2015 Ram 3500 MEGA CAB LARAMIE 6.7L Cummins 4×4 beast


Guys what’s up it’s mark how’s everybody doing hope you guys are doing great if you’re new to the channel welcome if you’re still here thanks for watching as always behind me is a truck owned by a very very good friend of mine uh super meticulous and i’m gonna give him a big shout out um alan what’s up buddy hope you’re doing great um so this is to say the least one

Of the uh most maintained trucks um and also he’s military so thank you for your service my dear good friend and that says enough right there i should say because every no i’m not gonna say every single military person but almost every military person is trained to maintain and with that said this truck is a prime example of it um it’s a super nice um 2015 ram

3500 mega cab laramie coming 6.7 liter turbo diesel 3500 the big boy uh dual rear wheels um it’s got some pretty ample tread left on them um what is this a flip back i think yeah flip back fiberglass solid bed cover uh get two dual cameras one there one there awesome when you’re backing up or tone whatever you’re telling because you get two different view angles

Uh fifth wheel brackets and setup right there in the back um third brake light right in the back incorporated down there the underside’s really nice um maybe a little bit of surface rust if any um back seats weathertech florets all the way around huge mega cab you want to recline bring your boys and girls recline all the way down there you want to go downtown

You want to go crazy and relax fold that sucker back and you got a full-size bed back there storage right in the back here for whatever you want to put back there your ammo your ar15s or your horse horse and saddle and buggy straps uh laramie features heated rear seats um wood grain tip-up tow mirrors flip-up though mirrors absolutely a stellar truck super super

Kick ass truck led lights um cab lights on the top this truck doesn’t really have any scratches or tents i hate to really say it for a 15 because i’d be lying to you if i told you it did but it doesn’t um backup camera push button start 118 000 miles uh exhaust brake uh proximity sensor cooled seats heated seats heated steering wheel same with the driver traction

Control tow on off electric trailer brake incorporated into the truck um and here’s a start for you and as you know you get the back up here two angles and also it’s incorporated into the mirror so it’s a really cool feature um it’s awesome awesome setup let’s go into the hood and check it out feels good um all the incorporations of laramie right there and right

There incorporated into the seats headliners in grape shape great shape there’s the vin number right there um under this truck it’s good here’s the cat the bed rails under the truck’s pretty good pop the hood um there’s the front right there look i didn’t pop the hood it’s got a little windowed wind deflector right there and uh that’s it i’ll show you guys the

Other side and call it a day and see how she acts there it is right there the iconic six seven six point seven liter cummins turbo d la diesel engine with the ram active air factory intake system fluids are all good and everything’s up to power it’s an awesome truck under the truck the front valance is in good shape under the truck’s good no leaks here’s your

Heater block heater right there um really nice truck alcoa wheels it’s got alco alcoa aluminum wheels these are an awesome setup it makes the truck look so good the gunmetal silver with the silver bottom but hope you guys like the video if there’s any questions you have by all means leave in the comments below or give me a shout this is the 2015 ram 3500 mega

Cab laramie the mack daddy of all trucks legitly the mack daddy of all trucks do you want to tow you’re using this right here over and out guys see you later

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2015 Ram 3500 MEGA CAB LARAMIE 6.7L Cummins 4×4 beast! By Whats up its MARK!