2016 GMC Canyon SLE | 4X4 – Extended Cab | Review

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Hey everyone mike sherry here at paul sherry used cars we just took it on trade this really clean 2016 gmc canyon i personally just got done test driving it and now i’m excited to review this vehicle for you today really low miles on this for a 2016 gmc canyon has just under 21 000 miles on it paint colors the brilliant black paint has the nice gmc chrome grille

Up front here does have fog lights down below really the front end really looks nice and clean a few minor rock chips but nothing major up front here hood looks nice and clean same with the front windshield driving this down the road it really performed well it’s powered by the 3.6 liter v6 engine does have 17 inch alloy wheels wrapped in goodyear wrangler tires

Four-wheel disc brakes as well for really optimal stopping i noticed no issue there this is a four wheel drive gmc canyon extended cab you can get in the rear on both sides here really simple to do nice clean look too kind of has two jumper seats back here so nice for kids uh also nice just for some inside storage let me see if you pull this strap there there’s a

Little nook down there underneath the seat for just kind of hidden away storage we’ll take a look more on the inside here in a second has fuel fill here on the driver’s side again four-wheel drive all-around really clean mid-sized pickup truck this is the sle trim level which is a really nicely equipped trim level i like how they do the bumper here you got your

Step to help you get up into the bed also down low here we have factory wiring for for hauling you have your seven pin round and also your four flat and a two inch receiver back here built-in backup camera has the dampening tailgate which is the slow release tailgate also has a rhino bed and bed spray in bed liner there we go got it i like the clear lenses on

The tail lights really look good against that black paint passenger side looks really clean the doors open just the same on this side as they do the driver really handy to have pickup truck to have around for sure all right let’s take a look at some of the options inside the cab here cleanliness wise really clean truck no weird smells has power windows up here

The one touch down windows and one touch up windows as well uh has remote controlled mirrors with a little cat eye in it as well and then power locks down here it does have forward and back power seat and the rest is manually adjusted nice cloth seat looks clean all right just uh 20 338 miles so for the year really low miles on this not a single warning light

On the dash as you can see down below here we do have headlight controls you can set it to automatic so you literally just set it and you’re done also four wheel drive selector right next to that now on the steering wheel you have a lot of conveniences right at your fingertips you have your cruise control here on the left side and then behind on the left side you

Have selector here for radio station which is your tuner button and then you over here on this side you have a control for your center cluster digital cluster and then hands-free connectivity so you can talk to this car’s audio system on your cell phone then behind is your volume control all right does have touch screen radio with once i click it into reverse

Hard to do with your left hand got it a color backup monitor once you click into reverse so radio uh you’re gonna have am fm radio also have phone controls here uh looks like it does have uh text messaging controls and pandora’s there’s some different apps you can put on here on the radio itself let’s see here yes it does have xm radio and am and fm radio a

Dual climate controls here so you have your driver and your or sorry automatic climate controls you have one zone of climate in here but you can set the temperature and then click auto and it’s automatically going to regulate the fan speed and temperature coming out of the vents and where they come out super nice you can do it old school as well where you can

Control it all yourself uh some towing buttons here cab lights and traction control down below here we do have a usb plug-in and an auxiliary port uh over here do have 12-volt power outlet a couple beverage holders here nice catch all nice padded top to the glove compartment here and also have another usb port in there looks like it still has the factory book

So that’s nice uh i don’t know if i mentioned this but this was only a one owner vehicle recently just got traded in no issues for accidents or hail damage or anything like that literally scores off the charts now there’s actually seven pages of this history report it’s called the auto check history report and we post these on our website so if you click on the

First page first link that i’ll post below it says pricing and more information click on that and you can dig deeper into that but it does check out really clean so if you’re looking for a nice lightly used well-equipped mid-size pickup truck this should definitely be at top of your list this truck won’t last long definitely a classy looking truck at a great

Price you never realize how much you need a truck and i tell myself this all the time until i don’t have one you know i’ll be at home on the weekend be like no i need to run to home depot and get something oh i don’t have a truck so it’s super handy to have a pickup truck this one here does good on the fuel and not too hard on the price on the checkbook either

Great lightly used pickup truck so if you think this will work for you and suit some of your needs we welcome you to come in the store take a closer look at it uh if you’re a little bit further away if you need any more information by all means we’ll get it for you financing is available on this with approved credit and to see if you qualify and at what rate and

Term you can actually do that right from your tablet phone or computer however you’re watching this video and uh there’s a link below for that says financing i always like to mention if you have a trade we’d love an opportunity to make you an offer on it we put top dollar in nice clean trades that’s how we get really nice vehicles such as this gmc canyon so with

That i’m done jabron we hope to see you soon and we really look forward to the opportunity to earn your business thank you so much for watching

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