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2016 Ford F-150 XLT XTR 4×4 V8 Super Crew 302A In Depth Walk Around

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2016 Ford F150 XLT Super Crew 4×4 XTR 302A Pkg Blue Jeans Metallic

Hello everybody thank you so much for watching another episode today i’m going to be unlocking the 2016 ford f-150 this one is a 302 a package in the super crew xlt bujji metallic never thought i’d say that in the same sentence as a pickup truck bouncing exterior color brand-new for 2016 let’s take a closer look this one is the super crew giving you the five

And a half foot box with 145 inch wheelbase it is in the new color for 2016 blue gene metallic let’s take a quick walk around of the outside don’t forget in 2015 they introduced the all-new military grade aluminum body which is going to trim weight to help create a forceful acceleration and quick stopping also since the truck weighs less you’ll be able to haul

More tall more and be more fuel efficient on the back we’re going to have our xt our f-150 and flex-fuel badging as you can see this one is equipped with the xt our package which is going to give you this beautiful chrome 5-slot grille and the chrome front tow hooks and the chrome rims handles bumpers and running boards normally with the xt are you do get the 18

Inch chrome wheels on this specific truck they’ve upgraded to the 20 inch chrome like pvd wheels which come with the xt our package the xt are also gives you the beautiful chrome handles and running boards it was going to come with the manual folding sideview mirrors with power operated system and heated glass with the integrated turn signal indicators the 302 a

Is also going to come with your trailer tow package and you’re also going to get the reverse sensing systems which work in combination with the backup camera making it easier to backup and park from the factory we’ve added to this one a drop in bedliner the 302 also comes with the led cargo box lighting which smartly illuminates the cargo box with these forward

Facing leds embedded in the box sides you turn them on to help you quickly find your tools or other items when working in the bed another class exclusive is the box link with locking cleats which is going to bring you smart functionality to your pickup box the box sides are fortified to allow you to tie down items to the wall like bungee cables s hooks each are

Straps and more it also is going to come with these four removable and lockable premium cleats to provide you additional tie-down points to this class exclusive tailgate step is fully integrated inside the tailgate it’s virtually invisible when you’re not using it the grab handle is also stored inside the tailgate which creates a flat surface for easier loading

And a convenient work surface when needed the step drops down in one easy motion this specific one comes with the five liter v8 which is going to give you 385 horsepower a payload capacity of three thousand two hundred and seventy pounds and about three eight three hundred and eighty seven pounds of torque it’s going to run in about eleven point three liters for

Every hundred kilometers on the highway when using the four by four or ten point six on the highway when using the four by two the mid lock variable cam timing enhances the fuel efficiency while maintaining this trusted engines power and hearty low-end torque the cass exhaust manifolds and a unique engine oil cooler allow for heavy duty use and durability which

Makes it great for towing okay let’s move on to the interior this one comes with the medium earth gray cloth seats it’s a 40/20/40 split in the center most of these pre oh 2a packages come with the sport where you do have a regular center console and the xlt sport black cloth this specific package does not come with the center console and is going to come with

The medium earth gray cloth it is an option you can choose whether to go with the center console or the front bench like this one is equipped and when you go up to the 302 a package you do get the 10-way power and heated driver and front passenger seats the headlights are all automatic this does come with the adjustable pedals which is going to help when you have

Multiple drivers of the vehicle if you’re using it for work or you’re married and the drivers are different sizes you can use the adjustable pedals it also includes a telescopic wheel where it will go up and down and in and out there is several controls right on the wheel from your cruise control to your bluetooth for your phone when you go up to the 302 and the

301 a packages you do get this 4.2 inch productivity screen that’s in the middle of the instrument cluster there where you can display your fuel economy digital speedometer a tow mode there’s all different screens you can display a tire pressure monitor included in this one is the four by four which you can change on the fly it’s also going to come with the new

Class exclusive dynamic hitch assist and the trailer backup assist okay and when you go up to the 302 you do get the new sync 3 technology which brings an enhanced next level connectivity to the f-150 i’m not going to get into detail about it air conditioning is down below of two illuminated usb port got this 110 volt 400 watt power outlet right on the center

Stack here as i mentioned this one is the 40/20/40 split but the middle seat does fold up lr down into the center console up the medium gray cloth is continued throughout the back there is a small apartment back here and you can fold the seats up if you’re not using them and it is a full flat storage surface there’s no hump down the center which makes it a lot

Easier when putting your items in if you have those large items from ikea or things like that and it’s also going to come with a tool box that’s underneath where you can store your tools or items and stop them from sliding around when a lot of people like about the 302 a packages is that it comes with the power sliding rear window it also comes with the rear tinted

Back and defrost right on the back windshield so thank you so much for locking the ford f-150 with me again my name is christopher if you want to see more trucks or other ford’s take a look and subscribe to my channel if you have any questions or would like to come to me but look at this truck personally comment or contact me through the information below

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2016 Ford F-150 XLT XTR 4×4 V8 Super Crew 302A In Depth Walk Around By Cars Unlocked