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2015 Acura MDX Full Walkthrough

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This week’s video is a walkthrough of the 2015 Acura MDX, where I will cover the key features, unique attributes, and the overall functions of this stunning car. Make sure to smash the like button, subscribe, and hit the notification bell for more incredible content every week!

Hey guys welcome back to my channel today we have a 2015 acura mdx this car looks wonderful in the sun with that grayish blackish color and in terms of pricing in 2015 this car was actually 43 000 and it’s actually also fully loaded so you might get a price of a boost of maybe like a thousand two thousand dollars but when it comes to mpgs this car actually

Gets 20 on the city and 28 on the highway let’s talk about the engine now when it comes to the engine this car has a 3.5 liter v6 cylinder engine it makes 290 horsepower goes zero to 60 in six seconds so now moving on to the door the driver side door is what will house most of your controls uh up top you have receipt positions you get two positions in this car

And that set button is to set your position and right here you got your window controls two in the back two in the front your unlock and lock button your window lock and you got your mirror controls right here too so left and right and that toggles between you got a nice cup holder right here uh hood release trunk release and gas gas cap release are right here too

And at the side next to the uh parking brake you get your uh hood release button so pull that and the hood will release so now i’m gonna show you like if you get stuck or you’re not able to get in the car but your windows open and it’s like a bad neighborhood you could actually close and open all the windows with the key fob so this is your acura mdx 2015 key

Fob that’s what you get you got a trunk release panic button unlock lock and engine start so first i’ll show you how to open and close the window so you make sure it’s locked and press this and hold it down and all the windows open up and to open the trunk i’ll show you this later to close the windows you have to actually go there but i’ll show you how to start

The car from here so you lock it and hold this button down and there you see the car has start started you could tell because of the lights being on so now to turn it off just hold this down and the car turns off so now i’m going to show you how to close the windows you cannot actually do it from the key fob so you gotta take the key out of the key fob and

Uh to open it take the key out you just pull that lever to the side you take your key insert it into the keyhole on the driver’s side door and you turn it towards your right and that will automatically close all the windows including the windows at the top so every single window opens and closes when you use these techniques that i showed you so now i’m going to

Give you a steering wheel walk through plus entertainment system so this is your steering wheel in the acura you get your uh volume uh dial right here source button so i’ll show you that later when i turn the car on you get a couple call buttons right here like you get a call you can pick it up on this side you have your cruise control buttons your uh set and uh

Reset buttons over there and uh you also get a trip trip button right there so the source button when you turn the car on you push put your foot on the brake and press the button and uh while this clip starts you get your startup interface right here so all the gauges flare giving you a nice animation and the source button so when you hit the source button it

Toggles at the top those menus so uh between bluetooth and all that it just toggles and lets you pick what what you want to control so now we’ll talk about the two stocks on your right and left the right one is for your windshield wipers so if you pull it towards you it’ll spray windshield wiper fluid on the windshield and clean it automatically and when you

Uh hit the windshield uh button up it’ll it’s a quick quick quick wipe and you get three speed so uh low uh er medium and high on the left side you get your uh indicators so up for uh right down for left and uh this also controls your headlights and uh all that so you spin that dial it will turn on your fog lights headlights and high beam low beam all that’s

Controlled right there so now the entertainment system you get two screens plus all the controls are sort of towards the bottom where your hand is the top screen is mainly going to be your navigation and the uh screen under that is going to be like your audio controls and all that ac controls they’re all right here so if you audio source you could pick like aux

Or bluetooth or fm or am and that one does not uh mainly change it’s like if you want to put an address or anything that’s what you use the top screen for so now moving to actual manual controls you get your driver temperature control right here your on and off or in the middle your passenger temperature control is over there your front defrost rear defrost auto

Button climb it on and off all that is right in that uh center area down here you get your navigation button phone buttons all of that uh when you hit the navigation button it’ll open up the navigation screen at the top and it’ll show you a couple of different menus and all that down here you got a dial to move the map around or like enter an address into the map

So all that can controlled right there plus you get a couple extra buttons over here like info all that settings menu all of this stuff are reachable so in reachable distance so when you’re driving you don’t need to like move your hand that much everything is at a quick quick reach down here you get a dvd uh slash cd uh player for the screen in the back for the uh

Rear passengers this button up here is gonna be your audio uh on and off plus it acts as your volume dial so now i’m gonna give you a little walk through with the gear shifter so put your leg on the brake and pull it back once it goes into reverse and when you pull it back again it’ll go into neutral and one more time drive and one more time it’ll go to shift

Mode so in drive and shift mode you’re able to use your paddle shifters but in drive it’s uh not as uh excellent as in shift mode when you use our paddle shifters so right at the end of the uh gear shifter you get a button that lets you toggle between comfort normal and sport mode so you get three modes in this car that how how you wanna drive it so that’s what

