2014 Porsche Panamera GTS Review – TEST/DRIVE

Mike Musto reviews the 2014 Porsche Panamera GTS.

The panamera is a rare car in that it does everything so so well that it’s hard to find fault with it first off you look at the ergonomics in this car from a visual perspective it just simply works never am i hunting for my window switches or my climate controller to figure out how to use the nav in fact the car is so intuitive that literally i can just kind of move

My hand to where i think this switch should be and nine times out of ten that’s where it is it’s something that not a lot of manufacturers have mastered one of the best parts about the panamera gts is simply the way that it drives i mean this is kind of a back-to-basics porsche if you will its front engine and the way that it delivers the power is simply fantastic

I mean you can just put it in the sport or sport+ mode leave it in drive roll onto the power and it’s it’s great its linear it feels good and never once are you hunting for the correct gear because let’s face it the engineers at porsche have managed to figure out exactly what gear this car needs to be in can you shift it manually sure you can you can pop it into

Manual mode you can play with the paddles and you know run through the years however you want and get some of the best sounds in all the motoring now let us not forget that all this performance does not come cheap i mean race price on the panamera gts is around one hundred and thirteen thousand dollars that’s quite a large number as we all know and on the thirty

Thousand plus dollars worth of options and while all of a sudden that price just climbs to close to 150 grand that’s a lot of money now some of these options i suppose you could forego if you simply don’t care about music you can get rid of the $7000 burmeister stereo or the $2,900 adaptive cruise control these are options that while you know nice to have you

Don’t need in fact you can get a bass panamera with a nice set of wheels and then you have a car that you can go out to flog on the weekends with your buddies or just drive around and show off which is one of the best parts about this car it’s it’s kind of addicting i mean literally i mean using the pdk you would never think that it’s something you would kind of

Want in a big sedan like this but i find myself using it more than i ever thought i would then you start to explore the limits of the handling on this car and the limits are just unbelievably high the amount of grip the balance the way that the steering feels is all quintessential porsche it’s one of the most confidence-inspiring cars that i’ve driven in quite a

Long time and it’s something that i would spend the money on i don’t say that about a lot of cars i’m excited about this car i feel like i belong in this car and as as a big guy i’m really comfortable you know it’s it’s it’s rare that i get excited i really really enjoy this guy really like it i could go on and on and on and on and gushing gushing gush about why

You should go buy the panamera gts i don’t have too many reasons as to why you shouldn’t buy the panamera gts i don’t know maybe you’re more in it up to the hill that you can’t afford it if that’s the case don’t buy this car if you don’t have a garage that you can put this car in and you must feel the urge to keep this outside well don’t buy this car if you want

A tire smoking burnout machine don’t buy this one this is not the one however if you want a car to go from point a to point b in a fashion that will make you smile for me in a year that will make you comfortable that will cradle you and every creature comforts you could possibly have and simply put a smile on your face spend the money because it is that good you

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