2015 Ford Super Duty F-450 DRW 4WD Crew Cab 172 Lariat 4 Door Pickup

This is a 2015 Ford Super Duty F-450 DRW 4WD Crew Cab 172″ Lariat 4 Door Pickup Four Wheel Drive with 6-Speed A/T transmission Blue[N1,Blue Jeans Metallic] color and Black interior color. This video is recorded and uploaded by MobileInspector.

Hello to you from the pre-owned inventory department of prince george motors your big ford dealership located just off a highway 97 you’re not exactly sure where to pull in and see us 1331 central street into your google maps i’ll get you there if you want this 2015 ford f-350 dually diesel air yet beautiful work and pick up already and warmed up for you by the

Time you get here give us a call 250 563 8111 and any of our sales people be more than happy to help you out there i can’t show you everything on this truck but i’m going to show you a couple of things and then you can decide from there keyless entry keypad on the driver’s door prevents any mishaps of losing your keys outside the vehicle or locking them inside

The vehicle as long as you remember your key code our windows power locks memory seats all on your driver’s door you do have power tilt in mirrors so that if you’re getting on the ferry then no one’s going to take your mirrors out coming on into the vehicle you have of course your automatic headlights your dash dimmers your power telescopic petals you do have

Your power seats down on the side of your driver’s seat as you come on inside it you have your cruise control you have your menu controls your stereo controls and of course your hands-free bluetooth phone as you come on in you have your four-wheel drive your traction control your exhaust control your all your auxiliary ports your stereo and your climate control

Dual climate control as you get on up here onto your dash i’ve got the flash on so i’m sorry if i’m blocking any view here if you go to home you can see that you have a heated and cooled driver and passenger seat shows your navigation and your phone and all that other good stuff leather seats super comfortable and on up top you do have a sunday as we come on in

You got your power windows and your heated seats on your rear passenger doors sweet winter’s coming you have a 60-40 split-bench back here and underneath is a locking compartment now i can’t unlock that and get that up with one hand and make you all dizzy trying to video it at the same time but there is a 12-volt outlet in there so whatever you’re going to lock

Underneath the seat you can plug in and keep it charged up as well in the center here you also have a center console let’s get rid of the seat belt if you’re not packing that extra person he got passenger comfort as you come around the back of this truck you can see that it’s the blue jean metallic two-tone paints absolutely one of our best-selling colors chrome

Alloys on their top up your dually wheels you back of the truck here you have your trailer tow package with your four and your seven point plug for whatever your trailer requires you’ve also got your backup sensors it should be on the hips too because those are the wide part anyway backup camera just under your for logo as you come on up you have your ford famous

Tailgate step as well as a full spray and box liner super loaded awesome dually pickup it’s going to get the job done for you if this isn’t the truck that’s in your future your sales professional will most definitely help you get into the one that suits your budget your taste and your lifestyle again hola from the pre-owned inventory prince george motors we look

Forward to meeting you down here and we want to wish you an absolutely fantastic day

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2015 Ford Super Duty F-450 DRW 4WD Crew Cab 172" Lariat 4 Door Pickup By Prince George Ford