2016 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali Crew Cab Sunroof 22in Gloss Black Wheels Oshawa ON Stock # 160505

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Welcome to mills motors located at 240 bond street east in oshawa wow look at this truck it’s the 2016 sierra denali 1500 4-wheel drive crew cab shown in a gorgeous crimson red tin coat it has the ecotec3 5.3 liter direct injection v8 engine with 8-speed automatic transmission and folks look at those wheels 22 inch five-spoke gloss black aluminum wheels dealer

Installed unbelievably awesome looking inside this gorgeous truck we can see that the upholstery is all leather in fact it’s perforated leather with beautiful stitching all throughout there’s the buttons for the 12 way power adjustable driver seat including lumbar support lots of room and storage in the door your bose premium speakers have your power windows power

Locks and power mirrors power folding mirror child safety lock for the windows and locks and memory presets for the seat and mirror to get in and out of this truck there’s this beautiful 6 inch oval chrome assist step trailer brake integration 4×4 end lighting cruise control heated steering wheel and front collision alert a great safety feature bluetooth hands-free

Communication and tools navigate through your menu and sound system on the back of the steering wheel there are toggles on this side for volume and toggles on the other side for memory presets you can store up to 60 stations here’s your signal wiper and lighting operator i got to turn on the vehicle we are connected with denali intellilink here’s the tow haul for

The bitsey by the way this 8 inch color touch screen becomes an 8 inch rear view camera when you put the vehicle in reverse very nice here you have the time the temperature audio phone projection if you connect your smartphone to the vehicle anything on your smart phone is going to be projected onto that color touchscreen navigation settings texting your regular

Onstar features and traffic you do have a slot here for cds dual climate zone which is nice the driver has heated seats as well as vented air conditioned seats same as the passenger heated seats and vented air conditioned seats power pedals that come back and forth in that combined with a 10-way power adjustable or 12 way power adjustable driver’s seat makes it

That people of any height can drive this truck traction and stability control lighting for the bed of the truck ultrasonic park assist lane departure and hill descent the lane departure is great when i put this vehicle in reverse i have a vibration in the seat when i’m backing up there i just heard it and i and i just felt it same with lane departure if you’re

Veering out of a lane you’re going to get a tactile vibration response in the seat which is great again that in the front collision alert lots of safety features two usb ports here power power more power a lot of power and connectivity here folks storage cupholders power mat just lay your smartphone down and it will charge while you’re driving you do not even have

To plug it in more connectivity two more usb ports and a jack for headphones and another auxiliary power outlet right there of course you can hang folders in here whatever you want you have your owner’s manual and and stuff from the pdi in there there’s your dual glovebox top box lock storage in the passenger side door you have overhead storage for sunglasses you

Have slide in tilt for bumping a ba sunroof moonroof awesome this closes like that if you like if you want to keep extra sun out but so so nice to have while you’re driving especially in in the darker months and in the summer months – which is all year it’s great to have you have your button for your rear power sliding window a garage door opener overhead lighting

And onstar buttons right on the rear view mirror what a truck when you see a truck like this drive by one of the things you notice or maybe you don’t even notice but you just think what a gorgeous amazing truck it’s probably because of these 22 inch five-spoke gloss black aluminum wheels dealer-installed we had that specially put on at the factory so nice there’s

The corner steps here put your foot in there into the bed of the truck you go very easy to do your ultrasonic park assist sensors your rear view camera it’s going to be a lot easier to attach a trailer to park to reverse it’s going to be more safe you’re going to love it and something else you’re going to love the easy lift and lower tailgate so before i let this

Go you know what would normally happen years ago when you let a tailgate go and drop with a thud but this descends nice and smoothly and to put it back up takes very little effort you can do it with just a finger almost it’s so nice the easy lift and lower tailgate a box liner from the factory with the nice denali logo there at the end you have lighting in the bed

Of the truck lots of hooks and lots of space this truck is 360 degrees of awesome looking in the back of this crew cab there’s so much room and storage in the door your passengers in the back are going to love it you have your power windows they are tinted but they’re really going to love of course is the space so much room in the back it is a crew cab after all

Nice center seat armrest with cup holders that stow’s away nicely you have the power sliding rear window you have more power back here so nice storage behind the seats quiet comfort class all the way well if you couldn’t tell i absolutely love this truck it’s got the 4g lte wi-fi throughout the usb ports the auxilary power the front and rear park assist the color

Touchscreen the colour rear view camera i can go on and on and on it’s the 2016 sierra denali 1500 4-wheel drive crew cab with the ecotec3 5.3 liter direct injection v8 engine 8-speed automatic transmission shown here in crimson red tint coat if you want to test drive this very special truck please come on down to mills motors or located at 240 bond street easton

Oshawa we’d love to see you we’d be very happy to show you that we will do whatever it takes

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2016 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali Crew Cab Sunroof 22in Gloss Black Wheels Oshawa ON Stock # 160505 By Mills Motors Buick GMC Ltd.