2015 Honda Odyssey Review, Its such a good alternative to the Alphard

The Honda Odyssey has largely been overlooked in the Kenyan market thanks to the dominance of the Toyota Alphard. This 5th generation sits higher than the previous 4th generation which looked like more of a station wagon than a minivan. Its just as comfortable and luxurious as the Alphard. Lets find out if you should consider it instead of the King of the segment, the Alphard.

Hello and welcome to akiva to reviews today let’s take a look at the 2015 honda odc this is the fifth generation that has been in production from 2013 till present this minivan is available either as a seven or eight seater and it competes against the likes of the toyota alphard and nissan grand in honda’s hiraki this minivan is positioned above the honda step

Wagon you can get a 2014 or 2015 honda odc from around 1.4 million to around 1.8 million depending on the trim level as well as the mileage 2016 models and onwards are a bit more expensive there are two engine options a 2.4 liter 4 cylinder petrol engine or a 2.08 hybrid that was available as from 2016. so if you want the hybrid model then go for 2016 models and

Onwards their 2.4 liter comes paired to a cvt gearbox while the 2.0 liter hybrid comes paired to an ecvt gearbox it is claimed that the 2.0 liter hybrid can achieve between 24 to 26 kilometers per liter you will have to be very light footed to achieve these figures in real world expect somewhere between 20 to around 25 kilometers per liter which is still quite

Good although it will also depend on how loaded the vehicle is it can even get to below 20 kilometers per liter if the vehicle is heavily loaded and going up some steep inclines the 2.4 liter on the other hand can achieve between eight to around 13 kilometers per liter the full tank is 55 liters as for the service costs it will cost about 11 000 shillings on

Average to do the minor service which will be done after 5000 kilometers but if you use synthetic oil then your service intervals will be longer the major service will cost about twenty thousand shillings on average and it should be done after ten thousand kilometers this minivan gets front ventilated brakes and solid discs at the back the cab weight ranges between

1700 to 1880 kilograms so it’s not a light vehicle by any means the ground clearance is 150 millimeters which is slightly below the recommended 165 millimeters and this being a long vehicle it will definitely get scratched on the underside while going over some bumps so it may be important to install slightly larger wheels lastly some of the extra features you

Can get in this minivan include alloy wheels fog lights second row captain seats a sunroof dual power rear sliding doors automatic lights and wipers rear entertainment screen and chrome accents on the exterior so now let’s take a look at the interior of this minivan so being the best model this one misses out on electrically adjustable front seats so you just

Get manual adjustments this particular one is a beige interior and the first impression is that it looks quite premium especially due to that glossy wood finish on the dashboard it also misses out on a leather-wrapped steering wheel the parking brake is foot operated it comes with a cruise control so this is the instrument cluster and it looks simple and neat

You do get an econ button traction control and being that this is the best model you get only the rear left door that is power operated and you can also switch off that function so there is an aftermarket infotainment screen with reversing camera and it sits in between these two s events which are adjustable this minivan gets touch sensitive ac controls

Which is quite nice start stop button and there is a power outlet 12 volt a bit of storage and this shelf can be adjusted you can either pull it slightly outwards or tuck in tuck it in into the dashboard you get two cup holders that can slide outwards like most other minivans there is space in between the two front seats the glove box is decently sized

But does not have a locking mechanism this particular one has a dashcam the rear view mirror is manually dimming sunglass compartment then it has a mirror so that you can be able to see the changes at the back two reading lights then sun visors also do get mirrors but unfortunately no lights the higher trim levels get lights they are grub handles on all the

Sides even the passenger side does not have a light but you do get a mirror generally it feels quite nice the seats are very comfortable and this is these are fabric seats you can also get a leather interior in black or beige compared to the noaa and voxy this interior looks way more premium and a glass above the interiors you find in those two vehicles so

Let’s take a look at the back seats this being the base model you can only operate this right rear door manually you can use this grab handle to get inside and the stepping height is quite low being that it’s not as tall as the alfred there’s so much legroom and more than enough food room to stretch out there’s a pocket behind the left front seat the seats

Are very comfortable you can also get this mini one is a seven seater the seven-seater version has two captain seats in the second row which are very very comfortable you do get a reading lamp as well as ac vents you also get a grub handle and a hook so the ac at the back can be controlled from here so you don’t need to control the ac at the back from the

Front this other side also gets a grab handle and ac vent so even on a long journey there won’t be any problem because the cool air will reach the passengers at the back even the third row also gets ac vents so it will be quite comfortable to access the third row of seats you locate this lever and pull it this particular minivan i think it has a problem because

That lever is supposed to push this seat forwards but it has a slight problem so if you are going to view a honda odc do take not note of that some of these mechanisms can fail at times so the third row of seats is quite spacious just like the second of seats and three adults can be able to sit here even on a long journey there is good leg room there is

Also good foot room the head room is quite good you get a power outlet 12 volt a cup holder so you can be able to charge your phone at the back as i said earlier you also get residents a reading lamp and a grub handle so in terms of comfort it’s just as good as the back rows of the toyota alford and it’s more comfortable compared to a master biante or a toyota

And roxy this beige interior also makes this less look and feel quite airy you don’t feel claustrophobic at all higher trim levels do get entertainment screens mounted at the top just in front of the area ac controls to keep the passengers at the back entertained it’s quite a good interior and it feels on par with something like uh nissan el grande and even

The king of the segment which is the toyota alphard so if you want to exit the third row seats you just locate that lever and you push it and then the seat will move forward or backwards so if you even if you need more legroom at the third row seats you can just use that lever to move the second row of seats frontwards or backwards so as i said this but on

The right side it has a problem that’s why it’s not working as it should once you’re done you just lift up the backrest and it’s quite heavy it will require some effort the aperture is quite nice it’s wide enough so accessing the second row and even the third row is quite easy it’s wider than in the mazda biante so there you have it this is a good looking

Minivan but do let me know in the comment section which one you think looks better between the alfred nissan el grand and this honda odc it tends to be slightly shorter than those two competitors being a honda it’s expected that it will be very reliable the 2.4 liter engine in this minivan has also been used in other honda such as the accord and crv and it has

Proven to be very reliable it’s very spacious and it feels quite premium on the inside this is definitely a class above the likes of the toyota voxy and noah the interior quality of materials is also quite nice it is more affordable than the alpha which costs over 2 million for 2014 and 2015 models now is it as premium and luxurious as the alpha and l grand yes

I think it is especially the higher trim levels that have very comfortable second row capturing seats and even screens at the back for entertainment it’s quite an appealing minivan and you should not overlook it if you are in the market for a toyota alphard or nissan l grant then it’s very important to also have a look at this honda odc it’s also a very good

Value proposition for example this is a base model but it gets some good features such as ac at the back touch sensitive ac controls wood trim in the interior for that premium look and overall it looks quite good you can install some aftermarket alloy wheels and some fog lights and it will look even better it will no longer look like a base model do let me

Know which one you want to go for between this and the king of the segment which is the toyota alpha personally i think it will be quite a difficult decision to make but i think i’m more inclined to this honda odyssey especially after having a feel of this minivan but don’t take my word for it the best thing to do is to have a good look at both minivans then

Decide on which one you like most both are very reliable the alphabet is more expensive it has a very good result value and it sits up higher than this odc the odyssey on the other hand is more affordable and not as common as the toyota alfred so for those who prefer who prefer less common vehicles then this can be a very good alternative so i hope this has

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