2014 RAM 1500 LARAMIE CREW CAB Ram Box

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Hey this is mike just want to show you a really outstanding truck it’s a 2014 ram 1500 laramie in white and just look at the overall looks of it it’s really nice it’s got awesome chrome grille projector headlights fog lamps got the tow hooks here in the front and i don’t know if you notice but it does have the sensors the parking sensors all go across the front

You see these right here look like little push buttons or kade buttons or something but they do have them on the front as well as the back and take a look at the styling here and i speak from wheels four-wheel disc brakes it’s got the crumb like the rearview mirror and the handles and that chrome trim there with the along with the wheels makes it look really nice

Does has the four-wheel disc brakes and i’m gonna go ahead and start it up that’s got the 5.7 liter hemi engine in it and i’m gonna go and unlock it and this is a big try this does have the ram boxes as well and the spray in bedliner this is a big truck i’m gonna go ahead and start on this side now i can unlock it with the key but i’m gonna really lock it and

Put the key in my pocket and i all i got to do is just put my hand here i don’t know if you can see i like i just put my hand here and unlock because there’s a proximity sensor in this in this handle when the key is near the handle and i put it it since it’s a hand there it will go it unlocks the doors now if we want to relock it without the key i just push this

Button so the tailgate locks the ram boxes lock everything locks when i push that button same thing with the key i can so i’m gonna go ahead and unlock it just by putting my hand there and up in the door and check out this interior it’s like a light brown and dark brown two-tone interior it’s got the nice ram there on the mat we’ve got power seat here on the on

The passenger side you got the power seat with lumbar support you got a heated and cooled leather seat here really really nice vehicle it’s got laramie and cost here the seat and here’s the inside of the door here we’ve got the water bottle holder and storage capacity there and here stitching really really nice vehicle got a little pocket right here storage area

Here glove compartment we got a place here to put a consider full-size file folder right in there and this truck has so many features i’m probably gonna miss dozens of them here’s the inside of the back door and really really nice you get the storage in the bottom that storage here you got a stitching oh everything right here seats do fold up and now this right

Here comes out and it gives you like a flat surface as these legs that fold out and it gives you a flat surface for loading stuff now this also lifts up and do the strap this also lifts up and you can see the subwoofer and amplifier underneath here for the alpine premium sound system really really nice now see this custom map has the ram on it it goes all the way

Across here diamond plating all one piece slush mat well underneath this mat is on both sides a storage compartment that’s in the floor and this little liner does come out you see you to dump it or whatever but it’s a storage compartment and when you can put stuff in there close it up close it down and it’s completely out of the way don’t even know it’s there this

C also has a armrest with cupholders here here’s some of the speakers up here in the roof you’ve got heavy-duty hooks right here for hangers or whatever you want to hang and it’s got a sunroof we’ll get to that in a second now the rear seats you see right here are heated it has like a tutu to stay cheating system there’s a 12-volt power adapter you’ve got vents

Climate control beds back here you got cup holders here you’ve got vents down here and it’s underneath the seat coming back to the back passengers tons of features like i said now here’s the ram box you can open this up and lots and lots of space in here there is drain plugs at the bottom here and over here in case you want to fill this thing gem full of ice and

Put drinks in here’s have a picnic or whatever you can also use it for tools you can use it for whatever you want and it will you got lights here in here and it locks so when you push the lock button everything locks and everything’s secure including the tailgate now here’s the tip here’s the back of the vehicle you got the dual exhaust it sounds good you get a

Full drive of course you got the towing package to laramie you’ve got the nice we ram simple right there which is awesome right here is your backup camera lens which is which i’ll show you them instruct i’m gonna draw the tailgate one of the things you’ll notice with a ram when you drop the tailgate tailgate it’s not very top-heavy so it’s easy to lift up and drop

Down you also got a spray in factory bedliner that is you know directly against the paint so you don’t have to worry about any kind of moisture getting underneath a like a plastic liner and causing any kind of corrosion issues you know you’ve got the divider here you can move that in and out you’ve also got some some attachments there for some if you want to tie

Things down so i mean this is a really really amazing truck there’s lots of features these are your selling and ram box on this side as well same thing on the other side now one of the things i wanted to mention regarding the ram boxes is that it utilizes a space that’s normally right over top of the wheel well to where it’s kind of unusable anyway as far as i

Mean you could use it but it’s a little bit awkward we’re loading stuff in the back of the truck so it kind of i don’t know if you can notice that it kind of just utilizes that that normally an unused space so i think that was a really good idea and you’ve got your your fuel cap here on the driver side which is convenient now i’m gonna go ahead and look in here

Now it does have the pocket here there’s a little storage compartment there just like the other side and you also have you know this lays out flat so you can store it carry something it also lifts up and you have some storage underneath the seat and it’s pretty deep goes in there pretty good and in case you want to put stuff in there if you put something underneath

The seat of a normal truck that doesn’t have this feature it might roll around and get in the way this is completely secure you put it in there you can close this down you can snap it and then you put the seat down and it’s completely out of the way and it’s secure so you don’t have things rolling around in getting anyway while you’re driving inside the back door

Is really nice alright i’m good here in the front is the inside of the front driver door you got the speaker storage water bottle holder little quick access storage there now this does have the sign phone mirror as well as the adjustable power mirrors power windows power door locks i’ll demonstrate that in a second here’s your pair of seats with lumbar support

