2015 Ford Ecosport 1.5 TDCi Titanium (UK) (full in-depth tour review)

Hello there! This is a full walkaround tour review of the 2015 Ford Ecosport 1.5 TDCi in the Titanium trim paired with a 5-speed manual showing the exterior, engine and interior.

Before the video start please do hit the subscribe buttons for both of my channels as many people who watch my videos are not subscribed so please do a special thanks to rehearsal common used car sales for allowing me to film this car as of now the ford echo sport is no longer listed on sale here hello there this is going to be full in-depth tour review of this

2015 ford eclipse ball in the titanium from showing exterior engine interior dexterity color is not grey the titanium trim comes with keele’s entry on this one and for the interior you have black leather seats perforation on the sides on the bolsters and the red stitching now that’s hopping in this car has done 35 000 miles it’s doing well as electric power

Steering working pinion time multifunctional so for accents on the sides for transmission you can get a manual this one has a 5-speed manual and this has a mechanical handbrake so now let’s take a look at the exterior turn the lights i’m gonna turn on the side lights with fog lamp and then just take a look at the exterior for the wheels this has 17 inch five

Spur ally rims four lugs the wrapped in can tires these are two zero five fifty d r17 tires you can see this car has halogen reflector headlights and front fog lights in my normally in my full tour reviews this is going to be a photo of this car i would explain background history of this model but due to the awkward position of how the cars part i was just going

To show you around exterior off by heart this is the front end of the car as you can see i’m not quite a final defend and you do have led date on winning lights the front is not that attractive to the echo is based on the old fiesta i have a new ash compact b7 crossover actually which is the puma which is based on the new fiesta this is based on old platform

And the side profile i do like the rear quarter window has it i was connected to the windscreen got both whales as well around the weir you’ve got rear lights with bumper wear parking sensors this is 250 mile a year 2016 model you did not have a spare tire and it deletes spare tire due to low slow sales and without this the wheel well i think the way it looks

Slightly more attractive i can show you that now around the wheel you do have led where you got rear lights they’re not led red lights we’re reflect turrets they you have a swing back tailgate on this one we’re parking sensors and down below yes and also i can show you the fuel flap here a diesel so the echo sport was first came went on sale in europe in uk

In 2014 i had to face it for the 20th month a year so it’s been around for now six years it’s getting outdated now so it needs to be killed off is very heavy on this one and this bonnet is a 1.5 liter dual torque tdci inline four 16 valve temperature diesel engine which is euro 6 compliant and has a diesel particular filter this engine produces 90 horsepower and

205 newton meters of torque the echo sport diesel is such a smell with a top speed of just under 100 miles per hour and then not to 100 kilometers per hour or not to 62 miles per hour time in 14 seconds the echo sport has a 52 liter fuel tank and all uk spec for eco sports a front row drive on the front door trim you have hard plastic on the top let’s leave

It i think these are some soft material in the center hard plastic there at the bottom you have more hard plastics yeah we’re under control all of them are automatic in both the driver side is also has automatic down and up function window lock remove controls handles door pocket for the driving cup holder which the right of the steering wheel cone you do

Have the adjustment to adjust the level of your headlights as you can see light switch with fog lamp automatic lights on this one let’s put it back in auto you do also have storage for the driver a little bit of storage for the driver to put some notes or some cash inside here bike release manual transmission free pedals driver seat in this car has four manual

Adjustments i forgot to show this that our storage drawer is under the front seats by the way this car has six airbags if i if i’m wrong i’ll put it down in the caption now let’s take a good look at the interior shall we the steering wheel has manual tilt only adjustment no telescope adjustment for this one unlike the fiesta that’s based on as you can see how

Annoying is that but let’s go back on the steering wheel you only stay well on the workspace you have cruise control left but you have your auto controls volume seat track bluetooth unhook and offer and voice control white store you do have your wiper controls unless thought you do have your indica okay and your trip com meter there’s no key detected this has

Keyless entry just start by the way as you can see in conjunction with keyless entry that’s your trip meter it’s an odometer you’ve got analog dials very simple gauges nothing quite above the expert titanium comes to standard with single zone automatic climate control fan speed on the left of your automatic mode temperature on the white with your ac different

