2016 Ford Transit Connect XL Cargo Van For Sale

2016 Ford Transit Connect XL Cargo Van For Sale

Hello everyone i’m seth with exotic motorsports and this is our 2016 ford transit connect xl has roughly 65 500 miles front end is in good shape there are a few minor defects see some rock chips and things like that on the bottom of the front bumper scratch there some rock chips across the front nothing glaring that stands out the hood is in pretty good shape

Again it does have a few minor defects some rock chips that have been filled in there otherwise a pretty good looking van the bumper does not fit correctly there into the fender does have accident reports on the carfax so you can look at that to see the severity of it front driver’s side fender pretty good condition does have a mark there it’s pretty difficult to

See small mark there and then of course the bumper fitment issue hubcap on the front driver’s side wheel looks pretty good tires are in good shape driver’s side mirror looks just about flawless the plastic trim is a nice deep black color still it’s not uh not faded not sun washed driver’s side door does have some marks on it nothing horrible that really stands out

But it’s not perfect either looking at the center section of the van passenger driver side rear door rather this one does have some marks across the middle as well over here in this area there’s a few marks down towards the bottom as well just cosmetic imperfections nothing that would affect the utility or purpose of the van looking at the rear section there’s a

Marker there next to the passenger door a few scratches and small rock chips kind of by the way wheel well area otherwise the rest of the rear of the van looks good rear driver’s side the finish on the hubcap is kind of starting to crack and it doesn’t seat in but luckily hubcaps are very very inexpensive to replace so that is not a big deal looking at the rear of

The van the two doors are in excellent condition the paint on those looks great however probably the most noticeable defect on the van is the rear bumper is somewhat eight up so there is pretty clear cosmetic damage there but again it doesn’t really affect anything it’s just not pretty to look at and that’s about the extent of it rear bumper also doesn’t quite

Have perfect fitment anymore let’s look at the other side and see if it does it too so the driver’s side of the rear bumper still fits correctly but the passenger side does not clip in how it’s supposed to looking at the rear passenger side of the van i apologize for the wind by the way the wind just recently picked up rear passenger wheel hubcap i should say

Hope cap looks good tires look good no issues here on the paint fuel door looks good center section passenger side also there’s a dent and some scuffing down here in the rear section by the wheel well it looks like it’s a small crease there as well the center section looks good it has very small cosmetic flaws like very tiny rock chips and a few scratches that

Are not super noticeable they don’t really stand out not to me anyways front passenger door i don’t see any issues there passenger mirror looks great front passenger fender great condition just a couple of small rock chips towards the front and that’s it front passenger wheel looks good tires look good we’ll go ahead and walk around it from a one foot distance

So you get a better idea of what the van looks like as a whole so yeah the bumper fitment isn’t perfect it does have a couple scratches and dents but this van runs and drives great it’s very smooth the cargo capacity in the back is pretty impressive for the size that the van is these are designed very well so you can really utilize every square foot the van has

To offer with the two passenger doors and the barn doors in the back that design is very efficient so hopefully that provides you with a better idea of exactly how the van looks so yeah it won’t win a beauty pageant but it will do what it’s designed to do so the inside is pretty nice you do have these black uh door panels the interior is black the seat does

Have a crack right there the upholstery is in perfect condition looks awesome the dash looks great there’s no issues with that dash looks good center console here looks good does have a 12 volt plug there it does have a usb port and an auxiliary port as well it’s also bluetooth capable and has cruise control heat blows hot ac blows cold fires right up now you

Can see the vehicle has exactly 65 546 miles on it all of the knobs and tiles are intact all the markings are intact as well none of the buttons are faded worn down all the buttons work as they’re supposed to steering wheel looks good there’s no wear on the steering wheel passenger door looks great passenger seat looks great and the the interior is pretty much

Impeccable with the exception of the cracked seat but again that’s just cosmetic it doesn’t affect the way you sit in the seat it doesn’t move uh you really don’t notice it so for the cargo capacity of the van it does have two passenger doors and two barn doors as well the doors in the back split open like that and we’ll go ahead and pop this guy open too so

You can see it’s really easy to get cargo in and out of here and you really can load this thing so you can use all the available room that it has which is a pretty considerable amount i love these small vans they’re super practical and they just work really well just goes to show that if you design it well you don’t need to get one of those massive cargo vans

One of these little guys will do the job just as well because you can better use the space that it has to offer and it does run and drive super nice let’s have a look at the engine bay actually while we’re here it does have a really smooth consistent idle that sounds good it handles really well the little four-cylinder engine that it has does not struggle to

Get it around at all here we go engine bay is pretty clean it looks like it’s been maintained pretty well engine’s really quiet runs and drives awesome this fan scoots around no problem doesn’t struggle to get on the freeway it honestly doesn’t feel a whole lot different driving this from a ford fusion if i’m being honest it handles and drives pretty similarly

It’s a great little van that is guaranteed to put in work for many years to come so that is our 2016 ford transit connect xl if you have any further questions please feel free to look at our sales listing online you can find that at exoticmotorsportsok.com thank you for watching

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2016 Ford Transit Connect XL Cargo Van For Sale By Exotic Motorsports of Oklahoma