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2015 Lincoln Navigator L FOR SALE

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Good afternoon this is mark with blue line auto got a another one came in it’s a really nice 2015 lincoln navigator l for long i think it’s uh don’t quote me 16 ish inches longer than the regular lincoln navigator which is already long enough this has the 3.5 ecoboost motor same as what you see in the f-150s and the ford platforms and this one has 97 100 ish

Miles we’re going to be taking it to florida this weekend on a family road trip and then also to tow a boat back uh so we’re going to enjoy it i think the tow rating is just about i think it’s like 8 300 or 9 000 pounds give or take but anyhow do a quick walk around of it and then uh we’ll go from there um something to think of when you’re shopping for a used

Car uh especially from a used car dealer is a lot of times they’ll get them in you know we’ll get them from the auction or private party or wherever and it’ll get dropped off at the lot then it’ll get driven 0.1 miles to the detail shop and then they’ll park it and it’ll be for sale so the most it normally gets driven at the bigger used car dealerships for new

Car dealers when it gets traded in is uh when you test drive it so the difference with us because we’re such a small dealer we’re driving these uh and if there’s real issues that we should know about we do you know we’re putting sometimes a thousand plus miles on these cars until they sell these are our daily drivers until they do sell so uh we’ve enjoyed this

We’ve taken it to atlanta and the amount of room in this thing is awesome so we’ll get to the inside uh the goods and bads um we’ll start at the very front this time it’s a black car i’ve said this before they can’t really hide lies on a black car it’s going to show you the good and the bad mostly the bad the black got a rock chip here that’s a that’s a deep

Chip a couple a little tiny fading on the headlight there not much same on here there is a scuff mark here um it doesn’t show up that well it’s not going to show up in pictures but we want to show people you know we want you to fly in from wherever you’re coming from and be happy with uh with what you got it’s got some bugs on the front um nothing major it’s

Gonna looks like a scratch line there yep scratch point out the obvious stuff here one thing about all four wheels on this is uh these are factory colored wheels but it looks like the paint the black is starting to fade um on some of them and there’s pretty much a curb rash on just go ahead and say curb rash on four wheels tires are in really nice shape they are

Cooper discovery tires uh as you can see they have plenty of life lifting so something to keep in mind really cool uh it does have the power step so when you open either the doors a few scratches they will pop out automatically let’s see so again you got some curb rash and the paint’s fading on that uh i thought about doing some plasti-dip some gloss black

Maybe matte black i don’t know to uh to each their own uh we got this from thomasville georgia thomasville uh ford is where we acquired it from and i believe it lived its whole life in tallahassee florida north panhandle south georgia uh no rust so there is some scratches and damage here a little scratch there there some scratch on the light some scratches does

Have a backup camera that’s great uh looks like it’s missing the factory cover that covers the hitch but the good thing is is it does have the factory hitch it’s got your four-way connector and your seven and i believe i haven’t towed with it yet it does have factory electronic trailer brake controller i believe so don’t quote me on it but i’ll find out uh i

Believe they do so that’s a very nice feature here’s a scratch i’ve noticed i’ll try and get it for you there we go um that’ll definitely come out with a clay bar and a mild buff uh wheels just a tiny bit of curb rash there little ding here looks like maybe got the passenger front door got opened into something if you don’t want a couple dings or scratches

The navigator the new ones at the lincoln dealer will be happy to sell you a new one whenever they can get one and they’ll charge you about five times as much so meaty tow hooks down there i believe this car has 220 something led lights on the outside that’s pretty cool uh seating for two two captains two captains and then a bench in the back so you got your

Key you can either walk up to the door hit any of the buttons with the key in your pocket and it will unlock or nice feature when it’s cold and hot there you go so we’ll start the driver’s door we’ll work our way around we’ll just do interior before we hop in so as you can see you open the front door the power steps fold out close it fold back in looks

Really slick and uh very convenient and that works for the front door and the rear door nice true wood grain black leather interior um one one con is uh there’s some screws that i need to put into this um it’s just loose right now hit this so i’ll turn that off for now so it doesn’t switch over the bluetooth uh driver’s door is a drawer thank you thank you

Thank you all right so as i said 97 118 as of today we’re gonna put some miles on it and enjoy it comes with your programmable garage door opener sunroof of course which works quite nicely i always want to check that it has the sync bluetooth series radio uh navigation air conditioned and heated seats quite nice um we won’t go into too much detail up

Here yet i guess we can we’re already here why not so here you’ve got a power outlet auxiliary cord in usb in usb chargers for you folks that smoke uh you shouldn’t it’s bad for you but if you do teach their own you know and i’m not the not the government do what you want uh there is an ashtray it has never been used it does not smell like smoke in here no

