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2016 Audi TTS 2.0 TFSI quattro Review –

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Remember the farting machine we reviewed earlier on? The standard Audi TT? This one, farts even louder! It is Audi TTS 2.0 TFSI quattro. So, is this beefed up version of the TT the car for you?

Few months back we test understand an audi tt this one it is the beefed-up version if you haven’t watched our previous review i suggest you watch it first before you continue because i’ll just be touching on the differences to do this and extend it from the outside you can tell the difference between the ttx and its standard tt this one has what year bumper the

Grille is now chrome and the rims are larger 19 inch to be exact so the gps is angrier and expressive looking the inside is about the same as the standard tt to get the top 1/3 inch virtual cockpit just beautiful high res screen and this car comes with the optional navigation system so basically you can have the map on the entire screen looks really great can

Change the view as you like the steering wheel is still as beautiful but this one has the tts love warning this is a slightly different from the standard tv it is found as sports it a combination of leather and alcantara very comfortable it fits me nicely tucked me comfortably but for those who are better than i am i’m not too sure because it’s just right for me

The engine of this thing basically comes from from volkswagen golf r which is the tuned version of the standard e t–‘s engine it is a 2-liter four-cylinder turbocharged pmsi engine with a six-speed s-tronic dual-clutch gearbox generating 286 horsepower and 380 newton meters on top that’s 56 horsepower and 10 newton meters on top more and steadily now the best

Thing about this car is it comes with all these famous all-wheel-drive system what true so basically you don’t have to worry about traction during rainy days slippery roads just don’t go off-roading with it and of course with quattro you get along the ground on it it is fun to drive now the tv has come with all these magnetic ride control system so basically

You can choose the right convert between convert dynamic or auto but to be honest it does make no difference because this car rides pretty hard a lot harder than the standard tt but it does make perfect sense for such bizarre deaths different suspension with all the power and all wheel drive system always come together to give you a satisfying drive and get it

Does drive really well but then for our road everyday driving comfort mode comforting you know my comments about reversing standard dvds on powerful enough but why why you need so much power in ur everyday who pay you know it is supposed to be comfortable everyday drive and all that men want to have fun you can have fun with it but then again the audi tts is

Supposed to be a bit more hot moly not here so it has more power than to actually use but who actually minds right to have more power the more the merrier so you can enjoy a lot in this car but for everyday driving you might wonder if unless if your workplace is that bucatini or good thing or quality you borrow where you have to go through all the times winding

Road then why not once you start enjoying the drive in this thing you will eventually forget about the hot suspension if you want something as powerful and it looks really good just go for this parking machine because so is this car for you well if you want something that looks really good comfortable something that you and your family can enjoy together then

Probably not you should consider the standard ld cp slip but if you want something that’s powerful drive as good as it looks and you don’t mind the hard drive and in a bit and by all means yes this you if you want to find out more about it aldi tts you log on to autobots don’t mind if you liked our video give us a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to our

Youtube channel by clicking on the subscribe button below okay i have a honda city coming right up on my deal trying to have a closer look at my active spoiler i guess let’s show him what the car can do right so if you are getting one of these cars be prepared to be tailgated all the time of course i don’t encourage you to play with them just drive like normal

Okay here it comes again i gotta go under city

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2016 Audi TTS 2.0 TFSI quattro Review – By