Zones including your maximum default for circulation we defrost off button they’re quite simple to use i like the sound of how of the button it makes here’s some asmr for audio head unit you have four sync dab the sound profile with four speakers and two tweeters let’s test the sound quality how about that then sounds does not it sounds not bad the sound quality

Is not that bad it sounds decent good and not decent enough right here this is your screen i think it’s measure three and a half inch screen that’s your main menus these are correspondence main menu correspond to these buttons right here you do have your c d player right above review chat info your cd radio auxiliary bluetooth telephone menu buttons up down left

And right own clicks button sutra running permanently to telephone with your you have your sound settings these four shortcut buttons correspond to these four buttons corresponding to the four menus there use the system radio cd auxiliary if there’s one you have to insert a device phone your bluetooth telephone menu as you can see you can you can have bluetooth

Audio streaming on this one and you have your menu of your ford sync settings forward sync apps audio settings clock setting display settings back to the radio you’ve got the sound settings as you can see it’s very you can bring up your list of radio stations in the area let’s forget this the system is very complicated to use with all these clutter buttons

And it’s right and it’s distracting for the driver it’s not simple it’s not a simple audio and you need to navigate through but i do like the blue lcd display the four pixel display you have your hazard light switch and central locking passenger airbag indicator your echo sport branding down below behind the gear lever you have usb and auxiliary input as well

As a 12v power outlet you do have a little bit of storage um you have another handbrake on this one i forgot to mention at the beginning two cut holders on the cup holder for the rear to show between the front of the wheels you do have manual lumbar support for the driver you do have a center for an armrest for the driver for a place for him to lean on by the

Way as i can’t get around the left side of the car i don’t want to bother the showroom to move the car as i wouldn’t be able to to get them to move the car for me to make this review the passenger seat has the same adjustment as the driver’s seat except for the seat height and the manual lumbar you do have a storage pocket there the lug box is off a large is of

A large size it’s large enough to put your a few bucks inside there manual auto dim review mirror map lights as you can see you have a sunglass holder it’s padded as well because you have patterns outside some vice and also use drive side supervisor with auntie miller passing the site has a light too there’s no grip handles there to sum up the ford echo sports

Interior the seats are may not be the comfortable but they’re not bad to sit in you do have fronts and front armor for the driver but unfortunately no armor for the passenger the materials as you expect from car displays you expect a lot of hard plastic there the controls are simple to use like the gauges light switch ac controls and you also you do have plenty of

Storage areas but what i don’t like about the interior is the in the audio head unit is it’s a there’s a lot of clutter here and it’s distracting for the driver’s eye but overall it’s a simple interior except for the audio head unit now let’s take a look at the rear seats the rear doors have the same materials as the front you do have a cup holder for the weird

Occupants isofix chassis anchor pipes on both sides laces you do have a 12 volt power outlet on the either side the rear seats do fold if you want more space you can pull this strap here and then fold it down and then you do also they also tumble i think but yeah i don’t know how to fold them down but i don’t but let’s get back onto the review close this door

For space i’ve got if i sit back there i’ve got a little bit of knee room and for head space head room i’ve got i’ve got a generous amount of new so the footage will feel cramped back here the seats are not bad to sit in you do have a storage pocket on either side you do have a low transmission floor there’s no armrest on this one you’ll have a wear light a real

Map light recorder windows there’s no grip handles in this car at all as you can see now let’s take a look at the interior to open up the boot normally most cars which have that have swing about tailgates open open like this but on the eckers board it opens the opposite way like that and you just have to use the touch pad on the rear light right side of the

Housing to open it up this is the boot as you can see there will be a cornea cover down below your tool kit down below tether points and you can fold that you do have you can fold down the rear seats from here but i don’t know how to tumble them so i’m not going to demonstrate you do have like lighting for the wear some hooks on either side now let’s close the

Boot i’m going to end the video here this is the end of the video now like this video comment down below subscribe if you’re interested don’t forget to turn on the bell icon so you’re alerted whenever i upload a new video in the future stay alert control the drivers and save lives you

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2015 Ford Ecosport 1.5 TDCi Titanium (UK) (full in-depth tour review) By Mo’s Autos Vlog Zone