2016 Dodge Ram 1500 Crew Cab – 5.7 Hemi (Review)

Review of 16′ dodge ram 1500 with 5.7 hemi engine. Overall it is a good looking truck with some very nice features including stow and go, power sliding rear window, and vocie controls, with just a few downsides such as shift knob, and traction control.

So today we have a 2016 dodge ram 1500 with the 5.7 hemi in it it’s a growl truck again so far i like it the inside pretty much the same as all the other dodges i’ve ever been in it’s pretty simple yet you know it’s it’s nice and clean looking so it’s not too bad i do like the way this this truck rides it rides are really really smoothly and handles handles

Pretty well we’re down here in arkansas going around several tight corners you know they’re posted 30 mile an hour we can take them at 55 so it handles pretty nicely get up and go on this thing is is really really impressive you were at about sixty mile an hour and so we wanted to say go ahead and pass someone just get it and it just takes off so that’s a big

Difference compared to when i had this same engine in the 3/4 ton version i don’t know if i had different gear in the rear end or what but this has considerably more available power in the power band than that ever dayton as well as if you kind of see that my hair fuel economy right now sitting about 20 miles a gallon it was at 21 almost 22 yesterday so those

Are probably 75% highway miles 25% in town so if you’re driving completely highway you probably get a little bit better than that even just depends almost beat your goal and i’ve been going 60 to 70 by our little time a couple things i don’t like i’m getting used to it but this turn knob for the gear selector i’m still not a fan of it i would rather have it

A column shift or you know on handle shift in the middle there i’m just not a big fan of that gear selector it’s it’s too easy to turn and you know you get used to and after a while don’t get me wrong it’s just still not a big fan of again even though everything is electronic anymore another thing is in the dodges as i explained it the other one this traction

Control button really doesn’t do a whole lot of good for you you can spin the tires going straight and this truck definitely has the power to however it won’t let you slide sideways at all i will try to sit there correct for you and it’s just it’s not a feature you know i’d like to be able to turn it completely off like you can in the forward and chevys the toe

Hole feature i’ve not tried yet because obviously i’m not telling with it but another nice feature i like the as i have had is this 1/10 plugin that makes it really nice to plug in your phone or anything it turns a little bit faster more consistently and the usb ports that there’s a usb port down there or a 12 volt plug does and that way you don’t have to carry

The 12 volt adapters and everything another nice thing that it has is the if you can see it but there’s a usb and a 12 volt an auxilary cord in the center console there so if you have like an ipod or something you can plug it into the center console and not really ever have to have it out and touch it it’s kind of out of sight out of mind so i do like that this

This one does have the steering wheel controls for the volume and stuff behind the gear right behind the steering wheel here so it’s really nice little hands-free like it should be i do like the intuitive design of those everything else is pretty much the same as a regular dodge truck or any other trucks for that matter it’s it’s a nice running truck just a few

Grab some complaints about you know the gear selector in the traction control button other than that there’s a whole lot that i complain about on the inside so it’s it’s punch out to drive as for the outside of the truck you know it’s pretty much like any other pretty sleek styling usually looks pretty good couple things i do like trailer brake lights right here

That way they’re protected i know my board they’re down here that way if you back into stuff so nice that dodges come up here lines are nice and big and protected therefore license plate pretty easy to access the spare tire in there right on the tailgate and then in the bed it’s not bed line dirt or anything because it’s just a rental but it does have these nice

Big hooks here that you can hook on chains or anything tie-down straps so makes it pretty nice another drawback on the least the 1500 i think the 2500 was better that if you have a tall driver people in the backseat have almost no room so that’s that’s something to consider when you’re buying it there is no other cupholders back here for the passengers as well

So take that into consideration when you’re buying it but overall it’s a nice truck it runs good it’s good mileage and has plenty of power it’s a lot better than that 2500 with the same engine the 5/7 and you know it gets almost 22 miles to gallon i think is what i calculated out take it out what it’s worth if you like it or not you

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2016 Dodge Ram 1500 Crew Cab – 5.7 Hemi (Review) By C2H6