2015 GMC Savana G3500 (Available) EB Full Overland Camper Van Build 4×4 Timberline Vans Conversion

This 2015 GMC G3500 Extended window van is available for purchase, fresh build with only 1500 tested miles. 6.0 V8 3.73 w/ LSD, 59K Miles, 1 Owner California Van, IFS 5″ Torsion Bar 4×4, Custom Everything. 30″ Supercamper top, CNC cut baltic birch custom interior, memory foam bed, convertible sleeping design, 3 separate beds, up to 2 adults and 4 children. 3 passenger seating, fully sorted electrical, plumbing, shower, propane, extensive lighting in and out, power awning, walkable aluminum roof rack, custom aluminum Timberline Bumpers, extremely clean and very capable comfy custom 4×4. Not another sprinter! Available @ Timberline Vans. $119k, email timberlinevans@gmail.com for more info.

Hi guys tim from timberline vans want to show you rap video here on a 2015 gmc savannah 3500 we’re just wrapping up this is a uh extended body window van with just 59 000 original miles on it has a 6 liter v8 and it’s been re-geared to 373’s with the limited slip in the back so this fan started out as a conventional window van was brought to us and we did a four

Wheel drive conversion on it as well as a full build out this van has a 30 inch fiberine super camper top on it and basically everything around it has been built custom so it features our custom front bumper rear bumper a full-size box there we built a roof rack for it and a custom ladder the roof is perforated so you can walk on it has 200 watts of solar up

On the on the roof and our uh our little slider windows there we have extensive lighting done all the way around with spotlights and scene lights up front we’ve got uh deer lights that point out towards the side of the road and we’ve got both amber and fog lights we also have a helper here today so van is a little vinyl worked up up in the front features a 12

000 pound worn winch and what else have we got here so um 33-inch tires on this guy got some new running boards our fender flares we did a fiamma awning this is a power awning with led light rail there and we also did this obviously has a sliding door so we did a custom um sliding door extension for this unit here to clear the large back tires um these will be

Available on our site for sale as well so doors open all the way in the back the uh bumpers pivot completely out so lots of room there we’ve got a couple of roto packs and a little ring around the top for additional fuel if needed backup camera cell phone booster all that stuff so fan has a uh has our five inch lift underneath this is a torsion bar design uh

Standard cv axles over the counter brakes and cv axles try to keep this stuff as as serviceable as possible and use as many over the counter parts as we can we’ve got our 261 transfer case that’s a manual shifty case with automatic locking hubs and a custom leaf pack appropriate for the weight of this vehicle in the back one thing we did get to do that’s kind of

Fun on this we did a an auxiliary fuel tank underneath the back here it’s about 22 gallons and that unit can be shifted on the fly so over 50 gallons of fuel capacity in this rig and can be changed while going down the road retains the factory fuel gauge and works as normal so pretty cool setup we’ve got about a i think it’s an 8 gallon propane tank up underneath

There and there is propane for both the outdoor shower at the back of the van as well as for cooking so yeah um interior this van is is very well done um to sort of accommodate just a whole bunch of different things uh it can be kind of converted to sleep different amounts of people and i’ll go over that with you and we’ve got our galley set up here our manuals

And everything just where we put them for now it’s a little pull out tray for our propane which can be our propane grill which can be used up in the top um or be moved down here and here’s our line for that have a quick disconnect on that we’ve got uh 110 outlets kind of throughout the van i’ll show you there’s a 3000 watt power inverter charger in it we have

Yeah we can go ahead and hop open here oh one other little thing here i can show you a cool thing about this van refrigerator can be accessed from either side so if you’re outside the van camping you can flip it up this way and then likewise if you’re inside the vehicle can be flipped up the other the other way this is a fridge freezer yeah so like i said band can

Be kind of set up in different fashions to sleep or or or have you know multiple different people in the vehicle we have these removable slats here that sit in this this rail here all the way around kind of similar to how you’ll see sports mobile do theirs with the um the pop tops but obviously this one is a high top tons of room inside to stand up in we have

Our loft bed up here right now for the kiddos or you can sleep larger folk as well and then the same can be done up here too to actually fully enclose the whole top area and between the the length of the van on the inside and the additional bed down below you can sleep up to i suppose maybe up to six people which would be a lot this is uh a the normal bed size

Down here it’s about roughly queen size right now i have it set up as more of a bench so that back section flips up and then this is all memory foam way this is set up there is a pull out slider here for the additional cushion that can sit on here so you can sleep long ways it’s about six foot five of overall sleeping length and then we have little led lights

Throughout these guys here and we’ve got our little um map lights that also feature usb ports on each of those there’s two down here and two up above additional lighting here we have our uh all birch cabinetry here um baltic birch and we’ve got uh cnc cuts on everything to try to keep the weight down as much as possible um this stuff was all done by overland

Interiors and do just a really fantastic job we’ve got our little labasto heater up underneath our xantrex inverter charger in this guy here with the remote and a little space for the doggies uh the grass here is just uh just for effect can be removed it’s not glued down or anything like that um there’s our controls for the fan and heater we have kind of our

Utility cabinet here with all the electrical inside all labeled for easy access um some drawers and our 200 amp hour battery up underneath there that is a heated energy unit pull out tray here controls for water pump and additional uh 110 outlets and so forth here we’ve got our little um stove unit and chamois in there and then uh the seat here is uh for your

Third passenger if you need it it can also be swiveled uh to be outward we have a a post mount um table stanchion there this guy here which can fit in there so you can work out of this chair like a desk little usb ports there and up front pretty standard issue stuff all of our uh lights are labeled and switch for um fuel tank swap we’ve got led dimmable

Lighting throughout uh really nice we’ve got kind of a galley light here and then our sink obviously with the um the swivel head that can be pivoted so you can reach it from the outside this fan has a i think it’s a 13 gallon water tank that sits up underneath here quick disconnects for that for uh filling and draining and then out in the back here we don’t

Get too much into it but we’ve got our echotemp outdoor shower and a shower line that can be pulled across to hang a plastic sheet for privacy yeah that’s kind of the basic setup a ton of work on into this fully insulated fully sound deadening fan runs and drives excellent we’ve put about 1500 miles on it since the conversion helper hello helper very little that

Hasn’t been done on this van definitely came out super nice very happy with the design and if you have any questions or interested give us a shout thank you and have a nice day

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2015 GMC Savana G3500 (Available!) EB Full Overland Camper Van Build 4×4 Timberline Vans Conversion By Timberline Vans