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This 2014 Ram 3500 Laramie Mega Cab 4X4 is looking for a new place to call home. It is powered by the 6.7L I6 Cummins Turbo Diesel engine and coupled with a 6-speed automatic transmission. It has plenty of features you are sure to love such as remote proximity keyless entry, remote start system, premium leather trimmed bucket seats with heated front and second row seats, a heated leather wrapped steering wheel with steering wheel mounted cruise and audio controls. Other features we can’t forget to mention include the large 8.4” UConnect touch screen display with GPS navigation, UConnect voice command and Bluetooth, as well as the ParkView rear back-up camera with ParkSense rear park assist system and so much more! All of our vehicles are CarProof verified, fully reconditioned and ready for ownership! Call 1-877-733-1542 to book your test drive today!

Hello and welcome to crosstown auto center my name is debbie and today i will be taking you around this 2014 ram 3500 laramie mega cab 4×4 in a black clear coat under the hood we’ve got that powerful 6.7 liter i6 cummins turbo diesel engine paired with a six-speed automatic transmission on the front we have your headlights daytime running lights fog lights and

Even some tow hooks coming down the side we are riding on these massive 20-inch toyo open country tires still with a ton of tread left they’re in really good condition and these things are impressive making our way down the side we’ve got these fantastic black running boards and if you look all the way up you can see that all four windows roll all the way down

And that your back windows are tinted for your privacy you can also see just how tall this truck is all right if you follow me inside i can show you a lot more helping you into your ram 3500 is the remote proximity keyless entry with a one-way remote start and a panic alarm activate the remote start all you have to do is press the button here twice and the truck

Will get started for you turn that off and just press that button one more time and it shuts right off you’ve also got your lock and unlock keys but a cool feature we have with this key if you have it in your pocket and you don’t want to take it out all you have to do is put your hand right behind the door handle here and if you look up here it’ll sense you have

The key and it’ll unlock it to lock it all you have to do is press this button here and it locks all right well unlock it and go take a look inside looking inside our door opens up nice and wide on our door we’ve got your power mirrors windows and locks as well as some storage and a bottle holder right in here we’ve got our automatic lights so you can set it and

Forget it it’s got that height adjustable foot pedal and we’ve also got some audio controls on the back of the steering wheel which i’ll show you a little later on right over here we’ve got the power adjustable driver seat with the memory seat feature and we’ve got that fantastic laramie leather followed throughout and all the way up at the top we’ve got a sunroof

Alright now this thing is really big so now bear with me as i climb in and i’ll get it started for you oh all right so it is a push to start all you have to do is put your foot on to the brake and push it to start but it is a diesel so i’m just going to let it warm up first and we’ll get it started now all right now you are looking at our very large cluster this

Cluster is very interactive and you can actually customize it to do so all you have to do is play with the left-hand side of your steering wheel there’s little arrows just play around with them and if you press them you can look at your screen set up stored messages audio controls trailer tow trip information fuel economy vehicle information and everything else

There’s so much more to play around with also on the left-hand side of your steering wheel is your voice recognition button on the right-hand side of your steering wheel you’ve got your cruise controls and right behind those you’ve got those audio controls i was telling you about so if you take a look towards the screen you can see that i can turn the volume up i

Can turn it down and i can even change the radio station so you can do everything with the press of a button all in your steering wheel which is really handy speaking about the screen so what you’re looking at right now is that large 8.4 inch you connect touchscreen with navigation that you connect means you can pair phone i don’t want a pair of my phone right now

I’ll leave that up to you and navigation speaks for itself we’ve also got your climate controls here so if we turn them on i’ll let you take a look you do have dual zone climate control so you and your passenger will never fight over the temperature in the cabin and we’ve also got some more controls we do have the heated and vented front and seats and the heated

Steering wheel for the pass for the driver sorry we exit out of there we’ve also got your media and your radio as well right over here to the left we’ve got this fantastic four-wheel drive system i’m sure it’ll get you out of any situation that you can get yourself into especially in the winter time and over here back in the center we’ve got some more we’ve got

The volume controls our audio controls and then we’ve got your dual zone climate control here as well if you didn’t want to use it on the screen down below that we’ve got your trailer – and we’ve got some more of your buttons here over here we’ve got a power outlet and then looking all the way to the right we’ve got some storage so if we open this up i’ve got a

Nice little storage area here and we’ve got our glove box with the owner’s manual just down below it if i put the truck into reverse on the screen the back-up camera will pop up and the screen is so large that you can actually see everything behind you and image is so crisp and so clear which is really handy all right looking over here we’ve got a nice little center

Console here we’ve got two cupholders and a 12 volt charger and then we’ve actually got a covered center console here it’s a dual compartment so if you open up the top part you’ve got some media options so you’ve got two usb ports an sd card slot and an auxiliary input as well as some storage and if you close that and open up the bottom part you’ve actually got

A disc player in here and a lot of storage oh that’s a lot in here we’re still not done if we look up here we’ve got your sunroof controls and your rear sliding window controls as well so you can actually open up the rear sliding window with this and you’ve got these universal garage door openers alright i know i’ve talked a lot but there’s so much to show you in

This truck and not just up front there’s still a lot more in the back so if you follow me i can show you so i’ve gone ahead and opened up that back door for you as you can see it opens up nice and wide plenty of room to get in and out on the back door we’ve got your power windows as well as some storage if we make our way in we are looking into that in mega cab

Which is phenomenal it’s absolutely massive and it’s so crazy and i love it on the back of the seats we’ve got some map pockets on either side here in the center we’ve got the controls for the heated rear seats and we’ve got our rear seats here cool little feature if we pull this down it brings out two cupholders and it acts as an elevated armrest for your back

Passengers they push that up we have another cool feature these seats will actually lay flat so all you have to do is pull this lever here and give your seat a nice little push and they lay nice and flat and so you can see just how much extra space you get when you fold those seats back so much room in this cab and i will show you what those other seats look like

When they’re folded flat but you just got to follow me around the truck first i am in love with this truck the lift on it oh it’s amazing on the back of the truck here you’ve got your hitch we’ve got your backup camera right here and if we open up the tailgate can take a look into your box and it does have a box liner so your box will stay protected no matter what

You throw at it but you don’t have to always throw something at it on the bumpers here you see these little black circles these are your parking sensors so when you are in reverse you’ll get that audible signal letting you know when you’re getting too close to something if you don’t see it on your camera which is highly unlikely just taking another look at these

Tires on the left on this truck we also do have the fender flares which really tie this truck together all right we’ll take a look into this side and it is the same as the other side you just pull this your seats will lay flat just give them a nice little push and you can see just how much room is in here you probably take a nice little nap in here or use it for

Whatever else you would like to you’ve got tons of space so get creative and last but not least we will come in to the front passenger side as you can see we do have power seats here for the front passenger with the back lumbar support as well as the driver seat all right and all of your mirrors are heated and we do have the convex and the concave mirrors alright

Well i would just like to thank you so much for taking the time to walk around this ram 3500 laramie mega cab 4×4 with me my name is dv i am here at crosstown auto centers used-car superstore we are here in the corner of 156 street and the yellow head trip we are open today and we hope to see you here soon thanks for watching have a great day

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