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Hello and welcome back to another a690 specialist cars video my name is harvey and today i’m showcasing a really special car this is our 2015 mercedes-benz cls shooting brake premium it looks absolutely fantastic in the beautiful silver it’s called sports leaky lines to it and like i said it is the shooting break so you’ve got that state look and space with

The car but it doesn’t stop there it’s got a fantastic specification to it and i can’t wait to show you so without any further ado let’s get in so as i was saying this is our 2015 mercedes-benz cls 2.1 liter diesel but as always we’ll start off with the multi-functioning steering wheel so on the right hand side you’ve got your media controls and answering

Decline calls there and on the left you’ve got your central cluster display on speedometer controls on the left and it’s also equipped with the paddle shift so you can go up and down the gears via that too and then we come on to the interior it comes in the beautiful black leather interior and let me tell you how comfortable this really is to sit in and this

Is also got electrically adjustable capabilities in the front with the memory seat function so you can save and preset your own favorite driving style and with a click of a button you can go straight back to that it’s extremely useful for people who use this more than one person uses this car so you can actually click a button and it goes back to your preferred

Style and you may ask how is it to drive it drives absolutely fantastic and let me tell you the automatic gearbox is so responsive and it knows what gear to be in all the time so driving seems seamless and with it being the premium it’s got a fantastic range of specification to it so you’ve got your heated front seats and your dual climate control so the left

Hand side and the right hand side can be at different temperatures on the aircon you’ve also got the rear view cameras and sensors all around so parking this car is a breeze and as you can see from the cockpit you’re not limited to space and this especially with being the shooting freak you’ve got that extra space so in the cockpit i’m sitting in my preferred

Driving style and the back still has room legroom for the passengers is key and that is what you get with this car you can comfortably fit five people and as we’re on the subject of it being a shooting brake it does come with the electrically deployable tailgate and that’s extremely useful especially if you had your hands full you can deploy it by either a key

Fob or buy a button on the tailgate itself and as you can see the cockpit is nice and light and that’s helped with our electrically deployable sunroof so you can open this on a sunny day and today is a sunny english day that we rarely do get however i am doing the video so i didn’t want to make any noise and it’s got all the features you would expect from a

Mercedes so it has got the digital radio fm and am but it’s also got bluetooth capabilities and cd players and you can even connect your phone via usb but you’ve also got a fantastic premium navigation system which is helped by the massive central display that you do get in the center console let’s talk about the design it is seamless it is beautiful and like

I was saying about the sporty sleek look it’s got the sporty look but it’s also got the sport capabilities this car isn’t slow and it’s also got the sport displays when you do want to put it into that sport mode just to give you a bit more i don’t know of a sporty feel so in conclusion do i love this car yes i do it’s absolutely beautiful to drive and it’s

Even better to look at but the only way for you to find out is actually coming down and seeing this car for yourself so come down to a690 specialist cars and unfortunately if i was to talk about every feature about this car i’d be here all day and so would you but if you want to see this full specification list and a few more photos of the car you can go to our

Website a690specialistcars.com for once again my name is harvey and thank you for watching another a690 specialist cars video you

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2015 65 MERCEDES-BENZ CLS CLASS 2.1 CLS220 D AMG LINE PREMIUM 5d 174 BHP Review! By A690 Specialists Cars