2016 Audi A6 Allroad 3.0 TDI Sport for sale


Hello welcome back to murphy motor company another car for sale we have today this fantastic looking audi a6 auro this is a three liter tdi model um very very nice it’s in moonlight blue which is looks almost black cars immaculate it’s a fantastic looking thing has done some miles on 144 000 miles but it looks like it’s done 25 000 miles it’s immaculate it’s

Very very very tidy let’s have a little look around the car and we’ll show you as we go so this uh moonlight blue like i said it looks almost black but it’s a very very dark blue we have got a superb alloy all the alloys are in excellent condition we’ve got four very very good tyres let me get down here and show you so you can see there we’ve got a it’s a winter

Tire actually on there but it’s a very very good condition as we come down the side there is nothing of any note at all it’s in superb order again you’ve got another very nice tidy a 19-inch alloys and again another very good tire on the back there now if you look down the side of the car you’ll see there’s no little waves of dings or dents i mean it’s incredibly

Tidy um you come around the back you’ll see that it has the parking aids on the back it’s also got the electric tailgate so we can do that either with the button or with the key we’ve got loads of these little little tree here that’s uh blossom everywhere so it’s not chipped on the paint it’s blossom um it’s very very clean in here um it’s not been used as a

Builder’s truck by any stretch so all the bumpers in good order look um you can see inside we’ve got the uh tie-down rails here and under here is the actual tie down things you can use parcel shelf is here 60 40 split very very clean and tidy now again to close it we can use the button there she comes so as we come down this side again no little car park

Dings or dents basically the car’s been used up and down the motorway and it shows i mean it’s perfect work for this kind of car just ticking along nicely it’s been serviced very regularly as well it’s been done at a mixture between the audi main agent and also an audi specialist local to us as well so the interior is beautiful it’s this very very nice leather

Trim we have got climate control in the back of the car as well on the advert is the full specification but it’s got um quite a few options but again they’re all listed in the actual advert so we’ve got this lovely alcantara trim throughout the from the door cards we’ve got electric seats the driver’s seat is memory let’s have a look inside so um so if we turn

This we’ve got the screen that pops out obviously it’s got navigation bluetooth media streaming uh navigation is all done from here as well we’ve got i’ll just turn that there we are we’ve along here we’ve got the start stop the parking sensors off hill descent multimedia system climate control heated seats we’ve then got gearbox settings and the main control

Unit for the vehicle obviously keyless go again let’s have a look at the driver’s seat again you’d expect a bit of wear on there but it’s in very very good order look very very tidy indeed over here we’ve got the cruise control the multi-function steering wheel nice option to notice it’s got the heated steering wheel option which is uh lovely not on a day like

Today but it’s very nice when the on the cold frosty mornings we have the electric memory driver’s seat electric mirrors windows locking everything all done from there you can also do the tailgate from there as well as we’ve seen um now it has been serviced very well at the moment it’s all done on bills and receipts and because of the gdpr rules i can’t put

That on the video however it will be passed on to the next owner obviously we’ll redact all the previous information we’ll sort all that out there is the next alloy again just superb and again with a lovely bit of a tread on the tyre there and just a little bit of polish there but i mean it’s it’s superb condition it really isn’t it drives so well proper what i

Would call a really grown-up car very very nice quick quiet does everything it should you’d want it to do it’s a beautiful car an offering now fantastic value for money um as ever any more information it’s all on our website and that’s murphin motorcompany.co.uk and there you’ll find if the car is still available you can find our contact information and finance

Examples and anything else you might want to know all right thanks for watching the video

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2016 Audi A6 Allroad 3.0 TDI Sport for sale By Murfin Motor Company