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2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport | Driven: Car Reviews | The New York Times

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Most Land Rovers will live out their days on the pavement, but features packed into the Discovery Sport allow it to play off road when it needs to.

Small land rovers are nothing new evoque and lr2 have been around for a few years this is the lr 2’s replacement discovery sport competing with bmw x3 out eq5 and volvo xc60 i’m happy to see land rover ditch forgettable alphanumeric nomenclature for words that people understand there’s a concept discovery sport and a voc are built on the same bones but disco here

Is 9 inches longer with a more traditional roofline starting at 38,000 bucks this top shelf hse lux model retails for 50 large all-wheel drive is standard i would hope so considering the brand there is 8.3 inches of ground clearance the ford sourced turbo 2-liter 4-cylinder has 240 horsepower and 251 pound feet of torque the transmission has 9 speeds a sport mode

And manual ability terrain response is the garanimals of off-roading call up the surface you want across and the all-wheel drive system optimizes accordingly most of these rigs will live their life on pavements and zero to 60 in just under 8 seconds is quick enough it’s the way the power is delivered i’m in standard drive mode drop the throttle there’s an awful

Lot of lag not fun and cut and thrust city driving sport mode improves response the nine speed aggressively up shifts for best fuel economy on center feel is locked down the ride quality is firm but not harsh it’s quiet for long road trips surprisingly comfortable cornering is well controlled safety tech includes automatic emergency braking the lane departure

System discreetly warns with steering wheel vibration all call jeep cherokee a competitor since it and discovery sports play where soft rotors can’t it doesn’t break a sweat on this moderate closed course i’ve got a question how many owners are really going to off-road a vehicle this expensive but guys got a test your water nearly two feet deep the doors are

Watertight disco has moves approach break over and departure angles are quite good don’t try this in a lexus nx monitor the wheels differential while slogging through the sloppy stuff discovery isn’t a rock crawler like wrangler but it does more than most families need and the clan will enjoy the cabin that’s roomy for the class solid materials aren’t as impressive

As top-shelf range rovers but hey those can be twice the price an improved user interface is stylish and straightforward though lethargic at times there are storage hooks and nooks including a hiding spot under this removable cup holder for small stuff leather seats are vented and heated discovery sports backseat is a far friendlier place than evokes there is a

Lot more headroom choose between maximum legroom and maximum cargo room phone charging is no problem unless you forget a cord toast your buns and enjoy the view the fixed glass roof is traumatic to can stretch out here three will be okay discovery sport is available with an optional third row of seating i’m assuming it’s for very small children it eliminates this

Storage space under the cargo floor land rover does not skimp on the details and there’s a good amount of space here the in-class average is eight bundles discovery scores at 11 design cues from a voc are a nice touch but it’s more fun to add your own in brown to show the neighbors that you can tackle the tough stuff some find the shape to ordinary and not range

Rover e-enough and for those concerned with reliability the warranty covers fifty thousand miles discovery sports gives you the ability to make them mild or while

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2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport | Driven: Car Reviews | The New York Times By The New York Times