And you’ve got some presets here you can adjust your pedals in and out with this button here if you can see them going in and out but that’s with it it is got some really nice slush mats here automatic headlights now i’m gonna go and hop in since i used remote start i still have to push this button to turn everything off i’m gonna turn a fan down a little bit and

The volume down so doesn’t interfere with the camera too much okay so here’s the steering wheel really nice quality feeling steering wheel leather wrap steering wheel with stitching i’m noticing right now that the the air conditioned seats is on i’m gonna put on max because it’s hot day but this is a tilt steering wheel so that only got and tilt it down a little

Bit there we go alright now you see the gauges right here you see that right in the middle is a nice big screen and that screen is a display but it also has a menu and stuff in it so i can control that through these buttons here i can control you can see it has like a little scroll here as i scroll through she was tire pressure and fuel economy in a real time so

Has a lot of features in here you can set it up the way you want it a good default would be just a speedometer so you can get a nice digital readout of your speed and you does have to have the digital compass right here where it says north east that’s why i’m facing and 99 degrees outside it’s a hot day so so that’s why i got the air conditioner on now on the right

Side we’ve got these this portion down here is for your cruise control up here is to gear up and down okay so when you put it in drive if you want to gear down or gear up you know if you want to control of that way you can on the back of the steering wheel right here you’ve got a volume on the radio so i kind of just trying to volume up turn the volume down without

Taking my hands off the steering wheel on the left side i can change stations or change tracks like if you know if i have a cd or whatever with it without taking my hands off the steering wheel i can do those things already right up here where it says ram that’s like a little pocket in case you need to put some stuff in there and here’s your shifter which is like a

Dial shifter and put it in reverse and that way i can demonstrate the backup camera as you can see it is like a wide-angle lens so you can get a good view makes it real easy to back up and hook up to a trailer as well as when you’re backing up you don’t hit stuff so another feature is when i’m turning i’m turning the steering wheel now and as you can see the lines

Are moving that is to the trajectory of your vehicle as you backup so that way you can get an idea of well i can say if i wanted to go between those cars or something or if you want to go around that car the other way that kind of gives you an idea where you’re going to go while you’re backing up so i’m gonna put it back straight and i think that’s a really neat

Feature adds a layer of safety to this vehicle now i’m going to go ahead and put it back in park with the dial here’s your four wheel drive control it’s really easy push button and push and go now this radio is this not oh then it’s a radio we’ve got navigation we can set it to you know go to a particular address we’ve got climate controls in here it’s not just

The radio it’s basically the on-board computer or whatever you want to call it you can sync your phone here there’s no fun paired right now but you can add funds and that way you can answer the phone while you’re driving through this button right over here just push that fun button and also you’ve got a voice recognition button here so so anyways you’ve got your

Satellite radio you can you can add connected device which i’ll show you that in a second through an auxilary input or ste some other other features there but yeah there’s i mean there’s tons of stuff in this in this right in this you connect system so you can play around with it for a long time right here is your comic control your manual climate controls you

Can adjust them here if you like but let’s say that you’ve got something else up like navigation or something and you don’t want to you know get out of that you can adjust your your climate controls right here real easy and there’s your heated and cooled seats down here heated steering wheel as well you can turn your front your parking sensors off on the front or

Rear in case you need to get close to something and you don’t want it beeping at you you do have a to halt button you push that and that way you can um you know hold trailers and stuff without any any worries you could turn your traction control off in case you’re on a slippery road or something and you you’re you’re aware of it and you want to you have to you know

Have tire spinning here is a little pocket right there of course there’s a pocket there there’s your ac adapter there and here’s like a little business card holder here power adapter cup holders storage quick access storage there’s a place with some pins or whatever there here’s here’s your your console here nice embossed ram here in the middle is the armrest it’s

Like a clamshell design the top part lifts up and place to put coins maybe a tablet cell phone a small laptop you’ve got a usb input sd card and auxilary input for the radio so you can add files through that you can use the sd card is like a mini hard drive you have it all you have a usb charger right there that’s just for charging stuff so lots of features there

And now the whole thing lifts up and inside here you have a cd player you know to play you know on your radio and you also have a big storage area with small little places on the side all righty up here we’ve got the auto dim mirror we also have auto dim headlights here’s garage door controls here right this little thing is an infrared sensor for your climate

Control just temperature sensor that way you can the vehicle knows approximately what the temperature is or exactly what the temperature is in the vehicle so i can adjust it accordingly this right here is for your bet glass your power sliding back glass got some tap lights here now sunroof we can go and put this back we can vin it we can close it we can open it

We can close it and if we don’t want to use it at all let me just close that up and it’s like it’s not even there so you don’t have to worry about sun in your face visors mirrors with lights same thing on that side i’ll give you overall view now the backup camera is helpful but i mean you can see pretty good out of the back it’s not too bad it just adds another

Level of security there for safety there’s a little pocket there for your like papers books file folders get right in there so i’m gonna times the features on this vehicle it’s one of them vehicles where you got to see it to believe it see it to know you know really the the feel of it so if you’re interested in this vehicle let me know if you want to come take it

For a test drive my name is mike my phone number and email address will be in description i already see you next time

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