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2015 Honda Odyssey Walk-around with Review

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Watch and learn as HondaPro Jason gives you the inside and outside look at the 2015 Honda Odyssey!

Hi i’m honda pro jason today i’m going to be showing you guys a 2015 honda odyssey a walk around some fun facts and a few tips and tricks i’m gonna start my 2015 honda odyssey tour with the side mirrors why the side mirrors let me show you why because these side mirrors are foldable forward and backward and now if you guys saw in the intro i put all the windows

Down without ever touching the key this is how he did it you simply press the unlock twice on the remote all the windows go down but that’s not all this smart key does this smart key will also allow you to lock the doors by pressing the door handle here or unlock the doors by grabbing any of the door handles with the key in your pocket or in your hand now what if

You put the windows down and you leave the car you’re gonna climb back in the car start the car back up to put the windows up you know you’re not you’re gonna grab the key inside the smart key simply put it inside the door lock here lock the doors hold it for a moment and the windows go right back up now let me show you some really cool stuff in the back back here

Honda has led tail lights these are gonna last longer and you’ll be able to see them from a further distance now this rear tailgate can be open in many different ways you can use honda’s smart key to open it you can also press and hold this for a manual mode check this out or you can press it release it opens up automatically for room inside the odyssey honda has

This big well opened up but if you need more room honda’s magic seat will fold right down with one pole that’s only half of it the other side folds down for even more roll weight you need more room no problem honda has you covered – cubby holes right here for more stuff wait you need more room again no problem there’s hooks for grocery bags in the back also so

Let’s take a look at the inside and see what else we can find there now let me show you a few of my favorite features on the inside of the 2015 honda odyssey honda is installed this beautiful 7 inch display which works your radio or your bluetooth connectivity your text messages your back up camera and honey’s lane wash lane watch is a camera that honda put on

The right hand mirror that when you hit your right hand turn signal displays right on the 7-inch display in wide mode the second row seating can fit three full-size baby seats this car is three climate control zones one for the driver one for the passenger and the kids get their own zone now in addition to that 7-inch screen that i just talked about you also get

This beautiful touch screen for the radio functionality inputs for a usb power outlet and auxilary extra storage with another cup holder and honda’s first cool box so when you take those long vacations you can keep your drinks nice and chilled inside you want more storage this whole center console opens up extra cupholders and then for all those items that seem to

Fall in between the seat and the center console honda makes it nice and easy to remove this and go now before i go let me take out the trash the 2015 honda odyssey has many safety features just in case someone automatically closes the sunroof and an animal has his head poking out it will automatically open right back up the honda odyssey is powered by a 3.5 liter

248 horsepower 150 foot-pounds of torque it also has a six-speed transmission to get your going and vehicles cylinder management that’ll actually shut down cylinders when you’re not using them to save you gas i hope you’ve all enjoyed my tour of the 2015 honda odyssey as always i’m the honda pro and now you’re in the know the honda odyssey is packed with so many

Great feature stopping your local honda dealership to check it out

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2015 Honda Odyssey Walk-around with Review By HondaPro Two