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This 2015 RAM 3500 REGULAR CAB TRADESMAN WITH A HINIKER PLOW AND KNAPHEIDE DUMP BOX is the vehicle we did walk around review of today.

This is stock number 2-0 t98 and we are here at summit automotive in fond du lac wisconsin near new and used heavy-duty truck headquarters today we’re checking out this 2015 ram 3500 regular cab dual rear wheel chassis cab with a nap heidi dump on it it also has a henniker snow plow on it with two-fold insides there this truck has a 6.4 liter v8 hemi motor it

Has been fully safety – and inspected by our service shop has a fresh oil and filter change all the fluids have been checked and tapped off this trucks one hundred percent ready to go firestone trans force ht tires these are lt 235 60 are 17s and they have a good amount of tread left i’d say probably eighty ninety percent of the tread comes with the painted steel

Wheels and as you go down this side of the truck you can see just how clean the body is nice that paint is and this is the knapp heidi dump box so they got these boards on here but you can actually bring this side down they’re super heavy so i’m not going to do it with one hand but you can bring those sides down and to get easy access to the bed on the back here we

Have bridgestone service m700 lt 235 80 are 17 tires and they got a really good amount of tread left – i’d say probably about 7080 percent on the back there then on the dump buddies pretty good in a nice condition beds got a little bit of use but that’s what dump trucks are used for so we’re not going to be perfect when they got miles on them does have a receiver

Hitch and seven pin wiring back here and i’m going to show you how this dump body works in just a second here notice the door is a nice condition the cab is a nice shape you have the light up there and the clearance lights front fenders in nice shape raymond underbody looks pretty good and i will put this dump body up for you so we have two controls one for the pas

One for the dump body this is the dump body pretty simple instructions up down press the button and that starts going up it’ll actually stop kind of when it gets to that’s max height and that would be its max height right there so you can see it you know anything that’s in there is gonna definitely fall out when you dump it but everything is in perfect

Working order for him and under bodies pretty nice shape as well and we’ll bring it back down if you wanted to check out the model number on this snap heidi dump here there’s a sticker feel free to pause that if you want to do some research model number kdb ds9 one two a there’s a model number on that dump inside the tradesmen package gives you the gray vinyl

Interior you get the heavy-duty rubber floors auto headlamps this has an aftermarket brake controller power windows power locks power mirrors and as we hop inside the truck here you can see that this one has 60 1815 miles you get a digital speedometer as well as an outside temperature display instrument cluster is pretty nice and clean has the six-speed automatic

Transmission with the optional tab shift cruise controls on the right information center controls on the left and while the steer wears got a little bit of wear on it there’s no rips or tears on it and it has an aura new am/fm radio you have your climate controls this one has five up fitter switches stability control and a tow haul you get a 12-volt power point

There and one right there 4×4 shifter on the floor and those are your controls for the plow and i can show you that the plow is working as well and that works pretty good passenger side floor and seat are in nice shape no rips or tears there and the headliner is in pretty nice condition as well well take a quick look under the hood and then we’ll uh well be doing

One more final walk around on the truck here has the tells that fold out tell me so they fold out like that they’re heated have built-in directional signals they also fold in like that and we’ll take a look under the hood i’d personally like thank you for checking out the video today and hopefully from this hd video we’ve been able to tell just how clean this truck

Is all the way around inside note under the hood we have the 6.4 liter v8 hemi motor engine bay’s very clean runs very smooth this truck has been fully safety dan inspected by our service shop has a fresh oil and filter change all the fluids have been checked and topped off truck has been gone through mechanically 100% plow works dump works this thing is all ready

To go we’ll do one more quick walk around here and to see more pictures of this truck or one of our other 450 new and used cars trucks suvs minivans wranglers half tons 3/4 tons one tonnes dump trucks trucks with plows you name it we got it go to our website and if you’d like to check out more hd videos that can go to slash summit auto

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Look forward out being with this super clean 2015 ram 3500 regular cab chassis cab with a nap id dump and henniker plow on it thanks again

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