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2015 BMW X6 M – Review

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Some say that it’s completely pointless and some say that it’s the ultimate form of selfish egocentric expression and no i’m not just about to introduce this thing what i’m talking about is the monstrous 2015 bmw x6m when we tested the normal x6 with a three liter turbo engine we came to the conclusion that it wanted to be a jacked-up sports car but the lack

Of power left it wondering what the hell it was now in the case of the x6 m all that power is readily available for you to bear it and doesn’t know what it is hell yeah starting at just above 108 thousand dollars and with an as-tested price of just above 121 the x6 m doesn’t allow anyone that’s actually driven it to repeat the opinion that it’s kind of pointless

It does that by proving how well it works and you know it’s simply not the wrong sold in the wrong body the way it looks is the first step towards convincing anyone in doubt that there’s something special about this vehicle the angry front and rear bumpers with the air vents and sharp edges make it look much more aggressive than the non m versions the m badges

Are very discreet something i cannot say about the space-age side mirror design and the striking vivid blue color also if you opt for the 21 inch wheel package you get michelin pilot super sport tires that are specifically made for the x6m inside the cabin the seats rm sport seats with fixed headrest and huge side support while the rest of the interior is very

Appealing modern and made with only top-shelf materials there are no finishing issues at all the leather used is amazing and with a carbon fiber accent trim the dashboard is a spawning it really looks like it belongs to a very expensive vehicle which it does roominess up front is really good but the rear seats remain tight and only suitable for medium build people

The trunk as in the regular x6 sounds good on the spec sheets but in reality the limited height compromises it’s loading abilities but because most of the buyers will only be interested if it can fit their bulk bag that’s not gonna be a problem mighty impressive and very convincing overall is the twin-turbo 4.4 liter v8 engine under the muscular hood it is the

Most powerful m engine ever produced pumping out 567 horsepower and 553 pound-feet of torque this engine doesn’t just move this 2.3 ton beast it makes it move fast with the help of the launch control system 0 to 100 kilometers an hour takes just 4.2 seconds and if you could hold the throttle down it would had 286 kilometers an hour before the wind resistance became

Too much the defeat the only downside is the exhaust note it’s a bit bland so to spice things up a bit artificial sound is pumped through the audio file level piano sound system i just wish they had used the soundtrack from the old v10 motor make it sound something like this but even with an artificial supplement on the soundtrack it’s not that bad the gearbox

Use is an 8-speed em steptronic transmission with drive logic and despite not having two clutches its disposal your changes have been blazing fast actually everything is adjustable and when we say everything we mean the engines mapping the steering effort the suspension firmness and the gearbox is aggressiveness and because all of these options are available bmw

Has created two profiles called m drive which you can preset and then switch between them at any time you can mix and match settings as you please but unfortunately there’s no way to edit the default mode the car goes into every time you start it up a quick twist dynamic damper control the suspension not only adjusts its firmness on demand but the stabilizers

Get hydraulically adjusted to set the torsion characteristics to match the overall setup the fact that it’s quite comfortable in the softest mode and can generate more lateral acceleration than an m5 in the hardest mode is all the information you need except that this thing makes absolute sense after all and it’s not just the extreme edges that impress it’s also

Everything in-between the x6m is exciting from the moment you turn the engine till the moment you take your eyes off of it seconds after you’ve parked and you’re walking away handling a superb for a vehicle of this size and weight it is true the sheer mass cannot be hidden but it can be controlled very well the dynamic performance control that make it drive like

A sports car the xdrive all-wheel drive system favors the rear wheels most of the time and as such the x6m feels very agile in athletic it changes the direction quickly and with the precision of a surgical razor and with the massive 6 pocket brakes it can also stop from 100 kilometers an hour in just 39 liters transforming kinetic energy into electric energy via

The region brakes included in the efficient dynamics package and combined with the auto start/stop system they help in keeping fuel consumption at reasonable level as our test average was 14.5 liters per 100 kilometers the steering is an oasis versus the non m model as the m servo tronic system in sport plus mode is heavier quicker and the wheel itself has a very

Thick rim and fits your palms perfectly it’s tall it’s heavy its turbocharged and it’s all-wheel drive things that the bmw m division not too long ago would say we’ll never do anything like that but here we are they’ve made the xxm and in my opinion it is a masterpiece it is a sports activity coupe that might be very heavy but it’s definitely worth its weight in gold

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