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2016 Audi A7 3.0T Quattro Full Review, Start Up, Exhaust

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With sleek contour designs impressive power and luxurious details and technologies introducing the all-new in luxury 2016 audi a7 in olan grey metallic the a7 sportback is an executive midsize luxury four-door hatchback style produced by already since 2010 it features a roof line with steeply richt rear window and integrated trunk lid and frameless doors the a7 has

An undeniable style its expressively sculpted with compelling lines and curves and completely captivates with full led headlights under the hood the a7 features a 3 liter v6 engine that pushes out 333 horsepower with this the a7 can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just under 5.2 seconds the model we have here today comes equipped with the driver assisted

Package and it is a permanent all-wheel drive vehicle the all-wheel-drive system has the ability to send power to the wheels that has the most grip to maximize traction to improve handling and performance this is extremely critical when the road is slippery from comfort and performance to entertainment and safety 2 2016 audi a7 has everything there is to offer so

Here’s the key factor the color on there that’s a lock unlock trunk release independent button in red you can also press this button on the back to release the menu key now let’s go ahead unlock the a7 and see what’s inside the 2016 model does come with a smart keyless access entry so all you will have to do is leave the keys in your pocket or purse or somewhere on

Your body to unlock something put your hand behind the handle and to lock simply touch right there as you can see the frameless door here’s a quick view of the interior the interior comes in atlas beige leather with dark brown fondant wood trim quickly with the backseat here to stop the engine put your foot down the brake and press the start button located on the

Center – here as you can see the navigation system display immediately upon engine start now let’s go ahead and pop the hood and take a closer look to open the hood simply pull this lever right here out this will initially open the hood and to open it fully there’s going to be another lever located in the center simply lift it up and raise the hood under the hood

This specific 2016 audi a7 has a 3 liter v6 engine and the v6 engine pushes our 333 horsepower at around 5300 rpm and 325 pound for the torque at around twenty-nine hundred rpm it is a 8-speed tiptronic transmission with manual shift paddles mounted behind the steering wheel the 2016 a7 can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just under 5.2 seconds and its

Top speed is electronically limited to 130 miles per hour as for fuel economy the a7 gets 20 miles began in the city 30 miles again in the highway and when combined against 24 miles per gallon to further enhance gas mileage the a7 is also equipped with the auto story about the efficiency system with a start and stop system on the a7 engine will automatically read

Lights or when stuck in traffic and as soon as the driver let go with the brake the engine will instantly restored thus saving and get more gas mileage and there’s the lever in the middle as i told you earlier up front there’s the rain sensing intermittent windshield wiper with adjustable speed moving down we have the iconic audio single frame girl with the audio

Go right into the sensor immediately below the re logo there’s a built in front view camera as you can see here very nicely built the front bumper is also equipped with parking assist that will automatically notifies the driver when the vehicle is close to hitting any objects for enhanced visibility audience known for its beautifully designed full led headlight

Which includes led daytime running lights led low and high beam + led turn signal lights this gives the audience unmistakably appearance overall already did a great job with the a7 front face moving over to the side there’s the cornering light supercharged party logo body color side view mirror with integrated led turn signal light power adjustable feature power

Folding auto dimming and heated function here’s a quick look at the lower side as you can see just a side view mirror itself it’s loaded with features very nice the specific model comes with the 20 inch wheel package which includes the five-spoke w design wheels with bicolored all-season tires behind the wheels we have the four wheel anti-lock braking system with

Electronic stability control and brake assist lastly all four wheels are equipped with a tire-pressure-monitoring system to the back there’s the middle led brake light strip on the rear windshield moving down the a7 is equipped with an adjustable rear deck spoiler which look extremely aggressive when raised on both sides or the eye-catching led tail lamps with

Led brake light and led turn signal light the rear is also equipped with a rear view camera that automatically turns on when the car is put into reverse parking sensors are also built into the rear bumper and lastly at the bottom there’s the matching color rear diffuser with a dual chrome exhaust tip very nice rear end as for the gas tank just make sure the car

Is unlocked to open simply push in the a7 gas tank can hold up to 19 point a gallon of gas and it takes only premium unleaded gasoline now let’s go ahead and open the trunk and see what’s inside very spacious and roomy as you can see there’s two hooks on each side which allows you to securely hook down your luggage or anything you need to first aid kit over there

Hook on this side with trunk lighting over here if you have to screw these two inside you can see your both m and on top we also have another compartment for you to put your tools up here we have to button the lock button on the right-hand side is used to lock the corridor and the button on the left-hand side is used to lock the trunk under here we have your spare

