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2015 Mitsubishi Outlander review & road test | Auto Expert John Cadogan

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The new Mitsubishi Outlander launch press launch has just wrapped up. You’ll see a blip in 2016 Outlander marketing in coming days, and if you’re thinking of buying one, this 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander review is exactly what you need to know.

I’ve just stepped out of the new mitsubishi outlander launched press conference you’ll see a blip in outlander marketing and coming days and if you’re thinking of buying one here’s what you need to know this vehicle is a facelift of the old model same old outlander – some of the nagging criticisms that dog the old one bit noisy bit harsh bit cheap and nasty inside

Little bit revie on the cvt front so they tweaked the issues that could be cost-effectively tweaked and it’s got a new face like when lexus and the mighty morphin power rangers collide ladies and gentlemen up the pointy end i give you dynamic shield this is not a joke at least it’s not meant to be dynamic shield it’s like the marvel superhero who never really got

Out of the blocks it’s like nah mate thanks for the suggestion but we’re still going to go with captain america dynamic shield it’s better than mazdas soul of motion or he on days fluidic sculpture i wonder how you say face of power ranger in japanese or mouth of guppy a current companies they just get so completely wrapped up in this meaningless marketing crap

Anyway that’s the new look you’ll be seeing a lot more of the new mighty morphin mitsubishi’s dynamic shield whatever as new models hit the deck it’s always unfortunate in my view when the brand’s all new look lands on a facelift because it’s never going to be the finest hour for that design prices are largely unchanged either within 750 dollars more or 400 bucks

Less than the predecessor or no change at all on some models the cheapest models have gone up and the dearest models have come down perversely so basically you get a few tweaks different hair and makeup but nothing of monumental import aside from the neuse now the biggest change is probably the new cvt control system it’s called cvt eight i wonder how they thought

That name up and how many iterations of control systems preceded it mitsubishi says cvt a delivers 26 percent more torque transmission than the predecessor and all i can say there is the old one must have been hemorrhaging talk faster than the numerous victims across all the iterations of bram stoker’s dracula it’s an improvement sure but the old one must have been

Crap and they never said that at its launch sharper throttle response and a resulting more intuitive interplay between throttle revs and road speed make the cvt feel less reprehensible a legend and it also delivers a very slight boost in fuel efficiency according to official standardized tests they’ve pumped up the acoustic insulation and tweaked the glass to cut

Noise vibration and harshness and there’s the odd suspension upgrade as well bigger rear dampers that kind of thing warranty remains five years but the distance attached to that warranty has come back to 100,000 kilometers it was 130 thousand mitsubishi says that’s to align warranties globally within the company but it won’t roll off the tongue nearly as well as he

Hyundai kia’s unlimited distance warranty with five and seven years respectively and bear in mind both big south korean brands are especially strong in five and seven seat suvs all models get new 18-inch alloys a big upgrade for the base model they’re led daytime running lamps and led combination rear lamps are standard across the new range and there’s a new very

Nice steering wheel as well and more comfy seats there are three models ls xls and accede in ascending order of automotive sex appeal or at least price and complexity when it comes to the new stuff the base model ls gets privacy glass and repeater lamps in the wing mirrors jumping up to the mid spec xls gets you digital audio electric folded and heated wing mirrors

For those urban jungles where most outlanders will do business and the top spec exceed where was the idea for that name originally talked about framing the debate it effectively consigns all of the lesser models to the domain of underachievement anyway exceed gets led headlamps and glossy black interior garnish there are three engines 2-liter and 2.4 liter petrol

And a 2.2 diesel the diesel comes with a conventional 6-speed auto and all-wheel drive only it works like this the 2-liter engine is two-wheel drive only and you can only get it in excel and xls 2.4 litre petrol is of available with all-wheel drive only right across the range if you want seven seats that’s xls or exceed petrol or diesel there’s only one manual i

Throw back and i suspect it’s just there to be a price leader it’s a five-speed remember when cars still had those and you can have it in any model you want as long as you only want the 2-liter front-wheel drive ls manual if that’s your dream it kicks off the range and it can be all yours for twenty eight and a half grand plus on-road costs the hot tip there buy

A car instead if you’ve got about 40 grand to spend a 2.4 liter outlander xls all-wheel drive is looking pretty good if i was spending my money on an outlander that would probably be the one i’d buy outlander is effectively one rung down from the pick of the heavy-hitting suv 7 cedars he owned a santa fe kia sorento and toyota kluger it’s not as potent nor is it

As premium but it does represent a significant saving in cash that hyundai kia 2.2 diesel in sorrento and santa fe is a cracker the mitsubishi is 2.2 diesel in xls and exceed just can’t match and 3.5 liter v6 is like the kluger and sorento do tend to murder 2.4 liter mitsubishi fours i’d be putting the smart money on the goliath option there in the 5 seat suv set

The mazda cx-5 out points the mitsubishi across all three engines slightly the cx-5 also features a conventional 6-speed auto and it’s a compelling choice following its recent facelift so have a good look at the cx-5 as well if you need a five-seed suv if you’re looking at an outlander by definition you’re also in the market for innocent ex trel the petrol engines

Are line ball between those two but the outlanders 2.2 diesel absolutely eclipses neeson’s 1.6 diesel and of course missins range is so spaced out on seven seat availability the mind boggles mitsubishi is by comparison is remarkably rational both of these vehicles offer seating in the third row for occasional use only or continuous use for people you absolutely

Detest finally if you don’t need seven seats but you want a wagon for the family why not just buy a car i’m not being flippant people don’t ask themselves why they’re actually buying an suv and it cost seats you can get a mazda six touring station wagon for the same approximate price as an xls 2.4 outlander and i know suvs are the hot catia of the family motoring

Set currently but you could mount a compelling argument that the wagon would suit many families better and be a better car because knock me down with a feather it’s actually a car a lot of people presume they want an suv without having a real hard look at whether a car would be better and because buying a new car does kind of suck if you’re in the market send me

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I’ve very important and subscribe for regular updates you can visit me online at auto expert comte you i’m john cadogan thanks for watching

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2015 Mitsubishi Outlander review & road test | Auto Expert John Cadogan By Auto Expert John Cadogan