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Thanks for joining us today alan for a superstore located on norcross road just off the trans-canada highway in duncan bc in the couch and valley on vancouver island today we’re looking at a 2016 gmc savana cargo van in white with a grey cloth interior and seating for two this cargo van has a 4.8 liter v8 engine it’s easy to get into this vehicle just talk to our

Sales team they’ll be happy to take you on a test drive storage and speaker in the door as well as powered locks and windows you have a handle in the door as well as in the body of the vehicle to make it easier to get in you have lighting controls there and just above you have your dash controls your steering wheel can tilt on the face of your steering really you

Have cruise control and just above are your hazard lights will you turn the vehicle on on the dash is real seat any important messages you have trip a trip be fuel range average economy fuel used timer average speed tachometer and back to the original odometer you have oil life remaining units are currently in metric and you also have front and rear tire pressure

You have your climate controls there with ac and max ac on the other side you have front and rear defrost you have am/fm stereo as well as your tuner and volume controls you have a 12-volt and traction control and just here is your tow haul button when you give it a quick press you’ll see it on the dash in the bottom right hand corner give it another click and it

Will turn off you have a cubby some cup holders and below that a bin off to the side you have 120 volts as well as another 12 volt you have some more storage up above even more bins and a manually adjusted rearview mirror 18 inch wheels side view mirrors black colored door handle you have running boards a driver side fuel cap and the back doors have a duct split

To open them you have this handle here on the right hand door opens up to 180 degrees the left hand side a little latch here and it also opens up to 180 degrees making it much easier to get in all of your cargo you have a step to make it easy to get into the vehicle a mat for quick cleanup so tether hooks and up above you have lighting when you’re ready to close

It all up the left side comes first simply pull and then the right hand side it is not securely closed you can walk away or head out on your latest adventure to access the cargo area simply pull this head here and then the second door you now have access into the back cargo space you have running boards as well as a step to make it easier to get in on the floor

You have a mat to keep everything clean you also have tether hooks privacy wall wouldn’t slots along the along the sides to make it easy to hang things and up above you have lighting black bumper passenger side dutch doors manually adjusted side view mirrors halogen headlights and so many more reasons to visit us at island ford superstore bc is number one rated for a dealer

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2016 GMC Savana Cargo Van W/ Running Boards, Privacy Wall, Cruise Control Review| Island Ford By Island Ford