2015 Ford Transit Cargo Van with a 3.5L Ecoboost Turbocharged engine

2015 Ford Transit Cargo Van with a 3.5L Ecoboost Turbocharged engine. This van has massive interior room. 4 wheel disc brakes, A/C, rear wheel drive & more. Priced at $16,900 & we have several great financing options to get you rolling. Don’t let credit issues stop you from asking.

Hey everybody this is jim boyer marketing manager at wheels and deals auto dealership in palm royal ohio and i want to take a minute show you a ford transit van that we’re getting ready to put on the lots of 2015. it does have a turbocharged engine in it the ecoboost 3.5 liter turbo but boy you talking about space on the inside let me go ahead i’m going to pop this

Door open and actually show you the amount of space that’s inside of here it’s just incredible let me go all the way up because actually if you look at one of our pictures uh we actually have one of my co-workers standing in here reaching up uh and barely able to touch the ceiling so there is massive amount of room that is in this van so if you need something

To haul this is going to be a fantastic option for you so let me go ahead back away but a van actually appears to be in very good condition nice large lights on the back for safety purposes get back here and i’ll show you the the height in this is actually it’s just extreme this is a 250 there’s your ecoboost which is your turbocharged engine so open right here

It’s got a lever you just pull it and there is the interior so shut that walk around here on the driver’s side let me back away from it to show you the side so let’s go ahead and we’ll large oversized mirrors but you would expect that on something like this the interior a medium gray color and show you your controls here but you do have a step up so i’m going

To go ahead and get in here so you can actually see i’ll pull the camera away and so there’s your instrument cluster as of the time of this video the mileage 152 874 miles so your lighting outside lights right there go over here you can see your gear shift right on your column this is your radio auxiliary sound get down here to your climate control it does have

Air conditioning it’s got two 12 volt auxiliaries cup holders and emergency brake is down here pan around here my voice echo in here there’s so much square footage in here but we’re just getting ready to put this on a lot and i wanted to take a quick minute share the video with 2015 model ford transit turbocharged engine if you need something to haul i’ll tell

You what this is a fantastic choice for you so if you have any questions give us a phone call up here area code 740-992-4443 we’ve got multiple lenders that are willing to finance don’t have to have perfect credit to get approved so come up here and if you have any questions you want to take it for test drive we’d love to let you take this down the road so with that have a great day

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