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2015 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT Truck Double Cab

Here’s a 2015 gmc sierra 1500 double cab all terrain package one owner with a clear clean carfax 40,000 mile and a really pretty burgundy red then all terrain package is a really nice feature here with these gm sees you get a lot of cosmetic and interior benefits and options with this package i’m going to start right here with the high intensity headlamps as you

Can see in the seal beam we also have the lower integrated halogen fog lights another thing you get is the painted grill area here with the all terrain package then you’ve got your three barker accents there with your big gmc badging also you can see the black tow hooks there and the lower front fascia continue around to the side now here is another upgrade with the

All terrain package which is really really nice we have the these are my favorite wheels actually what i call the spiderweb wheels we’ve got the brush face aluminum charcoal pocketed alloy wheel here split spoke we also have probably about six seven thirty seconds more than half channel and these goodyear wranglers and as you can see you have a brand new resurfaced

Rotor and new brake pad it’s one thing we really pride ourselves here at thomas we do use cart mechanical check on all our vehicles you can find the results of that inspection signed up by the technician that performed it in the glove box of all of our cars right now we’re taking a look through the passenger side front seat as you can see it has a full power seat

Including lumbar on the passenger side which is enough nice upgrade also you can see the chrome all-terrain door so entry guards there m&e leather-trimmed seats two bucket seats full console in between you can see we have some offset red stitching on the seat and in the dash area black on black look here on the interior also have a little bit of synthetic kind

Of wood grain there on the door handle also i want to show you you have the bose upgraded premium sound as you can see on the speaker cover emblems there another altering package is this five inch flat running board door to door as you can see in black there and as you can see on a double cab now half cab here so a little less but still ample light kippah children

For the rear occupants as you can see there and these seats do fold up for a little more cargo room if needed now this is the looks like the six and a half foot box so it does have the bigger bed size here i also want to show you the wheel again matching those scuffs or scrapes also a little more mean on these back tires probably seven or eight thirty seconds on

The rear i do want to give you a quick look at the frame rail there as you can see just factory black paint and no rust or oxidation issues at all continue around to the back you can see this does have the soft tonneau cover already installed there’s a class three hitch with your integrated seven way around four way flat trailer connector as your computer you can

See a brand new spare tire there also has the ultra sound bumper sensors or park assist and the step bumpers as well easy drop tailgate is also on this as it comes down quite easily and you can see it does have the factory gmc spray in bedliner also to protect them continue around oh and one more thing it does have the factory backup camera as you can see there

Continue around to the driver’s side again matching wheel tire depth about the same 7/8 here on the back again another shot of the frame rail there no oxidation issues at all we do have the factory splash guards there as you can see and then give you a look here through the driver side rear but very very clean interior no rips tear stains or odors the previous

Owner wasn’t nonsmoker and then we’ll give you a shot of the driver size you can see again full power seat including lumbar and the driver’s side as well also i want to show you here as we get into the next segment i like to show you the keys we do have two complete sets of keys as you can see here including fogs also when the fobs you can see it is equipped with

The factory remote start of course your keyless entry there as well it also has your memory seating as you can see they’re programmable with two drivers that will integrate with each individual key fob adjusting the seats mirrors and radio stations to the preset preferences we also have your power folding mirrors with your mirror controls here your power locks your

Power windows so we have all of that integrated as well let’s jump inside start it up here and show you the exact miles it’s just over 40,000 i believe see forty thousand seven hundred and eight miles to be exact let’s continue the tour we have your integrated a brake controller from factory at the upper left electronic shift on the fly four-wheel drive transfer

Case here’s your head lamp controls push button four fogs with automatic headlamps settings dimmer for your interior we also have the stem the left intermittent wiper washers turn signals and high beams also have your cruise control section here to the left with the heated steering wheel button which is another nice option bluetooth controls here on the right with

The control navigation for your driver display here as you can see as i toggle through there’s your trip ah meters there’s your fuel range oil life tire pressure monitoring system instant fuel economy other essential gauges as you can see here calibrations and then back to the digital speedometer so there’s a lot of driver assist configurations that can be done

Within that customizable dash using this control pad with the confirmation button in the center now we’ll move over to the big touchscreen upgraded as i said premium bose sound does have the am/fm satellite radio of course you have the ability to pair your phone and also as you can see here it is not equipped with the factory navigation they do give you a compass

Display there no we have your analog audio controls here with a single cd we also have your dual climate control with automatic temperature setting as you can see we have driver and passenger heated seats i also have power adjustable pedals the ability to shut off your traction control system peretz a button for your cargo light there is the ability to shut off

Your park sensors and i showed you in the back in the final control over here is for your down hill descent control helps hold the vehicle back so you’ll have to ride your brakes when you’re coming down a mountainous area like we have here we got three usb slots behind door number one we have two power outlets 12 volt behind door number 2 and 3 and on the right

We have a 110 outlet with ground so you have all kinds of connectivity there nice deep well here to keep some items we have two large cupholders in the console you’ll find another 12 volt power supply two more usb connectors there’s your sd slot for your nav card if equipped and then there’s your audio pre in for your ox cable there as well i want to show you the

Shifter we do have a toho button at the end of a column shift and inside is the ability to select any of the gear so your motor speed transmission of course all gm vehicles come with the ability to have onstar and sos calling i also got led map lights here on no moonroof but we do have illuminated by tzer’s as well led so extremely well equipped let’s go ahead and

Pop the hood so you can see the engine believe this truck has the 5.3 liter v8 vortech engine tried-and-true engine used across a lot of the platforms of chevrolet and gmc that is what it has you can see very very clean no exhaust leaks the fluid leaks of parotia on any of the electrical terminals very well maintained by the previous out it shut the truck off get

Into the last portion of the video here now i explained to you we keep a copy of the auto history report into – the mechanical evaluation is in the glovebox the last component of making informed buying decision is cosmetic appearance so my job right now is to be your eyes and ears so i’m just going to quickly walk around the vehicle show you any minor imperfections

That may have we only keep keep the cleanest trades and we only buy the the cleanest vehicles we can however it is a used vehicle so there are a few minor imperfections it’s like there’s couple chips there on that driver’s door a couple small dents right here by the door sill a couple more chips we have touched them up a factory of matching paint there and there’s

One more small dent right about there on that rear door as well we have a small dent up here by the rear glass a few little chips on this bedside that we’ve touched up as well as you can see here but all in all very very minor imperfections handful of dents and minor scratches working around to the tailgate area now the tailgate is one place typically you’ll see a

Fair amount of cosmetic damage on a truck those people are gonna use the truck obviously but this one looks very very good a small little chip there on that quarter panel working our way up the passenger bedside now again just a few little minor stone chips on this one no dents to speak of or even scratches cab 1 2 passenger side rear door looks fine and a couple

Little small stone chips here on this passenger door dent wise though i don’t really see anything on this passenger side at all seems pretty straight and clean upper beltline looks good roofline looks good front fender has just a couple of little chips as you can see and that across the front of this lower painted fascia there is some bug damage fair amount of stone

Chips kind of unavoidable you’re gonna get that with any vehicle that spent some time on the roadway so i’ll just quickly pan across and then on the hood as well same rule applies obviously you’re gonna pick up some stone chips here but all-in-all guys this is a very excellent like new alternative it does still have some remaining powertrain warranty transferable

To the next owner from gmc so you can buy this vehicle with confidence if you’re interested there’s a few ways of getting a hold of us look us up on the web at wowt.com or give us a call at area code seven one seven four eight five four two two four again my name is kevin richards i appreciate your time watching this video hope you found it beneficial and i wish you an excellent day

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