2015 FIAT 500X 1.4 MULTIAIR POP STAR 5d 140 BHP

Good morning welcome to john phillip carson barry syntedness today we have here a lovely fiat 500x it’s the 1.4 multi-air pop star and in red one owner car 2015 on a 15 49 330 miles that is all as you can see the red is lovely it looks superb it really does mot the 29th of the 12th 2022 and it’s just been serviced the car does come with a full fiat service history

So very important full fiat service history um yes fully loaded this car sat nav bluetooth uh the list goes on i shall show you inside shortly parking sensors around the back so they certainly do look very very good these cars just give you a shot in the back to begin see it’s a lovely beautiful design in here really does look the part in these shots in the

Boots while i’m around here lovely and clean as i might expect and i walk you through the driver’s side driver’s door card i’m going to try and show you everything for you that i can of course you’ve got all your toggles all your buttons your mirror controls everything is as it should be everything works just as it should electric seat controls and of course

Beautiful seats you do have a push start and stop button in here if that will focus there we are yes lovely seats in here of course you’ve got your 500 logos in the centers bolsters are very good materials lovely in these same goes for the passenger side armrest is lovely no scuffs or anything and center console is very very good no marks on the dash a pan

Around in here beautiful media screen in the middle i shall run you through that shortly multi-function wheel on these of course you’ve got your cruise control on the right bluetooth telephony on the left and so forth like i say it’s a push button starts to fit on the clutch off we go very quick and easy if it will boot up in here you do have a split box so you’ve

Got your locking wheel nuts in there and you’ve got your fiat but in the glove box so lovely and clean in here carpets are superb floor mats are lovely you just turn this down a bit just booting up yeah center console ice cold air con in here and beautiful sensors lovely looking buttons you’ve got sd usb and aux down there on a 12 volt and of course down here

You’ve got your driving modes you’ve got your winter mode your sports mode and you’ve got a parking brake with two good sized cup holders and down here a lovely center storage yes yes and here you’ve got full touch screen so you’ve got your nav if you go into your media settings you can collect your bluetooth audio through they put your phone in um bluetooth

Telephony prep as well so if you pair a phone that will connect straight through and yes it’s uh certainly fully loaded this car really is dab of course um lovely center on these beautiful dials yes and the steering wheel is very very much unmarked in here let’s turn this down a bit you do normally see signs of wear but this one is wonderful as you can see and

Then you just pop your push button start off and find the button there we are okay a few more shots of the exterior and then i shall give you a closing description of the car really does look super in this red all the chrome is lovely and the plastics it does uh does come up very nicely this car okay so fiat 500x 1.4 multi-air pop star one owner car 2015 on a

15 and he has 49 330 miles so lovely lovely low mileage on the car mot 29th of the 12th 2022 it’s just been serviced and it does come with a full fiat service history so very important that is the that is the main bit we always say it’s the history of the car it’s a full fiat history nes bluetooth sat nerve fully loaded car yes if you’d like to know more arrange

A test drive please give us a call on zero one two eight four six six three zero four five please see our website at doctor codex www.johnphilipcars.com with my full spec listing and this video content you will also find a soft search finance calculator you can arrange your finance online you can also put a deposit down and it will come straight through to us so

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2015 FIAT 500X 1.4 MULTIAIR POP STAR 5d 140 BHP By John Philip Cars