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2016 Ford F-150 – Review and Road Test

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When America’s best-selling vehicle undergoes a revolutionary overhaul, it’s kind of a big deal. Ford seized the opportunity and skillfully crafted one of the most hyped-up truck launches in history. So, has the latest F-150 lived up to its lofty expectations? KBB’s Zach Vlasuk finds out in this video.

When america’s best-selling vehicle undergoes a revolutionary overhaul it’s kind of a big deal ford seized this opportunity and skilfully cultivated the most hyped up truck launch in history so as the latest f-150 lived up to its lofty expectations yes yes it has and here’s why let’s start by addressing the elephant in the room aluminum although high-end passenger

Cars have been utilizing the material for decades the latest f150 represents the first production pickup to feature a body made entirely of aluminum depending on the configuration this newly spelt architecture combined with a lighter high-strength steel frame yields a near 700 pound weight savings over the outgoing truck well then all-aluminum body is certainly

Deserving of the spotlight that doesn’t mean the huge improvements in nvh and ryan handling should go unnoticed cabin noise levels at highway speeds are practically on par with those of the impressively quiet gmc sierra and chevy silverado well ride quality is second only to the ram 1500 despite claiming top honors in this season’s automotive rendition of the

Biggest loser the f-150 doesn’t feel as quick on its feet as the ram 1500 or gm clones much of the stereotypical truck behavior is ode to a relaxed steering ratio and comparatively wide turning circle and again the f-150 has the field covered in terms of brake feel and overall pucker power and until someone forms a kickstarter campaign for a portable escalator you

Won’t find an easier way to manage your gear gaining access to the cargo bed now requires significantly less effort thanks to a retractable sidestep and and an integrated tailgate step handy for smaller items the cabin contains more storage compartments and you can shake a stick at front seat comfort is outstanding as well an assessment corroborated by fellow kbb

Editor alison harwood during the 1,300 mile road trip from san antonio texas to her home base in irvine california hard plastics still cover most of the – and upper door panels but feature more premium textures and finishes than before plus as most truck owners will tell you part materials are far easier to clean than soft ones in any case critical touch points

Like the outboard armrest and center console cover are both densely padded and proportionately arranged at just over 33 inches rear legroom and super cab models is a bit cramped while super krewe trims go overboard with a limo like 43 points six inches for perspective that’s more rear legroom than a bmw 750i and so long as we’re on the topic of cab variants

Regular in super cab models can be paired with a traditional six and a half foot cargo box or optional eight foot long bed super crew versions offer bed lengths of five and a half feet and six and a half feet significant updates were also made to the f-150 s powertrain lineup wherein a 2.7 liter ecoboost v6 and normally aspirated 3.5 liter v6 join the carryover

3.5 liter ecoboost v6 and five liter v8 for a total of four engine choices every engine is matched to a six-speed automatic transmission featuring a tow haul mode though fuel economy figures are up across the board mgp bragging rights belong exclusively to the 2.7 liter ecoboost engine not only does it boast epa ratings of up to 19 mpg in the city and 26 mpg on the

Highway our test unit returned 26.3 mpg on the highway at an average speed of 66 miles an hour further aiding fuel economy is a stop-start function that shuts off the engine where the truck is stopped conserve fuel at rest however the air-conditioning system gradually grinds to a halt meaning those in warmer climates will likely find it necessary to deactivate the

Stop-start system every time they jump behind the wheel even so the smallest displacement engine on offer is without a doubt the most well-rounded of the bunch commanding a scant 795 dollar premium over the standard v6 ford’s newest eco booster undercuts its bigger brother by $1200 what’s more we were convinced our 2.7 liter tester how’s the larger ecoboost mill

Until we pulled over and pop the hood it’s that good the moral of the story is that unless you’re towing requirements exceed its 84 hundred pound threshold up for the two-seven but that settled it’s high time we focus on creature comforts and infotainment over the years you may have heard my ford touch being referred to a slow distracting cluttered unresponsive

I don’t know where i was going with this but what i can tell you that the latest iteration is slightly better that it actually responds to my inputs most of the time meddling connectivity aside the f-150 brings to the table a number of segments first features and safety innovations exclusives consist of led headlights and sideview mirror spotlights a 360-degree

Camera system integrated loading ramps a 400 watt power outlet and our personal favorite remote tailgate release safety tech includes adaptive cruise control rear seat inflatable seatbelts blind spot monitoring and lane keeping assist not surprisingly you’ll need to dish out upwards of 50,000 dollars to drive home with most of these goodies on the front end of the

Pricing spectrum the f-150 begins right around $26,500 expect to tack on an additional $3,000 or so when stepping up to a larger cap size volume leading xlt supercab z– includes such standard equipment as fog lights power tailgate lock a 40/20/40 front bench seat 17-inch alloys and a six-speaker audio system with bluetooth and a usb port upgrading to the mid tier

Lariat trim lands you led box lighting heated and cooled front seats leather upholstery and an 8 inch touchscreen walk king ranch models add led headlights and taillights a 10 speaker sound system by sony navigation and heated rear seats other notable add-ons include a seamless sliding rear window an electronic parking brake front bucket seats a factory spray-on

Bedliner and unlike the tundra titan and gm twins passive entry with push-button start whether you’re in need of a rugged workhorse a family hauler or a weekend transporter the modern full-size pickup now serves as the one-size-fits-all vehicle for many americans the 13 generation f-150 is not only a jack-of-all-trades but a master of most to sum it up in three

Words believe the hype oh

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