Odors but you can plug something in up there uh you have rear air control for your rear passengers i’ll show you their control in the back but you can also control the up here from the front which is really nice for the little ones let’s see we’re the um stereo in this is very good give you a little taste here pretty cool it has thx certified um sound system

Surround sound it’s almost like you’re in a movie theater here you go i mean go to the movies in your own car all right let’s keep going around all right so backseat you got two captains um which is nice you can walk through easily foldable before we do that back here you’ve got a regular household plug heated rear seats and then power uh ac controls

And then um you can obviously it has some type of media selection back here i don’t know if there’s a sep i don’t see separate jacks uh my two-year-old daughter uh hasn’t told me anything about it because she can’t use it and she sits facing backwards so uh it’s there so to fold down up one second pull this tab that folds down next pull your handle there you

Go and if you need to pull that right up and that gives you access to a three passenger rear seat so you got three four five six seven seating for seven comfortable seating for seven for that uh something cool uh when you check out the pictures you can see if you have these rear folded uh they’re power folding you need a little bit more room for flat all the

Way from here all the way to the back you pull this cargo mode it drops it down a few more and it has a whole flat uh area it’s pretty cool for whatever you need to carry i’m gonna keep going uh you can have just the glass open if you need to you know hang out with your surfboard or something i don’t know i don’t know who really uses those the power liftgate

Really nice that’s your button to close your power liftgate in the back uh you got another power cord or power outlet there uh power folding rear seats uh you see your rear air vents up there um and then these are just some protectors we have to keep the floors nice and clean for the next owner while we’re using it it’s got storage here uh your jack spare

Tire is under there and then you can also i don’t know if you can do with the cars running but you should have uh yep yeah control to close that back here nice no tears in the leather leather looks nice interior’s in really good shape i don’t know if they were hauling a busload of kids around but if they did they’re extremely well mannered and cared for the

Vehicle quite nicely blind spot mirrors that’s very nice when you’re driving down the interstate let’s see what else do we got uh cup holders double cup holder double cup holder i’ll even throw in another blue line auto sticker for you moon roof obviously as you saw pop the hood uh the reason the vehicle keeps doing that is because i have the key in my pocket

And it’s letting me know hey i’m running and uh the key just left the car but i’m still running so that’s why it keeps honking um a little insider car buyer secret i like to see this you’re looking at a ford battery what that tells me is any issue i have to assume here folks what that tells me the standard guy or gal who just needs a battery goes to the store

And gets a battery they don’t go to the ford dealer and get one so this tells me that this vehicle more than likely uh went and had its services done at ford or uh they took it in regularly and that’s where they got their battery which is nice uh ecoboost looks quite nice runs nice and smooth see what we can show off of the creature features here i will say

From macon to atlanta back and around town we’re averaging 17.8 miles per gallon i mean this is a massive car i think it weighs 77 100 pounds don’t quote me on that one i think i’m close google is your friend um towing um you got that option there it does have different um drive modes uh as in uh you can adjust the suspension to sport normal comfort see what

Else and then over here you can change your right side of your display to tons of stuff so you have your navigation up here you can do your phone uh obviously hands-free phone call it is a navigator it’s up there to compete with the escalades and uh it does so i’m trying to think anything else that’s really awesome that i can think of the heated seats are heated

And cooled seats are really nice especially the remote start you can open and close your rear liftgate from inside the vehicle there one of the really cool features that i like is you can actually change the ambient lighting in the car i don’t i thought that’s pretty cool so if you’re having a having a blue mood for a blue line auto you can have it blue if you

Want and you won’t see it now but it lights up your cup holders uh pink you can just go through all the different colors and that lights up your floorboards your colors at night and that’s kind of cool but um yeah uh it’s got sirius xm radio which is nice comes with a free trial but anyhow i’ve babbled on for way too long let’s get it’s a 2015 navigator l and

We are located in macon georgia and that is 45 ish minutes south of the atlanta hartsfield airport uh we make these videos because we want you to buy with confidence online not just six pictures and then drive six whatever hours or travel and waste your time uh going to look at something that it’s not so um feel free to reach out to me my name is mark i’m the

Owner i’m the finance manager i am the buyer i’m the detailer i am uh i’m the everything so i can answer any questions you got and i can make a deal with you and uh we do trade-ins we’d love to talk about trade-ins it’s another good place to get decent vehicles so um phone number is 478-745-1036 you check us out online at you can check

Us out on the gram at a blue line auto ga i think and we’re on on the on the book face the facebook um blue line auto georgia and um any questions feel free to reach out to me and i’d be happy to uh do what we can to make it happen for you i’m sure there’s thousands of hundreds of features that i don’t know about because i’m not a lincoln my navigator sales

Person but i’m sure if you google 2015 lincoln navigator it’ll tell you all the stuff because it probably has it all right y’all thanks for checking it out reach out to us

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2015 Lincoln Navigator L FOR SALE By Blue Line Auto