2015 Ram 1500 V6 Long Term Review update ( 4 years and 88,000 miles)

Welcome it’s welcome reviews home of the spoke reviews hey guys we’re doing an update on my 2015 ram 1500 guys as you can see right now at the four-year mark we are sitting at eighty eight thousand miles on the truck so over four years that’s looking at about twenty two thousand a year which is seems like a lot of miles but for texas and just in the south that’s pretty

Normal putting anywhere over twenty to twenty-five thousand miles a year is pretty normal real quickly as you can see the fuel economy that i have lanĂºs is eighteen point one for me personally over the last four years anywhere from eighteen it’s pretty normal depending on how aggressive i’m driving this is the v6 3.6 liter engine and i think that’s a pretty good

Expectation again so i’ll count we’ll break it down for you best-case scenario when you are cruising on the highway and if you’re you know not going over eight if you’re cruising at like seventy seventy five you can get 21 sometimes 22 depending on you know if you’re going up or down of the grade but mixed driving expect to get somewhere in the 18 to 17 depending

On how much of a lead foot you’re now i mentioned earlier this is the 3.6 pentastar v-6 engine that chrysler puts in many other vehicles they use this as the entry-level engine for the ram i believe the charger the challenger and also the caravan the dodge caravan they have so it’s a very strong popular engine it has a lot of pickup and go for the last four years

I’ve been extremely impressed with this engine and having any problems with it so anyone who’s kind of curious about you know should i get to him er the v6 like you know him he’s a lot of fun but if you’re looking for you know more just economy and more of a budget this pin estar is amazing now the one funny thing that you can see is the same exact design for the v6

And the v8 just that there’s more space so you get this bigger gap right here whenever you get the the v6 all right guys look i do a quick walkthrough as you can see after four years 88,000 miles the vehicle still looks amazing you know there the normal highway scratches which is what to expect from a vehicle but you know this has been my daily driver for the last

Four years so it’s been fantastic to me a couple dings in there you know people hit me with you know doors and parking lots but overall i’ve been extremely impressed with the vehicle it’s held up great and you know i you know it’s exceeded my expectations i’ve you know before getting the ram i heard some you know bad publicity on the ram times you might see that just

Complaints about it over time and historically but i can definitely say that with this 2015 i haven’t had any problems at all it’s just been amazing and i really do enjoy the vehicles for anyone who’s out there who’s thinking about getting it you can kind of see here’s the condition of the vehicle still looks still looks fantastic in my opinion i actually like this

Design more than i like some of the newer refreshes so like the 2015 versus the 2019 i prefer this and i believe they’re even selling a 2019 classic just because there’s still a lot of consumer demand for this style of vehicle and still very very popular so another question that people always ask me is how’s the interior holding up so i kinda just want to show you

The seat as you can see the seat is holding up well no no real wear and tear i mean it’s holding up pretty far man i’m a big boy i’m you know i range anywhere from you know to 32 to 45 depending on what time of year so catch me up to christmas it might be a little heavier but as you can see the seat is holding up fantastic the driver’s seat looks fantastic as far as

The interior you guys can see it’s still looking really good this is just the lonestar something nothing too special and all i’m doing is using just just wipes and armor-all wipes to kind of keep it clean but you can guys can see for your own that the interior is holding extremely nice still nice and shiny and i’m only cleaning it you know probably only once every

Month once every two months i do take it to the car wash for the exterior but first interior you know i’m kind of just let it go but you can get to see it’s really good passenger seat and the front still looks good too so you can see the seat is holding up we’ll just like a driver’s seat so definitely impress with the overall durability of the interior the vehicle

Diffic holding up really well when talking about long-term testing the other thing is the kind of small finishes so you can see the seals are still holding up extremely well there’s been no issues with the seals in this vehicle and and some of my past vehicles this is some of the things that you see first especially like in texas or you get you know big swings and

Temperature it gets extremely hot and humid then we also get you know a little bit colder in the fort worth dallas area as you guys can see it’s still holding up extremely well you can definitely see that’s a little dirty still but all the trim all around the vehicle has been holding up extremely well so definitely just a testimony to just overall build quality

Like i said after four years eighty eight thousand miles all the small details in cydia car holding up extremely well all right guys let’s talk about this actual vehicle so i still have my window sticker as you can see this was a 2015 ram 1500 lone star crew cab edition so four by two i for me per settle meet the 4×4 and i think it was a bit extra maybe three or

Four thousand dollars to get that and just wasn’t worth it for me so i didn’t get that as you can see on the sticker that base price was thirty-five 695 i believe i paid thirty thousand four hundred dollars for this vehicle with all of the incentives i did roll in the taxes i think i had a little bit of negative equity met with my last vehicle so my actual loan

Ended up being i think thirty four thousand dollars and i just paid that off after four years so you know thank god the vehicle was paid off and i’m loving it and it’s been no issues at all so yeah as you can just see the options on this pretty standard like i said ram 1500 lone star crew cab the rear axle ratio is 3.2 1 which is just good for me i really don’t

Do any towing this has been a solid vehicle so definitely a reasonable choice for a lot of people who don’t want to spend you know a ton of money somebody’s trucking it up to you know fifty five sixty thousand dollars but for me getting in this particular trim at the thirty thousand dollar price point has been a fantastic choice after four years it’s it’s held up

Fantastic and you know my general goal is to keep this vehicle for you know another you know ten ten or fifteen years so we’ll see if that happens but that’s kind of my plan uh now that it’s paid off so in 2015 when i got this vehicle one of the things one of my must-haves for the vehicle is to get the what i called back then the big screen so this is the 8.4 inch

You connect now as of 2018 they have you know the bigger like 16 inch screen which is basically two of these stacked on each other but so far you know i’ve this has worked perfect i do wish that that they did have the android auto an apple carplay they didn’t offer at the time but you know i’m still loving the uconnect i haven’t any problems with it it works just

As advertised the other thing that i really do like about this vehicle one of the reasons why i decided this vehicles also the other nice big screen and the center console so this is i believe it’s a four inch screen so all the options that i need for personally have been in the screen and it’s been fantastic and like i said after four years it’s held up just just

Fine so it’s been been fantastic as you can see i just got an oil change two thousand miles ago so i still have a while for the next oil change oil temperature looking good transmission temperature looking good you know in vehicle tire pressure looking good so definitely i really enjoy just the layout of this vehicle the screens and everything in a was a little

Bit concerned about you know having you know more computers there’s more things to fail but like i can tell you after the last four years eighty eight thousand miles had no issues with it at all all right guys i’m gonna gun it so you guys can see so the v6 got something up really the beauty of this is that a 8-speed transmission but you can see you definitely

Have plenty of pickup and go with this vehicle i’ve never been in a position where i felt like i didn’t have enough go power i’ve always felt like i’ve had you know enough get up and go so definitely it’s not the emmy but in my opinion it definitely gets the job done in conclusion after four years and 88,000 miles i can definitely say that i would highly recommend

This vehicle i love it this is one of my favorite vehicles it’s fantastic i’ve had no maintenance no issues with it at all just get the oil change and you know rotate the tires anyways guys thank you for watching if you have any questions please feel free to leave them below if you like this video go ahead and hit the like button for me and if you want to see more

Videos like this i will be doing another video once i get 200,000 miles and another one that had probably hundred fifty thousand miles but if you want to make sure you see those go ahead and subscribe to the channel guys thank you and have a good day

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