2015-2016 Nissan Rogue Transmission Programming software Configuration

Welcome to best car fixes again nissan rogue one year my rock where is the nissan rock 2014 15 16 transmission was being replaced the other code have to be removed the procedures using consoles three plus with the laptop okay hold this for me please this side and first see my hand what i’m gonna do so first we have this uh nissan mitsubishi renault interface

Which is good authenticated by nissan mitsubishi and renault so if you have this one you can work for three cars this is an obd2 that we are going to connect it into the ob2 ports please subscribe share and like and if you have any question feel free to ask i do my best i’m looking for the obi too the general connect is supposed to be somewhere here i don’t

See it maybe somebody take it away yeah it’s here all the way by the far right i already got it here but this is nothing so let me go down okay somebody moving that’s why somebody move the connector as you see here you see it this is the connector i’m gonna plug it in here just have to be there for the communication purpose now you see everything come on

Nissan as he sees come on now i will put this usb here um and then i mean the connector what is the cd this is the file that i have it i’m gonna put it in the back be sure don’t break it now i’m gonna go enter air condition have to be off now i was signing ignition is on i was working in one car before i believe let me close this if it doesn’t control delete

Task manager okay console three plus have to close close everything now let me go a little bit to be clear yeah that’s okay i’m gonna go to console three plus we’re gonna open it ignition is on please subscribe share and like okay you see it’s communicating diagnose one system i’m gonna go back turn on my screen recorder it may help so now i’m going to open my

Console 3 plus go to transmission we’re going to have a code for java code actually other have two code 7 0 and seven one or something like that we’re gonna see it it will not go away unless you have to program it uh can i get the the cd you have where is the cd this ask him where is the cd you put a used transmission you see here this solonoid park i don’t see

Nothing here but i’m gonna erase it thank you but still do it because you don’t have to do it it will go away so it doesn’t have it but let me see now i gotta go to work support the cd that is coming with is this one 20 28 x 2b i have those five in stock to red x to b so i’m gonna go to right and then start upload let me write it down if i can get it 28 28.

2014 okay let me see now i gotta go back okay let me see 22x2b 28 this is three why is this an hour that’s a no key phone i see in this guy’s infinite yeah the icm crap no key no key to next okay 28 to an x you have this one open say yes cannot be stopped the same way we have to follow push the break push the gas all the way put the car in reverse okay now

Push you say good now turn the key off release a break turn the key off it’s gonna count one two zero so now we’re gonna wait turn the key on now okay i have to put the key next to the ignition the highlight gray will not come on unless the ignition is on see now ignition is on is highlighted so next right ignition on engine off current park complete now

We are we are sure hundred percent we don’t have no problem start the car car will not restart also have to use the button is that the key is bad or what uh maybe the remote is bad or the the battery is no good no the battery is dead that’s why thank you for watching best car fixes please subscribe share a like go back nothing everything grid okay done thank

You and we’re gonna stop this one too open folder it’s here rename it 2000 um 1415 rock cheddar it doesn’t have it but when you have the serie you have to put it in you don’t want to go around the corner and then it come up with you close close this one here close everything close this one and we’re good to go please subscribe share and like okay we have a

Change light on i gotta go to the checking the light also to see what you have i’m gonna open it again because you don’t need to yes the the the transmission we have no checking your light but i have to look for the engine what do we have i’ll have to turn it back again i’m going to go to select one system again this time i would select the engine and i wait

For it yes nissan i’m block best we’re gonna check that checking the light why we have it this one take more time but just be patient okay what code we have yeah it’s fuel system lean you know when you have fuel system there you need to take care of that one but i’m gonna turn the key off you have to touch it with the key because no battery frequency from

The remote so now i’m going to erase it yes so this car have a code for uh system lean now nothing guys so everything is done let me start it now secret chicken you like supposed to go away and that that triangle because the door is open let me be sure let me close the door the back door is open and also no key detect so that’s no good with the key yeah

Okay nothing because the key was not detect now it’s detected so please subscribe share a like and you have any problem feel free to ask this is muhammad harold

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2015-2016 Nissan Rogue Transmission Programming software Configuration By Best Car Fixes