2015 VW Passat Review: A Big, Roomy & Peppy family Sedan

( ) The 2015 VW Passat is a large German family sedan with lots of leg room in the back. It also features a small turbocharged engine and classic VW styling but is that enough for this Volkswagen sedan to stand out in the crowd. In this TFLcar review Nathan drives the 2015 VW Passat and answers this question.

Oops nathan adlam here with the fastlane car and behind me the 2015 volkswagen passat 1.8 liter turbo sel i am very interested in this car now i’ll tell you why because i recently drove a jetta that had the same engine and it was fantastic so i was really curious how the bigger passat would handle it and that information is just for you coming up next i deliver

Do best vendors shown not really i just basically said it looks good i think it looks nice very conservative this is much more buttoned down and serious but there are some very nice crisp lines here that kind of look like they’re from an audi for those of you who are wondering and you shouldn’t wonder this passat the way it’s built is built really for one reason

To compete against vehicles like the toyota camry the bottom line is that i want a little bit more pizzazz a little bit more zing and i think a lot of you do too but it’s not ugly and these wheels look primo what you get in the volkswagen is something very precious and that is a massive backseat it’s huge and a really big trunk really really big trunk the back

Seats are very comfortable there are a couple of really cool things back here one of which is 60/40 split rear folding seats you all know about that but you also get a center pass-through right here at the center armrest so you can pop skis through here no problem you don’t have to put down all the seats one final thing that way that trunk is 15 point 9 cubic

Feet that is pretty much best-in-class or one of the best in class it is freezing out here i’ve been trying to actually warm my hands on the engine and it’s so cold that it no longer warms my hands it’s pretty bad one of the reasons why it’s no longer holding heat is because it’s actually a pretty small powerplant overall this is a 1.8 liter direct-injected

Turbocharged engine so 4 cylinder that puts out 170 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque under 1500 rpm which is huge lots of torque you know another thing i really do like about this car is it’s pretty quiet but i could still hear the engine i like doing that even if the engine note isn’t that great i like to hear the engine rev because on the surface as an

Example on ice when you hear the revs kick in and you’re trying to you’re going slow you know something’s wrong and they’re on an awful lot of cars out there that you really don’t hear what’s going on but there is one thing for sure this is the top-of-the-line sel version of the passat so this is fully loaded it’s got everything you can possibly want and frankly

The interior looks like it comes out of the 90s so let’s see how the attraction control works shall we the middle of a parking lot oh it’s very unhappy right now and it’s telling me that i’m spending partially out of control and i am i’m not touching anything there we go that’s better actually worked pretty good to bring me back straight you can feel the breaks

On the right side kicking and then the left it’s not bad it’s just that some of the buttons are dated some of the knobs just don’t feel high-quality steering wheel is nice good padding good feel really good feel but there’s so much of this that just looks really really old and out of place it kind of feels like our – we have a buick actually built will say 1998 i

Like the power you really do feel the surge of torque kind of grab and pull the car forward at very very low rpm and that’s huge driving position is quite good and overall comfort is excellent so yes i’m being a little namby-pamby about some of the things i’m talking about in terms of minor details but some of you guys care about that one more thing little things

Like this glove compartment little doors like that they just don’t feel like they’re really solid it’s just a minor issue i have but i will say this wolf’s wagon is one of the few companies that builds cars in the united states that has a locking glove compartment i have the sticker here thirty two thousand six hundred and ten dollars just so you know 28 miles

Per gallon combined and that’s impressive for such a big car because i love the engine it’s fantastic its frugal its powerful it’s got great torque it’s almost like a v6 in terms of torque there’s just so much to love under the hood here tell you what save yourself the trouble and go buy the volkswagen cc it’s more stylish it looks better on the inside and makes

You look like in the european stud instead of a kind of roman i do have to mention one thing though this has the vendor stereo system in it and it is fantastic i know one of the things tfl doesn’t do we don’t rate stereo systems we just basically tell you if they sound good or not and that’s because between roman and barry manilow what he listens to and then me

With you know rock and roll punk rock whatever it is we both have different tastes and when we both agree that there’s a kick-ass stereo system in a vehicle we try to mention it so that’s exactly where we are with this roman and i both agree this fender stereo system is excellent on the tfl scale it by at least at rented i forget it i’m going to give this a rent

It with the proviso that if you buy the 5-speed manual based version of this car it might be worth elise it because i have a feeling that’s a lot of fun to drive for the fastlane car this is nathan adlon don’t forget to get a tfr car comm for news views and real-world reviews a wiedersehen

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2015 VW Passat Review: A Big, Roomy & Peppy family Sedan By The Fast Lane Car