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When you think vans what comes to mind probably something big and bulky and thirsty like this whole thing we’re going to change your thinking about vans right now the transit connect has a couple of different ecoboost engine options for cylinder and the ecoboost is becoming port standard of course as we’ve discussed in previous richards ride videos what’s interesting

About this ecoboost is the 2.5 liter about 170 horsepower and it is really peppy so when you think vans peppy is not usually what you’d describe a van as being but this one really is it moves pretty well and for four-cylinder engine got some pickup the ecoboost engine should get you 23 to 30 miles per gallon depending on your driving habits of city or highway

Driving you do the cargo van nature of this vehicle is what it’s most known for however in this passenger version it does come with these leather seats and it does have the ford sync system to allow you to integrate your phone and it has the comforts of any of the other ford models including the screen that you’ve seen the touch screen with the radio and the sync

System integrated including navigation as well the transit connect has its roots as a cargo vehicle in a work vehicle so it has neat features like this overhead storage bin which just allows you to set maybe a laptop or a notepad up here and have a place to stow it while you’re driving the transit connect has a pretty cool skylight of sorts it’s not exactly a

Moon roof but it does let a lot of light in if you bring the screen back and give you the sense that the vehicle has even more space backup cameras are going to be standard here shortly in all vehicles of course with a vehicle like the transit connect which is tall a little bit wide you definitely want to have that backup camera and it works well in this version

This particular model the xlt does not have the backup warning system but you can get it as an option so that if there’s an obstruction back there it’ll beep and let you know the transit connect has largely been a cargo van but ford now is in the business of trying to market it as a station wagon or minivan kind of concept even with some terrific seats here in the

Smaller version which fold down and it makes sense i’ll show you here to reveal a lot of cargo space when you need it the transit connect is part minivan with sliding doors like this really easy it’s also hard adventure via completely available roof rack you can strap a kayak up there take off of the river i’m here with jim welch at lakeview ford and here’s the

Cargo version of the transit connect you know our passenger version has a lift gate you can get the cargo or the passenger version with this cargo door feature and that’s kind of cool because they open up nice and wide

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