2015 Ford Fusion Energi Plug In Hybrid video overview and walk around.

Let the camer be your eyes and ears as we take you for a tour in and around this gorgeous sedan. You’ll feel like you’re right here with us in person as we demonstrate all of its functions and features. Thank you for joinging us!

Good afternoon folks ari here from direct auto outlet in fair oaks california i have this gorgeous 2015 ford fusion energy plug-in hybrid for you today this gorgeous sedan has has it all it is the titanium model so this is the of the line ford fusion energy it has every bell and whistle imaginable you have your premium wheels here your plug-in hybrid your leather

Interior heated seats cooled seats heated steering wheel back up camera you also have your moonroof premium sony slash microsoft sync sound system you also have your lane keep assist drivers is part of the driver assist package which gives you lane assist and blind spot monitoring you have your lip spoiler in the rear led headlights i’m sorry led tail lights

Halogen headlights exterior is finished in a pearl white metallic which just absolutely pops in the sun and sparkles i love the pearl white it is my favorite color the plug-in hybrid version of this vehicle gets you their first 17 to 18 miles pure electric with zero gasoline used thereafter you still get a very impressive 35 plus almost 40 miles to the gallon

Thereafter with mixed driving especially if you’re on short trips you can avoid the fuel pump almost indefinitely i love the styling on this vehicle one of the most attractive vehicles that came out of ford in this era one of the most comfortable vehicles as well and lowest cost of ownership vehicles these are quite impressive to own and operate i had one for

Several years and i just sold mine just a couple of weeks ago this one reminds me so much of mine except this one’s a couple years newer and actually has a few more features that mine did not have you also have the smart key technology which allows you to go up to any door and lock it just hitting this button over here and for unlock you just grab the door handle

And open it up like many other ford models in the past you have your keypad right here on your b-pillar power seats with power lumbar power windows power door locks power mirrors three seat memories premium leather interior two cup holders electronic parking brake 12 volt power outlet there your sony premium sound system touchscreen gps navigation system with

Backup camera bluetooth cruise control automatic headlights remote trunk release and looking in your center console here you also have av plugs as well as a memory card slot and two usb slots you also have a 12 volt power outlet for a standard device charger or cell phone charger for lack of better terms once you pop your vehicle into reverse you’ll see your

Rear trajectory this is where your camera is you also have rain sensing wipers you have 138 thousand 42 miles on this beauty you also have your pop-up and slide back moon roof love the pop-up function because on hot summer days you can vent the rear keep it nice and cool inside the vehicle once you get back in your moon roof has two settings this is the first

Setting which keeps you from having any turbulence on freeway speeds or you have a setting where you can put it all the way back you also have a one touch close heated steering wheel air conditioned and heated seats one of the most comfortable vehicles you will ever operate blind spot monitoring on the side these humongous side view mirrors virtually gives you

No blind spots anywhere in the vehicle you have dual front air bags dual side air bags and side curtain air bags making this not only one of the most economical vehicles to own but also one of the safest let’s go ahead and jump on out unlock all the other doors pop the trunk pop the hood and take a tour of the rest of the vehicle door panels as you can see are

Nice and large and enough room for a water bottle rear seat occupancy is quite ample you have tons of luxury comfort plenty of leg room shoulder room and headroom all headdress present and accounted for headliner in beautiful condition very comfortable headdress as well door panels in good shape both front and back as a matter of fact if i had to pick one thing

I don’t like about this vehicle and it goes throughout all the lines of the ford fusion and hybrid and energy is their trunk space is a little limited you do lose a little bit of trunk space because of the battery and hybrid system other than that is actually one of the most impressive vehicles out there switching over on the passenger side you’ll see much of

The same theme throughout just a gorgeously well appointed vehicle very comfortable your occupants have their own heat and ac vents and you also have a 110 volt 150 watt power outlet down there household plug and a 12 volt power outlet down there as well additional storage pouches in the back sides of the front seats and finally taking a look over at the front

Passenger side you’ll see power seats on both sides with power lumbar all your floor mats are present and accounted for no pet hair no smoke odor no damage no rips no cracks books and manuals present and accounted for door panels again in beautiful shape now taking a look at the business end of the vehicle taking a look underneath the hood here you’ll find your

Four-cylinder powertrain hybrid powertrain and it is on auto off right now the vehicle is actually running but the vehicle does cycle itself off and that is important when you’re shopping for a hybrid because if your auto start and auto off is not working that just shows that your battery is not reaching charge status on these vehicles they are supposed to cycle

On and off and if they’re not that could be indication that the battery is not healthy so i do like to see the auto on and off work as you can see here with the vehicle running the auto off is currently working no visible leaks or seepage from this perspective just a beautiful beautiful vehicle be the pride and joy of any individual or family that owns it folks

You can find this vehicle and many others on our website which is www dot direct auto outlet.com you can also phone us down here the lot at any time at area code our video 916-765-7575 we sure do hope to see you down here at the lot soon thank you and have a great day

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2015 Ford Fusion Energi Plug In Hybrid video overview and walk around. By Direct Auto Outlet