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2016 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT P.O.V Review

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Hey guys welcome to car guy 1999 reviews as well as quark auto dealers today we have a big military plane anyway today we have the 2016 gmc sierra 1500 this is the slt trim 5.3 liter v8 21 000 wow only 21 000 miles 36 995 this one has a borla exhaust which does sound absolute absolutely fantastic now i’m not sure how far back the exhaust goes um because i see

The factory muffler i think there was secondary mufflers that they got rid of but so it might be a muffler delete but not fuller full muffler muffler delete wow i can’t talk does look absolutely great it’s on some nice 22-inch rims this looks like a crew cab or a double cab a z71 the question is what’s this what is that i don’t know if i should be touching

Things i don’t know what it is all your books and manuals stay wireless charger that sounds good all right oh back up camera forgot about that for you there we go actually i’ll put it in manual mode so we can descend this hill i’m also going to put hill descent control on watch that there we go now hill descent control is applying brakes for me i can go ahead

Shut that off i like the system it definitely helps a lot i went ahead and i opened up that rear window oh yeah she is loud so you could alright i was i was a bit quiet there because i was really kind of listening to the exhaust myself but it definitely makes a good difference there’s a good amount of tone to it it’s just overall a very very good tone from

The borla exhaust now when people trade these in sometimes they’re essentially straight piped they just have the cats we can’t sell them like that we have to obviously sell them in fully inspectable condition meaning if it goes for an inspection it’s obviously going to pass actually we do the inspections in-house anyway so obviously we have to pass our state

Inspection so we can’t do cat delete or anything crazy like that um so a lot of times we’ll find on some on some aftermarket exhaust we’ll leave the exhaust tips on there but everything else is going to be as factory i don’t know if that’s the case here because it does sound a little bit louder than factory come on ah and then when you want to be quiet it

Is absolutely pitch well not pitch quiet wow um it is nice and quiet in here take it over some snow all right here we go on to the ice patch it just pushed the truck straight through come on there we go come on trash control give me some traction so it obviously works well i i’ve been testing trash controls today and uh this is one of the better ones and that’s

In two wheel drive mode too thank you so much for watching please like share subscribe i’ll see you all in the next one

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2016 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT P.O.V Review By Carguy1999 Reviews