Tire very spacious trunk now to show you a quick view at the top the a7 does come with a sunroof and here’s a complete view of it closed and i also show you will look like when it open end with the tilt function here it is with the tilt function on looks pretty cool and sporty overall and lastly i also you show you what it look like fully open here it is and

We’re back on the inside here we have the three spoke motorized or steering wheel feels very nice over here we have the different control and which allows you to control everything that’s going to be displayed on the odometer here all the logo in the middle with the horn over here we have the audio volume control voice command gearshift paddle located behind the

Steering wheel one on each side there’s your windshield wiper control headlight control the button on the end is used to control the lane assist button press it wants to turn on or off here we have your adaptive cruise control and way back there is your telescopic steering wheel control you can move the steering wheel up down towards you or away from you drive our

Air vent turn with the left we have your headlight washer head fog light control and headlights control interior lighting dimming drive for a sun visor with a small mirror with light on top which turn on and off according to the open and closure of the mirror you can also move this whole piece over to the side for better sun coverage handball on top and here’s

The beautifully displayed navigation system two additional air vent with the hazard light in the middle over here the top button as you can see is used to control the folding of the gps navigation system press once to fold it and press it again to show very nice and below that we have the odometer reset button here’s a closer look at the wood trim that’s where

You insert your cd there’s your starting stock malfunction control press wants to turn on or off parking assist control when you turn the parking assist on the front camera will automatically display on the navigation system here and you can also change it to the rear view camera will show you complete view of the rear this is a really nice safety feature next

Is the rear spoiler high control and lastly we have your traction control at the bottom there’s a dual ac heat climate control again the wood trim looks very nice plating spot for you to put anything you need there such as change network closer look at the gearshift box to control it put your foot down the brake and press the button on the back move down to order

To put the car into reverse when you do so the rear-view camera will automatically display as you can see here side view mirror will also automatically tilt down to show you a better view of the rear very nice move down to d2 put the car into a drive after that you can simply use the gearshift paddle or located behind the steering wheel to change gears or you can

Simply push the gear shift over to the right hand side after that push up or down to change gears push back up to p to put the car back into part over here starting on top we have your parking brake lift up to activate and down to deactivate and here we have your touch pad for you to store your favorite radio station up to six storage and we go ahead and show you

What that looked like very nice alright and below that we have the different display selection from navigation to telephone media or radio there’s a navigation view phone view radio view and here’s your media here’s the main menu to control this you use the knob right here to twist over the right or left and press down on it to select very cool navigation let me

Go ahead and show you the core setting also as you can see here you can control the comfort dynamic very nice over here we have your engine start and stop button volume control here and press down on it to me two cupholders maid of unrest compartment have two compartment one on top and another at the bottom and in here you’ll find two usb input along with your

Auxiliary input 12-volt car charger here and there’s also a spot for you to put some change there left box compartment clean your space inside and here’s to show you completely with the dash moving up we have the auto dimming rearview mirror light control on top the a7 also have the built-in universal garage door opener you can simply input your garage door

Codes in here and use these three buttons to open and close your doors and in the middle there as you can see it’s your sunroof control let’s go ahead and show you what it looked like open from the inside now for a closer look at what we have on the driver side door door lock and unlock button next to it is up to to memory for easy readjustment of the driver’s

Seat one spot assist button here press wants to turn it on press it again to turn it off for power window control and at the bottom we have the nicely – door lock button control for the rear door side view mirror control on top side door compartment here and in there you have the trunk release which both surround speaker there’s the brake and gas pedal hood release

Lever again multiple seat adjustment here’s a quick view of the front seat now both front seats are ventilated front seat belt is very smooth and quiet you can also adjust it by moving it up or down and here’s a quick view of the backseat you can also lock the doors from back here power window control and here’s a cigarette ashtray side door storage now again

I’m 5 foot 7 so just gives you a better idea of how much leg space you’ll have full view with the front for sitting in the back two additional air vent in the rear ac he can control back here also in two additional 12 volt quarter the middle is split up so the middle passenger will have to split their leg sitting here we have two additional cupholders you can also

Raise this for additional storage space open this slot right here to give you access to the trunk the a7 also has the built-in latch system for you to safely secure down your baby seeds receipt that’s also various moving quiet light control on top and there’s the hand bore and a spot for you to hang your clothes

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2016 Audi A7 3.0T Quattro Full Review, Start Up, Exhaust By HappyRider2011