Hey everyone i’m casey williams a few years ago when buick came out with the encore the idea of a subcompact luxury crossover seemed kind of like a ridiculous idea but it’s been followed by vehicles like the mercedes gla the audi q3 and the upcoming infinity q30 so the subcompact luxury crossover that kind of started the whole thing is even better than ever

Let’s go take a look at it the basic architecture of the encore is shared with the chevy sonic subcompact and also the new tracks crossover and that extends to the engine the powertrain so under the hood is a 1.4 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine delivers 138 horsepower and 148 pound-feet of torque so that’s enough power in a vehicle this size um it’s a

Little little over a little underwhelming when you’ve got all-wheel drive like this vehicle has but it’s enough and with the turbo and the torque it’s enough to get the car off the line um there’s a new sport versions coming out this year that adds about 15 horsepower and that’ll be much appreciated but in the configuration it does is 23 miles per gallon the city

30 miles per gallon the highway an engine connects with a manually shiftable six-speed automatic transmission so overall it’s a pretty smooth powertrain and gets you down the road the encore is like no buick before but it’s definitely connected to other buicks like the enclave full-size crossover you got the waterfall grill with the big logo in the middle that

Again gives it a very beautiful look fog lamps down below get the blue rings around the projector beams that’s becoming a trademark of buick venture ports on the hood you’ve got six of them which normally would employ a six cylinder engine in this case it’s just a four cylinder but look kind of goofy it’s just four up here 18 inch all the way wheels and the big

Wheels do kind of help the tall proportions actually look more planted over the wheels and the rest of us is very graceful very european looking like the window little comes up i also like the little crease here kind of gives it some definition come around the back a lot of glass manually operated hatchback and there’s actually quite a bit of space back here

It’s all carpeted it’s beautiful back seats fold down and you get quite a bit of stuff in here the interior of the encore space with our upgraded package i think it’s as nice as any subcompact crossover in its class i like this this color combination you know they when you survey different people if you’re you know men tend to think it’s more like saddle and like

A like cowboy leather you know women think it’s more like their purses but i like the color combination things very nice and the contrast and everything is you know pretty well made i i don’t go for the fake fake wood and it gets just a little bit tacky but the rest of it’s very well made very nice everything’s padded and the doors are padded again it just feels

Expensive steering wheel’s fantastic feels expensive and it’s really loaded with a lot of features too you’ve got dual zone automatic climate control you’ve got heated seats you’ve got a heated steering wheel you’ve got navigation it’s got the backup camera on it and some other safety equipment it’s got lane departure warning system for collision alert and it’s

Got the proximity beepers front and rear so you can it’s really got a lot of stuff on for a small car this one also has automatic wipers cruise control bose audio system on it and then it has a noise canceling system through the bose system that really does kind of hush a lot of the sounds on the road so it sounds very quiet when you drive it i like the one of

The advantages of having a really tall body is it gives you a lot of interior space for four people so four can get in very comfortably and you still have a vehicle it’s very maneuverable very easy to park in tar and tight parking spots i mean you can’t see here in the daylight but something else i like about it is all these spots that look like they’re chrome

At nighttime glow blue it’s just this really beautiful blue fog that comes out of it so again i think it feels very expensive for for what it is with a lot of other luxury brands entering the subcompact luxury market lethality mercedes even bmw coming into that market buick’s biggest problem is not because of the vehicle because it’s a very nice car but they’re

Trying to compete with those guys with the buick brand that’s the real challenge but when you get back past that brand and get in the vehicle go for drive i think you’ll find a lot to like so the vehicle starts just under twenty five thousand dollars fully loaded like this one just under thirty five thousand dollars so until next week storm forward

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2016 Buick Encore By AutoCasey