2014 Nissan Leaf Acenta – Start up and in-depth tour

Big thanks to the Llandudno Junction Car Centre for allowing me to film this 2014 Nissan Leaf.

Hey everybody how’s it going been braving these freak weather conditions going on in britain these past few days but i’m back and today let’s take a look at this 2014 nissan leaf a center and this is going to be a full in-depth tour of the leaf we’ll start it up as well as show you the features on the interior as well as exterior and before i begin i’d like to

Give a big thanks to the san diego junction car center located in london no junction north wales for allow me to come out and film this car for more information regarding current inventory and contact info please check out that link in the description below and so without further ado let’s get it started up and let it run this vehicle does come equipped with

Keyless entry it’s unlocked at the moment to lock all you have to do is tap the buttons on each of the front door handles then after waiting a second to unlock just tap them again it’s a white exterior with black cloth interior so fires right up has just under 42 000 miles on the clock automatic transmission and when you select reverse brings up your

Backup camera with guidance lines and we’ll go ahead and turn on the automatic headlamps front and rear fog lamps and the hazards driver side windows automatic and we’ll go and check out the exterior shall we so 16-inch wheels this is the first time i’ve done an electric car so hope you’ll enjoy it interestingly the headlamps are styled to deflect air

Away from the door mirrors to make it more quiet at speed so uh thank you okay has a 107 horsepower electric motor does not to 16 11.1 seconds and has a top speed of 89 miles an hour does kind of resemble a normal engine in my opinion let me know what you think in the comments below now power windows power locks power mirrors manual seats with side

Air bags down here you have your esp or electronic stability program this button here activates a warning noise to alert pedestrians when traveling at low speeds and then you have various stuff for charging like your charging port release and so on simple to use climate control fan speed front defrost rear defrost recycling one touch automatic temperature

Heat on and off ac on and off different zones and off altogether which i think is an important thing looking for mayhem dismissed station list menu traffic announcements and info lorna nixon brown reading violence by alex hyde the bridger was sean priest and the producer navigation now on bbc radio 4 it’s time for you and yours with wilfred robinson

Hello welcome to radio 4’s consumer program today three storms in less than a week some areas have been flooded for the first time how will insurers react we’ll be talking about the new laws promised to restrict online gambling and why some women are choosing to spend on fake lashes religiously i have to have my lashes done during destination i just look like a

Worm they were disgusting i’m not used to seeing my face without lashes if you want to get in touch with us about that or anything else you can email us you and yours at bbc.co.bk you can tweet us phone text eight four eight four four three storms in a week doubly on wednesday units on friday and now storm franklin they’ve hit parts of the southwest and south of

England northern ireland and wales three people have died there’s flooding in parts of northern ireland in wales in northern england and so on warnings and alerts across the north of england the scottish borders airships sound settings the high street in matlock in derbyshire flooded overnight andrew fern owns display settings andrew what happened um well it’s

Pretty much your standard nissan infotainment system so it’s pretty simple to use i moved it to stock out yesterday afternoon but didn’t really expect much of a problem and we weren’t actually listed as a flood warning there is no corresponding item name the shot um and i’m glad i did because i realized that the water was it was out on the road and and so i

Spent the next four hours uh getting stuff you know further out the way you know got quite a lot of e-bikes so i had to get with electric motors and stuff so to get get those up off the ground but uh it it worked out okay i managed to you know get all the stuff up so we’ve not nothing expensive has been damaged it’s just uh maybe you know the carpets and general

Muck you know it’s just a mess has it flooded before um do you have insurance andrew um we are insured i mean we um well i shouldn’t do plugs but with with the nfu they’re very good we had we had a we had a similar uh similar level of watering two years ago and it caught us out because we hadn’t expected that at all and we’ve got um a lot of ebike batteries

And charges and things essentially down at ground level and they were all wrecked and it was there was quite a big the big claim and um they they they were brilliant they sorted out very very well but cd player i i don’t think i’m going to claim this time because there’s a consequence of that it’s a bigger exercise it’s a 29 000 and um so i think we’ll just we

Won’t claim we’ll just we’ll just think so we’ve got laura hughes with us as well she speaks for the insurance company she’s a manager of the association auxiliary input laura’s going to ask you that is it possible power outlets i need to make a claim this time around and usb input you would pay next time for making a claim well insurers are focused very much at

The moment on helping those customers that have had a flood or storm windstorm claim um it’s not possible to say it’s going to go up by x amount or down by x amount next time and the focus really is at the moment i’m helping those so you know i’d encourage anybody who’s had any property damage to their contents or their buildings get in touch with their insurer

And start that claim as quickly as possible we were hearing on this program on thursday that the industry is looking again at pricing flood risk certainly some companies are people flooded for the first time deactivation of your interior alarm of course difficulties that those in federalist areas have had and created a thing called flood ring which essentially

Means that audio controls hands-free phone controls and cruise control to domestic properties not business properties but eco mode if you go on the bieber find insurance website you can businesses can help find flood specialists that can help them that they’re like is that lodgery scheme open to people who have never brothered before or only people whose homes

Have been flooded in the past absolutely it’s up to the insurers to whether they put you in the scheme or not but if the insurer can’t beat the cost that it is for them to put you into the scheme then they’ll put you in so it’s really important people shop around when they’re next looking at their insurance and find the right cover for their needs look on the

Flebry website there’s a list of insurers that provide work with really to help provide that cover but people should be very confident in understanding that they will be able to access rug cover and it um this flood race game means it’s affordable people whose homes or businesses have been flooded in this storm who do know that they will have to make a claim what

Should they do now pretty amazing vehicle let’s go ahead and shut her down let’s go check out the rest of the vehicle shall we uh oh so good well everyone hope you enjoyed this in-depth tour of this 2014 nissan leaf be sure to like and subscribe if you did thanks for watching and peace out

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2014 Nissan Leaf Acenta – Start up and in-depth tour By Henry Brooke