2016 GMC Sierra 1500 Regular Cab Red Oshawa ON Stock #160480

View photos and more info at This is a 2016 GMC Sierra 1500 with 6-Speed A/T transmission Cardinal Red color and Jet Black interior color. This video is recorded and uploaded by cDemo Mobile Inspector.

It’s a beautiful day at mills motors 240 bond street east in oshawa this is the 2016 sierra 1500 regular cab four-wheel drive with an ecotec3 4.3 liter directing check v6 engine and 6-speed automatic transmission and it’s in a wicked cad nil red let’s get a look inside this truck lots of storage space here located on the doorbell power windows and power locks and

Power mirrors and here is your four-wheel drive selector and your interior and exterior lighting behind the steering wheel you’ll find your turn signals and intermittent wipers and on the other side you have your gear shifter and you’re trailering mode and also located on the steering wheel is your cruise control and over here you’ve got a full color screen am/fm

Radio included in this one and you can also use all kinds of devices because we have lots of connectivity will show you that in just a moment air conditioning there is your fan speed and here is your air conditioning and heating controls located below traction control and this will light up the bed of the truck for you so you can work away in some darker conditions

And located below there you’ve got a 12 volt adapter and some more storage space here lots of room here and get three passengers in the front’s but if you don’t have that third passenger here you can flip this down you’ve got yourself three cup holders and some storage space place to put your cell phone or device and you can lift this up you got more storage space

Located below a 12 volt adapter and you also have two usb and an auxiliary cell there is no end of connectivity that you can have with this vehicle no question about it all cloth interior throats here on the passenger side as well you’ll see that and you’ve got your power windows and power locks over here on the passenger side double glove box the top portion is

A locking glove box and the lower portion there giving you more storage space and located above the rearview mirror you’ll have you are dome lighting and you’ll also have some more storage space here almost like you’re going to throw some sunglasses that’s your best use for that storage working your way towards the back of the truck you have these corner steps

To help you get in and out of the truck and there is your hookups for your trailer and hitch and our locking tailgate system it’s a remote locking tailgate system well okay and once you pull this down you’ll see you’ve got lots of cargo hook tie-downs here as well in plenty of space to work in the back of this truck mention those lights and they are located under

Here so if you’re working in some darker conditions you can always see what you’re doing and there’s a look at the 2016 sierra 1500 regular cab four-wheel-drive vehicle this one in the cardinal red it’s got an ecotec 4.3 liter direct-injected v6 engine and six-speed automatic transmission you want to test thrive this one come on down to mills voters 240 bond street

East in oshawa will do whatever it takes

Transcribed from video
2016 GMC Sierra 1500 Regular Cab Red Oshawa ON Stock #160480 By Mills Motors Buick GMC Ltd.