2015 MINI Cooper Hardtop 2 Door – Manual Transmission

(SOLD) Recent Arrival. This 2015 MINI Cooper Hardtop 2 Door with only 37k miles has been well maintained. Call/Text Ben Brooks @ 850.723.2870 to schedule a test drive.

Hello everyone this is ben brooks over at sandy sensing mini of pensacola hope you’re enjoying this awesome sunny wednesday today we have one of our latest arrivals this is a 2015 mini cooper hard top 2 door it’s in the awesome volcanic orange with the contrasting white roof white mirror caps and those cool racing stripes on the bonnet guaranteed to increase

That horsepower it does also feature the 16 inch silver spoke wheels does have a set of new tires mounted as you see plenty of tread left on those tires take a look at the driver rear and the passenger rear and again i should note that those wheels or rims are also free of any road rash or curbing so those are also in awesome condition notice a nice chrome

Around the headlight rings the chrome and the grille down below looks like no flaking or peeling on that let’s take a look inside oh what do we know it is actually a manual that’s right the much sought after manual transmission this one has nice push start there dual climate controls and as far as the miles on this one very low miles again for a 15 this one

Only has 37 467 on the mile so very low miles let’s go back to our center stack this one does feature xm radio so you are able to subscribe to xm radio it’s already been installed you would simply pay for the subscription but no need to have that extra option installed in the vehicle over here on the passenger side we see our traditional glove box something else

We have it’s a nice bonus is that secret compartment just by pressing on the front we have a little bit more storage available right above the glove box something that we can’t currently get on the new minis but it’s a nice feature take a look over in the passenger area see that nice piano black on the door trim of course in that secret compartment and then our

Steering wheel so our cruise controls radio controls and of course this one does have bluetooth so we’re able to answer any incoming calls or make calls simply by pressing on our steering wheel here we also have the automatic rain sensing windshield wipers and we have a setting down on the side here for our headlights automatic daytime running lights nice cool

Sun visors driver and the passenger and as we all know let’s have that optional or not option but standard side visor on all minis so again this one is a cooper so that we know that immediately tells us this has the 1.5 liter turbo three cylinder we still have the option to switch between our drive modes the standard mode and whenever we start the car we’re going

To be in mid mode we can choose in between sport mode our green mode increase in our power unlike that nice led display got a choice of 10 different colors now we can set that to also simply by going into our menu select settings go under center instrument select basic display scroll down the ambient lighting and there we go nicely got blue by simply pressing a

Button up here see the contrast and colors about ten different colors that we have access to increasing the cool ambient lighting on the minis and that lighting also is not just showing in the center as you notice it was showing up top here and then of course in our door handles you see the contrast maybe more on this side we can see with this bright light here

That’s a nice cool feature that mini has so again this is a 2015 mini don’t expect this one to be here long and like i said with that manual transmission for many that are looking for this option take a look back in the boot area as mentioned rs may have not mentioned this one does have a jack and a spare tire that’s right it does not have the run flats it has

The all-season tires and the spare tire is actually mounted underneath the mini cool thing about that we can see it’s got a plastic cover to protect it from any dirt or grime it’s simply to get to it simply go in the boot back here take out this housing for the jack and underneath there’s one single bolt that we want to screw and that lowers that housing down to

Get to the spare tire another cool feature on the minis we do have the headrest which can be lowered or raised lowered to give us a little bit more visibility if we don’t have any rear seat passengers and we can also full flat those seats and we can do it halfway or if we come back around to the front of our vehicle see here easily fold them down and that’s

Definitely going to increase our cargo capacity of course we can take down this privacy divider and we can now take full use of that rear cargo area well if you’re looking for a manual mini low miles well maintained this one might be the one just give me a call again it’s ben brooks sandy sensing many of pensacola 723-2870 look forward to talking to you or if

You have any questions just uh please note it in the comments below keep enjoying your wednesday stay safe

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2015 MINI Cooper Hardtop 2 Door – Manual Transmission! By Ben Brooks