags whatever uh i won’t advise that you leave them

In though when you leave the car parked up then it will come round to the back to gain access to the boot space just under the mini badge there’s a soft touch button which allows you access to the rear load space area and as we can see both rear seats will fold down independently of each other which gives you more storage facility as well when we back down now

The near side or passenger side again we’ll just check out the door card see what that’s like and that’s as beautiful as the driver’s side and the front passenger seat along with the driver’s seat is height adjustable just using that lever there and again if you want to gain access select rear passengers in there you go just fold the lever down pop that back

In now one thing i did want to show you before i finish the video is how easy it is to put the roof up and down so we’ll go back and sit in the driver’s seat it does say in the handle you can do it up to 10 miles an hour but i always recommend just park the car up be stationary it only takes a few seconds to do as you’ll see in a minute so we’ll just close the

Door switch the engine on now to close the roof right at the top there just above the rear view mirror there’s a button there so we want to close the roof we press that the green light comes on and here it comes that didn’t take too long now once it’s closed the side windows will fold up or go back up and now you know that the uh the process is finished if

You want to let the roof down or open the roof it’s a two-stage process on the convertible so you just hold that for a couple of seconds there we go so it opens a little way to let fresh air in just up here and if you want it all the way down just press the button again and you can hear the windows going down and there we go the roof’s going down as well and

Again once the process is finished the windows will come back up once it’s done that you know it’s finished and it’s safe to drive as well switch the engine off so in summary here we’ve got a very very pretty 2014 mini convertible cooper s with a chili pack 17 inch conical spoke alloys lounge leather interior wind deflector and just 24 305 miles once i finish

The video our team will come in we’ll quickly secure the interior so include the steering wheel handbrake and gearstick so it’s all ready for you to come and inspect thank you for watching our video my name’s steven and i look forward to speaking to you

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2014 MINI CONVERTIBLE COOPER S By Drivewise Cars – Mini Specialists