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This is the all-new mercedes-benz cls the cls is one of the first ever saloons which was built to look like a coupe that big grill up front those led lamps and those curvy lines are all based on the e-class platform but the new car is much more mature bolder and meaner than before well so here i am driving the mercedes cls now this car comes with only one engine

Option there’s a 2.2 liter diesel on offer there’s no petrol at the moment and this engine develops about 204 bhp of power and about 500 nm of torque which is a very good figure for such a small capacity motor well the mercedes cls is a very exciting car to drive just as it is exciting to look at and that’s largely due to the fact that the steering wheel is a very

Crisp and very communicative unit so if you are someone who enjoys quick lane changes then this is a car which will really reward you and really offer you a very involving and very engaging drive well the other good part about this diesel engine is that it’s a very refined unit and what that means is that if you are someone who is sitting in the back seat or in

Fact even if you are sitting away in the front seat it’s very difficult to tell if it’s diesel or petrol which is powering this car if you want to of course augment the driving experience even further you can choose the sport setting over here for the suspension and what that basically does is it tightens up the suspension and ensures that there is minimal body

Roll when you are pushing this car into a corner so the sharp steering wheel along with the sport mode really make the cls a gem of a car if you are a keen driver well the cls is definitely not short of performance and mercedes claims that it delivers 0-100 kph in about seven and a half seconds well another area where the cls impresses is in the gearbox department

The seven speed automatic on this car is phenomenal in terms of the gear shifting and there’s very minimal lag in fact there’s no lag at all and if you are someone who enjoys shifting gears himself then you of course get these flappy pedals over here at the back of the steering wheel which offer you a more engaging drive well the cls is one of the better cars for

Munching up those miles on the highway simply because it has a very stable and very reassuring ride and once you are inside it really does feel like you are cocooned from the world outside well when you are doing slow city speeds inside the city there is a little bit of a harshness to the ride and that means that some of the potholes will be felt inside the cabin

But that’s quite fair because this car at the end of the day is a sporty saloon well not only is the cls a very stylish car on the outside it’s also very practical car and the first thing you’ll notice about it is the boot is really large and very very spacious it’s very similar to the mercedes e-class both in terms of capacity as well in its shape and it’s a very

Deep boot and it goes all the way to the back end of the back seats and there’s a bit of a loading lip but because the sill isn’t very high from the ground what that means is that loading in those heavy bags should not be an issue on the cls well once you’re inside this cabin you will really realize what a special place it is to be in and mercedes really have done

A fantastic job with the cabin materials as well as the styling it really is a very posh up market and classy place to spend time in well even though it is a sporting saloon it’s a very practical place to be in you get this huge glove box over here where you can keep more than one wallet in fact you can keep the entire family’s wallet over here but you also get two

Cup holders over here where you can of course keep those diet coke cans well mercedes really put in the best quality material inside this cabin and everything really is very soft to touch and even the lower end of the dashboard which is a place where most manufacturers cut cost and put cheap plastics well in this car it really is solidly put together and has first

Rate materials used with finding a comfortable driving position over here is a breeze really and because it is a mercedes uh what that means is that you don’t have to do anything manually so of course you get electric controls to adjust the steering wheel both for reach as well as for rake and the seat adjustment also is electric for both the height as well as uh

Sliding it forward or backwards and of course once you find a comfortable drying position then you can really spend your entire day in these seats because they’re so comfortable the squab is really nice and wide and it’s got very good cushioning as well and even the backrest of the seats is phenomenal in terms of comfort and of course get these side bolsters over

Here which hold you in your position better when you are pushing this car into that corner well talking about the equipment and features on this car is gonna be a very exhaustive affair and it’s gonna take more than five minutes of video so what you can do is head to our website and the link over here to find out more in terms of the specs as well as features on

This car now let’s head to the back seat and figure out if they’re as inviting as the front ones on the cls well here i am now in the back seat of the new cls and unlike a lot of other sedans which are styled on coupes and have that sloping roofline at the back this one doesn’t seem to be any compromise in terms of the headroom as you can see i’ve still got about

Three inches uh above my head and i am 510 for reference and i have adjusted the front seat from my drying position as always and even then i have a good amount of knee room as well well to improve comfort even further you get your own air conditioning along with your own climate control over here so this car of course has three different zones of climate control

Two upper head and one over here and you get these big boxes where you can keep your odds and ends at you also get a cup hold over here where you can keep that big bottle for those long journeys on the highway well but if i have to do a little bit of nitpicking then the only issue over here in the back seats is the fact that you can only see two over here there’s

This huge partition over here and what that means is that you can’t really use the the central uh seat for even uh children so apart from this little tunnel over here which can be a bit of an issue it is a great place to be in well the cls is a really special car not only in the way it looks but also in the way it drives and that along with that really special

Cabin which offers you very comfortable seating for four makes it a very practical luxury car as well if you’re lucky enough to have roughly about 80 lakh rupees lying around with you then there are few other options as good as the cls out in the market

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