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Hey it’s james here at golf auto direct in waveland mississippi just wanted to step out here to sing you a quick video of our 2016 ford transit van the vehicle just came in so it hasn’t been detailed or anything yet but i did want to send you a quick walk around video just so you can see what condition the van is in and we’ll take a look at the exterior and the

Outside as well and as you can see here it is a transit 150 white in color with a gray interior with a couple seats that it does have up front and it has right at about 73 000 miles on it and as i walk around the van it looks to be in very good condition i don’t notice any kind of a big dent or anything on it and i’ll just kind of come up front to the front of

The van right here and then we’ll just kind of go all the way up top the windshield looks good all right okay let’s go ahead and take a look inside sorry about the noise over there it does have a a key it has power locks um you can lock those with the key it does come with a single key let’s go ahead and pop this open so we can see exactly how much room we have

In here all right taking a look inside as you can see it is a cargo van tons of room inside there the doors do pop out and they lock in place um back here and i just kind of you can definitely see it has been um you know used to carry things but other than that everything inside here is very clean a lot of space in here and i’ll just kind of come up to the top

So that you can see all of that as well everything looks really good all right now also the passenger side of the van opens up we have our two doors here and we’re just going to come in from this way all right and it does have a little step right down there and remember the vehicle has not been detailed it will go through detail to get cleaned and i just kind

Of wanted to show you these two uh seats up here and what the dash and everything looks like inside the van all right taking a look inside here once again there’s our power windows power locks it does have the uh blind spot mirror right down there uh taking a look inside the seats look pretty good um once again steel has to go through detail but everything looks

Good in here um it does have the vinyl floor right down there along with the step here and then we’ll just come across the dash so that you can see how good everything looks and then we’ll just tilt the camera over there to that driver’s seat which i will get over there and i’ll show you how that seat looks as well all right now over here on the driver’s side

Let’s get a good look at that door and then coming right here um one thing i did see it does like it has a couple of little burn holes right there in the driver’s side seat but other than that the seat looks good and will look a lot better once it goes through its full detail here’s our light switch is right here and as we look right there on the dash we can see

It has exactly 73 715 miles okay so let’s go ahead and start the vehicle up got the key right here all right looks like it needs an oil change which is definitely something we’re going to do once it goes through service so i’ll go ahead and click that off of there show you the mileage show you the dash and everything right there everything looks good no kind of

All lights or anything on there there’s our radio screen right down there it does have a cd player um cruise control right here as well and this is our um ac switches and then you got a few power outlets um up here as well let me see i put that in reverse just trying to see if it had a backup camera and there’s our backup camera uh right there awesome put that

Back in park if i can do it right there we go all right all right once again james at gulf auto direct just wanted to send you a quick video of the transit van if you have any questions feel free to give us a call send us an email or text message we can do everything over the phone and have free delivery up to four hours away there will also be a direct link to

This van in the description below so click that it’ll have more photos of it the price the carfax and a lot more information and once again thank you for choosing golf auto direct

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2016 Ford Transit-150 Van Low Roof Cargo – GULF AUTO DIRECT By Jimmy K