2016 GMC Sierra 2500HD SLE 4WD Crew Cab 7Z1 Suspension Silver Oshawa ON Stock # 161783

View photos and more info at This is a 2016 GMC Sierra 2500HD 4WD Crew Cab 167.7" SLE with 6-Speed Automatic transmission Quicksilver Metallic color and Jet Black interior color. This video is recorded and uploaded by cDemo Mobile Inspector.

It’s a beautiful day at mills motors 240 bond street east in oshawa this is the 2016 gmc sierra 2500 four-wheel-drive crew cab in the quicksilver metallic with a vortec 6.2 you’ll v8 engine 6-speed automatic transmission driver adjustable seat on the inside you’ll find this nice wood grain trim that you’ll find through it the vehicle power windows power locks heated

Power mirrors and we also have a child safety lock for you below and not only these heated mirrors you do have a spotter mirror over here on the driver’s side trailer brake four wheel drive selector and your lights nice leather wrapped steering wheel and finding that behind that you’re going to find your headlights intermittent wipers and your turn signals all

Salon the left-hand side you get your cruise control and behind the steering wheel or my fingers are you got some toggles there to save and scroll through some favorite radio stations right hand side has toggles over here and that is for a volume control driver information center and hands-free calling and that driver information center you scroll through there

You’ll see trip computers and how much fuel we have left before you got to fill up oil life remaining tire pressure monitoring and a fuel economy can also set some audio functions here hands-free calling options and your onstar navigation as accessible from the driver information center as well and that takes us to and before we get there actually want to talk

About that got the gear shifter here with the trailering mode on it don’t want to forget about that’s and a full-color rear backup camera when you put it in reverse now let’s get to the intellilink screen time and temperature display am/fm sirius xm satellite radio available to you and anytime going to go back to the home button you get to use the keypad right here

Or you can use the touchscreen got your hands-free calling onstar navigation and sms text messaging cd player installed below dual zone climate control for heating and air conditioning and it’s automatics whatever temperature you set it to it’s going to remain it that nice consistent temperature i like things a little bit cooler over here so i’m going to have a

Down to 21 degrees and passengers i usually like a little bit warmer i’m going to have it over at 27 degrees and you can see it’s going to stay at those consistent temperatures throat heated seats both driver and passenger side gotta love that and i’m enjoying those heated seats right now and it feels absolutely wonderful fan speed controller air conditioning and

You got your father’s here traction control led lights for the back of the truck and hill descent to control connectivity two usb ports two 12 volt adapters and a traditional household power outlet as well storage space here and we have some cup holders nice arm rest here wireless charging station and even if you don’t have a wireless phone not an issue whatsoever

You know i wireless that compatible compatibility for charging get a ride a cable through here nice and neat and charged up with the usb port so you also have another auxiliary and a 12 volt adapter here on the other side and lots of deepest storage as well all cloth upholstery throat this one over here we’ll see that through at the side and the back power windows

And locks double glove box and the top portion here happens to lock keep everything nice and secure onstar available to you right here above the rearview mirror i get some dome lighting options and we also have more storage space right there for you as well probably just going to throw some sunglasses in there is the best bet 18 inch chrome wheels here very nice

And bright in you got those michelin all-terrain tires this 2500 is going to go wherever you want you got the rancho brand rear shocks and you also got that z71 suspension package so it’s going to get the job done corner assist steps here and there’s your hookups for your trailer and hook hitch and we do have a locking tailgate easy lift and lower so one little

Tug on the handle and that tailgates going to come down nice and smoothly cargo hook tie-down is located at the front and rear both left and rights in led box lading under there again easy lift and lower one hand on the camera or the other hand on the tailgate easy as that body color door handles throughout this one let’s take a look inside the rear in the crew

Cab with green trim once again power windows on both sides and nice tinted glass so if we ever get some warm weather that’s going to help keep things cool and we do have power window or a power source there 12 volt adapter for your passengers for connectivity in the back and eatable our cargo option not a problem at all watch this the 60 40 rear splits seats come

Up and down just like that one hand so that’s going to really optimize what you can do here in the back you can lock up some cargo some groceries maybe some hockey bags that sort of thing anything you don’t want left out here exposed to the elements or where anybody can get to it there you go and we also have a rear armrest cup holders in it as well so if you don’t

Have three passengers you can utilize that and there’s a look at the z71 4 by 4 sierra 2500 this one’s a 2016 in the quicksilver metallic also has the safety and connectivity vaughn start its own 4g lte hotspot you want to test drive this one come on down to mills motors 240 bond street east in oshawa where you know the drill will always do whatever it takes

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2016 GMC Sierra 2500HD SLE 4WD Crew Cab 7Z1 Suspension Silver Oshawa ON Stock # 161783 By Mills Motors Buick GMC Ltd.