It controls and yeah like that one i showed you right here and over here you get a cigarette lighter and a nice uh key area like you could put your keys there or you could put like a phone your wallet or anything can all that good stuff can go right there otherwise that’s going to be your main entertainment system on all the buttons that you get to control it so

Now i’m going to show you the backup camera so when you put the car in reverse you it’ll pop up on the top screen so when you start rolling back you get your uh you receive the yellow lines so that’s if you get too close to something it’ll start turning red or orange and beep but otherwise if you’re not close to anything it’ll stay the same so now i’m going to

Show you the center console the owner actually did not want me to open anything so you get your center console that could actually move back and front and down here you get a storage cubby so that that’s how it opens up and you also get two uh extra panels right here and the buttons right there right there you can see those are what control the two panels so

Now let’s talk about the glove box so acura has always done something unique with their glove box to open it you just push that button and uh you can also lock the glove box so you insert the key and turn it to your right that’ll lock it so you can’t push the button it won’t open and if you just put the key back in and turn it back to your uh to your left it’ll

Let you open up the glove box so now let’s talk about the seats so when i open up the door you see that the driver’s seat is the only one that’s power adjustable so you can go front or back uh up or down and you also get your lumbar control uh in the back and the passenger seat is actually not going to be a power adjustable but in this car you get uh black seats

Which are leather so they look and feel very nice so it’s very comfortable to sit in and the overall appeal of the car so when you open the door it just looks nice with the wood accents so now moving to the back the back seats are actually covered up because the owner has kids he bought this cover from acura so uh it just covers up the seats to make uh so in long

Term the seats are just going to be in pristine condition so i was talking about those wood accents they’re in the back also but that’s what adds to the uh good looking feel of this car you get your cup holders over there and you actually also have a third row in this car so the third row is right there otherwise let’s talk about the rear entertainment system and

Climate control in the back so this is going to be your rear camera control you get two vents plus all the controls down here are going to be like heated seats uh cooling seats you got a little screen that lets you control like the climate temperature fan speed all that plus at the bottom you also get an outlet so if you wanted to hook up like an xbox or anything

This is gonna be your screen so it’s a very big screen so the sec uh the middle row and the back row can clearly see that see everything plus this is going to be your remote so uh it lets you like control everything if you don’t want to reach up you can take the remote keep it with you and put it back once you get out and putting it back is actually really easy

You just snap it in and it goes into the uh holder so now i’m going to show you the sun visors these are only for the rear seats and you just pull it up and hook it so it doesn’t look like it’s really uh beneficial right now but whenever there’s a lot of sun it will really actually help i also have these in my car so i know it’s really good so now i’m going to

Show you a unique thing with the gas cap when you unscrew it you could uh take it off and you don’t need to like let it go or let it hit the car you could snap it on right to the uh gas cap right here so it uh will prevent it from hitting the car or anything but when you put it in you have to turn it and wait for a click so that’s when you know it’s completely

Locked this is not actually only acura uh maybe like go check in your car all usually a lot of cars will have that so now we’ll talk about the trunk so there’s a couple ways you can open the trunk with the key fob you could hold down the trunk release button or at the back of the uh trunk there’s a button you just push that and the trunk will open up so now uh

The back there’s a lot of space but when you put the third row up it doesn’t look like there’s a lot but it goes deeper in so taking the third row down is actually super easy you just saw i just pulled that lever it went down otherwise that’s going to be your trunk there’s not really anything special you just get a couple cubbies to the side and to close it you

Can just press the button at the top or hold down the hood release button i mean trunk release button on your key fob which will automatically close it so you see i press uh uh hood a trunk release button on the key fob hold it down and the trunk will close automatically by itself so now let’s talk about this upper panel in the car this actually controls your

Lights for the driver and passenger plus you have your uh moon roof uh release uh open and close button and your visor open and uh close button you get three uh trunk uh i mean uh garage set position so you could open up three garages if you would like with this car plus you got home link so when you pull up it’ll automatically open you also have honda link in

This car and that uh red button that says assist you cannot actually press it to press it you have to open up that glass and then you can press it over here you got your um sunglass storage and otherwise uh yeah like that’s how you close it otherwise it’s very simple so this week’s video has come to an end if you like the video please hit the like button also

Subscribe and turn on your post notifications so you get notified every time i post a new video i was looking at my analytics and it shows that 63 of the people that watch my videos are not subscribed so it would help me out if you guys could subscribe and uh we can reach that 150 goal to 150 subscribers gold but this week’s video i’d like to thank my uh dad’s

Friend shri khan this is his car so big thanks to him for letting me uh do this video with the car and him being so open about me getting in the car driving it moving it uh starting it so a big thanks to him overall i hope you enjoyed this video i’ll be back next week with another car stay tuned catch you guys later bye

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