2015 Ford Transit-150 For Sale

2015 Ford Transit-150 For Sale

Hello everyone i’m seth with exotic motorsports and this is our 2015 ford transit 150. it has 59 148 miles on it it’s in really good shape the front end looks great a couple very small rock chips just to be expected vehicle being six years old and having almost 60 000 miles on it but they are very small a few and far between the front end does genuinely look

Really good on this plastics still look like they have a nice deep dark black color to them very few rock chips the ones that it has are very small front driver side fender area looks great driver side mirror a few very small rock chips but otherwise great shape front driver side wheel looks good good tread depth on there too driver side door does have this

Small panel gap where the the field door doesn’t fit into that top bracket but that is such an insignificant issue when you close the door it doesn’t really do anything and that little bracket holds it in place so it’s not going to fall off or anything so the fitment’s just not quite perfect very small dent and touch-up paint there very small touch of paint there

A little bit of scuffing up here otherwise looks really good looking at the middle of the van here very good shape no issues driver rear quarter panel no issues there rear driver side wheel is in great shape moving along to the back typically this rear step or the portion of the back bumper usually has a lot of wear on it but this one is not in bad shape at all

Small scuff on the outside a little mark there but i mean really that’s about it usually these things are pretty mangled so this one’s in excellent shape the face of the two rear doors looks excellent there’s no marks or anything there the back end of the van looks really really good looking at the passenger rear quarter panel looks great i don’t see any defects

Rear passenger wheel great shape no issues no rash or anything like that the two center doors passenger side they both look really good i don’t see marks on either of those the front passenger door just have a little bit of a paint missing there just tiny little mark otherwise it’s in great condition passenger mirror has a little bit of scuffing towards the

Outside otherwise it looks really good front passenger fender looks awesome no issues front passenger wheel also in great shape no issues there so i’ll go ahead and walk around the van from a one foot distance to give you a better big picture idea of the overall condition of the van it’s easy to make it sound like it’s in worse shape than it really is when you

Focus in on every little defect but i assure you this van is in very good condition looks like it’s been very well taken care of over its life very very few defects so let’s take a look at the interior this is actually an 8 passenger van that has a lot of cargo space in the rear so you kind of get the best of both worlds you can haul eight people and have room to

Haul a decent amount of cargo in the back as well door panels are in good shape just a few very light scratches on the top of this door panel very hard to see driver seat it’s flawless no issues very nice vinyl flooring nice step there makes it easy to get in and out starts right up no issues no warning lights this fan is ready to go it does have stereo with an

Auxiliary input ac blows ice cold 12-foot input there and there there’s the auxiliary port three cupholders no wear on the steering wheel whatsoever that’s in great shape a couple they’re there on the dash nowhere on the interior on the dash here it’s all in great shape it’s not sun faded or cracked front passenger seat looks really good no issues there headliner

Throughout the van it’s in really good shape and looks nice so the front of the van looks really good let’s take a look at the passenger seats and the cargo compartment so this has two doors here in the center on the passenger side that fold out both of them fold out and lock so here are the front three excellent shape no marks or stains on any of these they

Look brand new and the back three here look really good super nice all the seatbelts and seats look really good even the step is in great shape this fan looks like it’s never been used and the flooring back here is also flawless it’s not been marked up or anything so let’s go to the back and check out the cargo space these have door locks as well they kind of

Automatically lock into place but they will if there’s really strong wind it’ll fold back in on you so that’s what these are for so here’s the cargo room quite a decent amount of area typically in a passenger van you’d have another three row seats and you’d have maybe a foot of cargo space but this has the third row missing or fourth row i guess whatever you’d

Call it um and allows room for cargo so that is super nice so that is our 2015 ford transit 150. if you have any further questions please feel free to check out our sales listing on our website at exoticmotorsportsok.com thank you for watching

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2015 Ford Transit-150 For Sale By Exotic Motorsports of Oklahoma