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2015 lincoln navigator l

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Hey hey good afternoon dennis q at certified benson beamer here is that lincoln navigator that you inquired about car looks really nice i checked out it does have heated seats like we spoke about it tires look fantastic on it you can see no curb rash on the wheels no dings no dents whatsoever looks really clean see that tiny it’s dirt i can see that thought it

Was a tiny scratch on it but you can see it’s really really nice i had the divan i had a quick peek at it before making this video try to make sure if i do find any blemishes i will go through it doesn’t have the cover just letting you know because the tow hook is hitch has had it to it it’s open the trunk look at it so this one is the navigator l with the 3.5

Liter v6 with ecoboost on it you can see you got the entertainment system over here you’re gonna put the seats up for you so that’s how i’m putting it by holding it up so we can put the seats up to it so everything is good you got your head reds and everything all this space looks nice very clean fantastic your power button of course is here see the classic the

Navigator way again let’s go to the tires here again fantastic really beautiful i’m gonna remote engine start the car gonna hold the lock and press it twice so i gotta press the lock they go because i think it didn’t start because of okay there you go because the lift gate wasn’t locked so i try to do it pretty early so let’s go unlock it you got the blind spot

Like i said the running boards they pop out on it you got your heated seats ventilated seats – i know that as we pretty use this up there in alaska since it’s really cold but let’s close up the doors you can see thirty six thousand one hundred and forty three miles on it your interior fantastic everything looks nice pops up open closes your seats no tear at all

Into it a little bit of course you’ll see a little bit of where it’s like you know due to usage your moonroof is jiaying will controls your seats with memory seat sitting seedings on it has the parking sensors – front and back you got the entire entertainment system has rear heated seats – as well as plug in so let’s just put this up there you go let’s put it up

So that you can see the bench seat again your panels look great fantastic on them let’s go check out the other ones make sure you see all the panels really pretty car don’t see much of a debris in the front – looks really clean now let’s go they go again your running boards popping out they go again your panels look fantastic in the side of the seats look really

Good same thing with the passenger side you can see there and when you close your magic run running boat so you have that – so yep either dennis cubed certified benzine me more hopefully i get to see you by the end of this month please let me know what do you think and when your friend wants this job i would provide you with more information so being a fifteen

We do a full certified inspection on it make sure everything works perfectly fine brakes tires rotors we try to make sure there’s at least 50% left on it apart from that we make sure it’s mechanically good and we give you three months or 3 thousand miles powertrain warranty with it – now if you want to buy an extended warranty of course you can buy first certain

Premium i know they come five years sixty thousand miles for powertrain warranty so you do get that still included so whatever is remaining you get that and that’s about it so hi there again dennis this is cuba certified benzo beemer please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns would be more than happy to provide you with any additional

Info let’s have this one quick look in the back might not

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2015 lincoln navigator l By Naeem Sadeque